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Anyone familiar with the X-Men knows exactly what I am talking about. The story of the X-Men was always easy to follow: humans are afraid of their mutant neighbours and Professor Charles Xavier, a telepathic mutant, has a vision in which humans and mutants live side by side. In order to induce this change, he converts his mansion into a school for the 'gifted' children where they learn how to control their powers and use them for good. In order to uphold the good name of mutants, he also creates a task-force of mutants, the X-Men, who battle the mutants who want to control the human populace.


The book, titled, Days of Future Past tells the stories of X-Men victories and failures which ultimately lead to a future where the USA is controlled by the Sentinels (robots designed to eradicate the mutant 'menace') and mutants live in concentration camps.

The book is a compilation of 7 comics. And each of them contributes to the overall story one way or another which stretches 4 stories. Elegy, Something Wicked This way Comes, Rage, Days of the Future Past, Mind Out Of Time, Demon and Nightcrawler's Inferno.

Elegy tells the story of Cyclops, the leader of X-Men, who finally departs from the Team and the reason behind this decision. Something Wicked This Way Comes introduces us to Kitty Pride who is at the time the newest member of the X-Men and her initial fears in joining the Team. Rage tells us the story of Wolverine's failed mission which is finally completed in this comic. Days of the Future Past and Mind Out of Time are both interconnected. In Days of the Future Past, we are shown the bleak and horrible future mutants face due to a massive mistake on both the mutants and humans part. While in Mind Out of Time, we are shown how the surviving mutants are trying to correct the problem which has destroyed the lives of many. Demon is a wicked addition. It shows the reason Kitty Pride was inducted into the X-Men in the first place. It's actually quite thrilling. Nightcrawler's Inferno tells us the past of Nightcrawler and the many conflicts he faces due to his past life as a gypsy and how he copes with it. I honestly wish I could tell you more about it but this comic are really hard to summarize.

By the end of the book, you sympathize with the characters 'cause you know what the future holds for these guys. Some people may even go emotional over the ending [1]. I don't think I need to mention the mutants but I'll just say that this is a definite page turner.

Although there are some scenes in this comic-compilation, which hardly make sense in respect to the story development. But they are just minor hiccups in comparison to a beautiful story which has matured wonderfully.


It's a definite buy for anyone who's into mutants. The story's fantastic and the characters are likeable. APPROVED!

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[1] although I doubt it.

Days of Future Past is amazing. Both the comic and the storyline are probably one of the top five X-Men stories ever created. I wrote a term paper on this pretty early in my academic career. And Wolverine's final scene in the comic is incredible. I feel that lately they've expanded too much on that storyline. You need to leave the future mysterious and chopped up. Don't expand too much, Marvel.
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True. But Marvel and DC are suckers for multiverses. In the official guidebook, the future Earth is designated as Earth-811. :\


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