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A man in a skin tight, bright costume shooting a white liquid all over the place. Sounds scarrier than "cake" 0_o

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Ah yes. Spiderman- Shattered Dimensions! First off, i suppose i have to tell you what are they exactly shattering.

It's an ancient tablet. A tablet known as 'Tablet of Order and Chaos'. It's shattered because Spiderman wasn't careful with it when facing Mysterio, who was trying to steal. And now, since the tablet is broken, there is no order in the Marvel Universe and now it's beginning to unravel.

The many faces of one.
The many faces of one.

And so, it's up to Spiderman to save the day. But how exactly? Well, Madam Web comes to help. She acts as a guardian to Spiderman throughout the game and through her we are introduced to the 4 versions of Spiderman in the Marvel universe. The present day Amazing Spider-Man; Spider-Man Noir, a 1930s version of Spider-Man; Spider-Man 2099, the Spider-Man of a possible future, and a symbiote-bonded Ultimate Spider-Man, the teenager Spider-Man of an alternate present. Awesome right? Well, yes.

The Spidermen are told that their respective universe villains are now in possession of a fragment of the tablet. And even a fragment holds such great power that the villains all wish for the thing they want the most. The defeat of Spiderman. The Spidermen now have a gigantic task in front of them. To take all of their respective villains down and claim the fragments. And while they do that, Mysterio begins to gain real magical powers thanks to his fragment. The villains are, i must point out, very well done in their respective universes but it's the Noir villains which steal the show for me. The Noir universe presents everything in a dark, gritty realistic way. And the condition is successfully met with the villains. They are worthy of marvelling. They truly show the dark side of the Marvel Universe. But the villains in the Ultimate's world are more enjoyable. They are really funny, partly because of Spidey's constantly making jokes about them.

Storywise, this game is ....okay. Not exactly something to gape over but enough to get the game rolling. There are a few hiccups here and there but they can be ignored. And they should be. The visuals are amazing. The cel-shading is very well done and it's a treat watching the game flow. The most colourful universe is the futuristic chapter of Spiderman 2099 and the most ominous being the Noir chapter. The Ultimate and Amazing Spidermen are alright. Your usual everyday colours. But the Future and Noir pull it off nicely. The 2099 universe is so colourful that your eyes might bleed and Noir universe is so black that you will feel the urgency of staying in the shadows.

Look at all the colours!
Look at all the colours!

Gameplay is almost the same in all Spider-men,[1] except for the Noir Spiderman. In his universe, you go all Batman and/or Sam Fisher. You see, it's simple, stay in the shadows or be blown to oblivion! Unlike the other spider-men who can survive bullets and missiles, Noir boy can't. SO, if you're discovered, the best course of action to take is to hide unless, of course, only one guy is left. Then, you have my blessing to go nuts. This is a bad decision 'cause sooner or later you'll want to just beat them up. It gets really annoying when you have to stay quite all the time. Batman Arkham Asylum did a better job than this! THe other dudes are always endowed with fun mechanics. Your Ultimate Spiderman has a rage mode. Basically it's utilizing the symbiotic power in a rather dangerous and is very useful in clearing hordes of enemies. There are some segments in 2099 in which you have to glide-fly through long tunnels. The Amazing Spiderman, however, IS your average spider-man. The only fun thing he gets is a boost to his spider-sense. which allows him to see through walls.

That looks painfully fun.
That looks painfully fun.

But all of that changes as you progress through the story. See, the more baddies you kill, the more points you get. You can use these points to upgrade the characters. It could be something as simple as getting a new, flashy suit to a attack which can clear an entire room[2]. The web-slinging, the signature of Spider-Man, is underdeveloped. You only pull 2-4 moves which allow you to move around otherwise all the other moves are offence. Bad idea there. One attack is all you need to know. It's the basic 'grab-with-web-and-kick-to-the-face' attack.

The thing which bothers me is the jokes. They seriously never shut up and the jokes aren't even that good save for the Ultimate universe. It gets really annoying after a while when you keep hearing the same line after every 3 bad guys. But my real annoyance is Stan Lee, the creator of the Spider-man series and the commentator of this game. As a certain reviewer has pointed out, he just tries too hard to make himself known. His constant talk will get to you and this alone annoys me the most.[3]


A good game overall. Play it but don't expect anything new. Still a good buy and fun to play.

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[1] You'd think that they would come up with something original over the time!
[2] Not possible but, you know, to give a scale of things.
[3] Unfair but his lines are so cheesy! =S

Embodiment of terror, but good review. I kind of like the idea of stealthiness in a marvel game.


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