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The movie starts off in a nice, dark way. In the dead of night, a horse drawn chariot rides, it's rider a fearsome creature. The carriage stops in front of a house, which is shown to house a beautiful young woman. The windows open with a gust of the wind and there, we are introduced to our main antagonist, Meier Link, the Vampire. He kidnaps the girl, Charlotte, and takes her back to his castle. Distraught, the father of the girl hires the services of Hunter D, a part-human part-vampire. Known for his skills, he is hired under the contract that he is to bring the girl back safely or ,if she has already been turned into a vampire, kill her. With the contract in place, the Hunter sets out on a journey which would encompass the many confrontations of D with Link and thus, the eventual end.

D. So bad-ass a letter is all he needs.
D. So bad-ass a letter is all he needs.
Link. No. Not THAT one.
Link. No. Not THAT one.

With this story, the movie goes at a smooth pace. Early on, we are introduced to another bounty hunter team, the fearsome Marcus Brothers, who were hired by the girl's brother to serve as back-up. And along with them, we are introduced to Link's protection team, the Barbarois, a fearsome group of mutants charged with protecting the carriage at all costs. The consequent confrontations are really enjoyable to watch.

The thing this movie lags in is the voice acting and the general character-developement. THe voice acting is not exactly incredible and at times, you can detect the boredom of the voice actors. I mean, I doubt that you'd be whispering to each other during a fight scene but that's exactly what they do! It's really odd. And the characters, while likeable with the obvious exceptions of the antagonist, are not exactly well done. And the poor voice acting only compounds the problem.

And that's it. These two problems, while negligible, do ruin the experience but then again, it was still very much enjoyable to watch. The action scenes are well done and the animation is gorgeous.


A very good buy and is truly one of the best vampire movies I have come across. APPROVED!

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