Stupid Beyond Relief Reviews: Black Butler Season 2

When I finished the review of the first season, i thought this one would be easy peesy since the number of episodes is smaller so it should be easy to summarize. But unfortunately it isn't. I don't really know why. =S

Anyways, i should put up a spoiler here since it may or may not discuss the first season. So...[1]

SBR Reviews:


Okay, so this season picks up where the first season left off[2]. Or at least it should. The first episode doesn't give as much but instead introduces a new family into the series. The Trancy Household. The two main characters introduced in the series are: Alois Trancy as the master and Claude Faustus as the butler. It wouldn't be Black Butler if there wasn't a demon butler there right? =3

So the story is a lot more complicated. For instance, i really can't tell you that under what circumstances the deal between Alois and Claude was struck. It's rather frustrating since it gives away the backstory of Alois which, in itself, is vital for the plot to unfold, so bear with me.

Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus
Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus

But i can without any restriction tell you, in complete confidence, that you will NOT like the Trancy household the moment you lay your eyes on Alois. Trust me on this one. To be clear, i will tell you how and why.

You see, when you learn more about Ciel Phantomhive you begin to sympathize with the boy and feel sorry for him. And at the same time, respect him for the way he deals with the problems. You want him to succeed. And on another note, Ciel views Sebastain as ,ultimately, a pawn.

Alois? Not so much. He is, for the lack of a better word, the anti-thesis of Ciel. While Ciel is cold, he still exhibits love for his fellow man, Alois does not. Hell he likes to think of them as play things. Watch the first episode and you will have a rather fair idea. Alois, has very high dependency rate on Claude. Seriously. It gets sad and pathetic really fast. Sad really.

Now enter Claude Faustus. The spectacle wearing Demon Butler who shows no emotion. Like Alois, he is the opposite of Sebastian Michealis, the demon butler under the contract of Ciel Phantomhive. He is completely indifferent to emotions and very strict on rules whereas Sebastian is very flexible as shown by his choices in hiring the servants of the Phantomhive Household.

Which brings me to the Servants of the Trancy Household. Now while the Servants of the Phantomhive Estate were all cheerful and happy. The Trancy's are all for order.

There is Hanna, the house maid who receives copious amount of torture daily from Alois and seems quite content with that. And then there are the Triplet Servants. I kid you not. They really are triplets. To distinguish b/w them however, the hair style changes. Their names are Thompson (his fringe is swept to the right), Timber (his fringe falls directly to the center) and Canterbury (his fringe that is swept to the left). Quite interesting but not as interesting as the Phantomhive Estate since the Trancy's is all too serious to be actually considered fun. All of them are as loyal as hell to Alois despite his inhuman treatement towards them. After Alois, Claude is in second-in-command of the Estate. Now, you will feel sympathy for Hanna and feel sorry for Claude for all the things he has to put up with when it comes to serving Alois.

This season, just like it's predecessor, is very entertaining but it leans on to dark side of the story more than it is necessary to give off the proper effect.

CONCLUSION: It's not exactly as entertaining as the first but it's very interesting in its own merit and is definitely fun to watch. It's deviates from the trend set by the first season and is basically just there to appease the fangirls/boys. I sadly, DISAPPROVE.

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[1] Ironically, nothing in relation to the first season is mentioned! X3
[2] it took me an entire hour to find the right word to describe the ending. WTF right?

Another good review. Especially seeing as it is hard to do without reviealing some important bits. And I'm sorry but Ciel > Alois in the trap department.

Oh, I can't remember if I asked you this but which did you like more? 1 or 2?

Best of the 3:
Another good review. Especially seeing as it is hard to do without reviealing some important bits. And I'm sorry but Ciel > Alois in the trap department.

Oh, I can't remember if I asked you this but which did you like more? 1 or 2?

@ Definitely one.

b) I should really post a pic of trap Ciel and trap Alois yeah? I agree though. It's just that i found the review lacking so i added a little tit-bit.


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