Opinionated Reviews: The Vampire Diaries

I apologize immediately for the sound quality. My old mic has disintegrated and I had to steal one from a housemate.

As always, comments welcome and the extras that didn't fit into the review can be found with discussion of comments on the blog.

Yay, a new episode! (although it seems I'm more than a month late...)

I'm surprised.I wouldn't have thought that a show called "The Vampire Diaries" was actually watchable. It's sad that the whole "Twilight" phenomenon has prejudiced me against every recent work of fiction involving vampires. I might check it out...

As always, I enjoyed your analysis of the use of shadows and the quality of the cinematography. And I agree, it's frustrating when characters have to act stupid in order to advance the plot. It's lazy writing and it makes you identify less with them, not more.

Oh, and you don't have to apologize, the sound quality is okay. At least you sound like you usually do.


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