Adaption Decay: Blood Rayne.

Welcome to the first episode of adaption decay, where I take a look at the film adoptions of anime, cartoons, books, video games, and to a lesser extent, comics (didn't read a lot of them as a kid, but enjoyed the cartoons and can know the characters well enough some of the time).

In this case, we have Blood Rayne from Uwi Boll. Going into this I knew this was going to be a bad film when I put it on the Netflix cue from three reasons.

One being Boll isn't that great of a filmmaker. Two I had friends mention how bad this was before. 3. I looked it up on wikepedia. So I wasn't going in ignorant. However the games were average at best, and not very long (the first one could be beaten in about 5 hours). So where did it go wrong?

Well, here's that went right.

The music is perfect. It was eerie; it had its intense action moments. It fit so well in this case. It wasn't the distorted industrial music they had in the games, but who is complaining!

The setting, props, locations used, and the costumes were perfect. They looked so good, and with the exception to rayne's signature blades, Kristanna Loken looked the part. The only thing I missed was the pair of ribbons in her hair. Oh well.

So now that we cleared that up...The over still sucked.

The setting could have been better. While it wasn't the first game, we honestly do not know how old Rayne is so she could have been around that long, hunting her father down. However the acting and the low quality special effects outway this, and the fact they have Kagen killed just makes this feel wasted.

The acting was largely bland, lifeless, and just felt forced at times. The special effects were largly laughable, especially the blood and gore which seemed to look like someone did a home movie using stuff from a Halloween store. But the worst crime? They stole the vampire makeup from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer show.

Loken, and a couple of other actors seem to do a pretty decent job, so to have the rest of the cast just brings this down too much. Even then, Rayne's character in this was not a smart ass. Throughout the games, she is mouthing off, swearing like a sailor, and every once in a while spewing out double entendres. She's more demure at best. Not the sassy, spunky goth girl I grew to love.

Now for the sex scene. To say it feels forced doesn't even beguine to say enough. Without any buildupo, or hint that the lead female, and one of the male characters have any interest in each other, they start going at it at on a jail cell door. It doesn't feel erotic at all, and no amount of looking at Loken's exposed breasts will make that any less unsexy. May be in the deleted scenes...No there are none, so we can't look at the stuff leading up to it.

Over all, I give this film a 60/100. It's by far not the worst film I have ever seen, however when a move gets a 60-69% it better be so bad its good. No, this film just sucks something awful.


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