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One of the most original and entertaining anime I have had the honour of seeing. TL;DR version: Watch it now!

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The premise of the anime is simple enough. The entire world is populated with spirit beings known as 'Mushi'. They are basic beings with the essence of Earth. Far more simple and basic than human beings, they do display supernatural qualities and despite not being seen by ordinary humans, there are some who have interacted with 'Mushi', unknowingly. And then there are those, who possess the ability to see such beings and interact with them.

Oh yes. This pleases Ginko.
Oh yes. This pleases Ginko.

Our protagonist, is one such man. Meet Ginko. A trader by profession and a self-proclaimed Mushi Master, he travels across the land researching Mushi and helping the people, who suffer from it. The entire anime never is episodic and doesn't have a story. The only thing common among the series, is Ginko and the various Mushi which he eventually encounters as the series progresses.

In appearance, Ginko has unusual white hair and a green eye. The lack of one eye and the odd hair colour is explained that at an early age, he was exposed to one of the Mushi. Not one your run-of-the-mill Mushi either. His encounter was of the rare kind. As a consequence of it, he was forced to sacrifice his one eye and his hair colour changed to indicate the encounter. The Mushi made Ginko a "Mushi attractor", at least until he dies or is eaten by one of the Mushi. Which means that, staying in an area for too long can result in a lot of Mushi gathering and that can result in potentially chaotic consequences. The reason he smokes is also rational as it helps him avoid Mushi. Personality-wise, he's quite lazy but is very serious when it comes to protecting people from the Mushi. He also frequently points out throughout the anime, that Mushi are similar to humans. Adapting to survive. Even if that means the overtaking of areas.

Despite featuring only one prominent character, Ginko, the character development is amazing. Although Ginko's past is not mentioned until late into the anime, we feel sympathetic for the guy for having this 'curse' and I can't help it but be in awe every time a Mushi is defeated by him. Sometimes, in the simplest of ways.

Since the series is episodic, you can start from any episode and still enjoy it without feeling as though you have missed out something important. The art direction of the anime is beautiful and it's really smooth. The locations in which the anime takes place, with mountains and forests being the primary places, it gives it a really soothing feeling. The music is fantastic and it really suits the given mood.

CONCLUSION: It's one of those rare anime which you just can't help but love. Excellent in all departments, it's a prime example for an exceptional anime. APPROVED!

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Love Mushishi. Makes a wonderful relaxation aid.
Surprisingly excellent animation goes hand in hand with fantastic scenery porn.

Love Mushishi. Makes a wonderful relaxation aid.
Surprisingly excellent animation goes hand in hand with fantastic scenery porn.

I know right? =D It's one of those rare anime which go with the flow and are awesome to watch.


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