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Welcome to User Reviews

Welcome to the User Review section of The Escapist. The point of the User Review section is for users to give their opinion on a topic, doing so in the style of a review. Reviews are written in order to inform people about a certain product or thing, allowing people to learn about it, find out what it has to offer, while also learning if the user believes it to be worth their time to seek out.

Now, since this section of the site is the "User Review" section, you will find a diverse number of opinions here. You should also not expect the reviews featured here to be of the same style or standard that professional reviews are. Professional reviewers get paid to write down their opinions, while the users posting here do not. This allows for more freedom in style, but you also can not hold the reviews found here to the same standard as professional ones.

The opinions presented here are just as valid as ones you will find in professional reviews, and should be taken that way. No reviewer here should be flamed because you disagree with their opinion. Comments are allowed on the reviews in order to provide counter-opinions and to critique the review, but you must follow The Escapist's Code of Conduct when doing so.

With that said, there are some specific rules that govern this specific forum, which do not necessarily apply elsewhere. Some things are allowed in this forum that are not allowed in other places, while there are some guidelines that must be enforced more strictly than in other forums. Here is what is allowed, and also what is not allowed. If you are unsure of what you are allowed to post, check here to find out, or PM Marter.

    Video Reviews

    In this forum, an opening post that is just a video is allowed. The video must be a review of something, and it must be your own video in order for it to be posted. Furthermore, please do not post ask for any form of subscription in your video's post. This site and these forums exist to generate discussion, not to promote your personal channel or brand. If your video subscribes to this criteria, you may post your video as the opening post and leave it at that. If you choose to post a video review, please refer to this thread to make sure that you get the forum code working, so that your video shows up. Spoiler tags are not required when posting video reviews, but if you post multiple in one post, they are helpful. If your video is not embedded properly, it will be fixed, and you will not receive any mod wrath.

    Bumping Your Own Review

    If you do this for the purpose of bringing your review to the top of the page, you will be punished. It often happens that your review will not receive many comments and you do not wish for it to drop off the first page and disappear from the public eye. Please do not bump your review this way. It is not fair to other reviewers who do not bump their reviews, as it sends theirs down the page.

    Things You Cannot Review

    In this section, you are allowed to review almost everything. There are, however, some items that you cannot review. This is due to the possibility of legal consequences, or because they may be inappropriate for this site. The following things are not allowed to be reviewed. However, media dealing with these items will be decided on a case-to-case basis:

    • Piracy
    • Ad Blocking Programs
    • Illegal Drugs in the United States
    • Illegal Acts in the United States
    • Pedophilia
    • Pornography
    • Other Users (without their permission)

    If The Escapist's moderation team or staff finds your topic to be unacceptable, it will be locked immediately.

    Linking To Your Own Site

    This is allowed, but only to an extent. Just posting a link to your blog and saying "Go read this" is not acceptable, but including a small link at the bottom of your post is. You cannot just leave a link, because that is considered advertising. If you choose to post a link to an external site, please use the default or smaller font size and format (meaning no italics, bolding, color, etc) when linking to it. If people want to see more, they will find your link at the bottom of your review. Also, if your site has advertising on it, you are not allowed to link to it, as The Escapist has companies that pay money to promote their pages. If you choose to link to a site not affiliated with The Escapist, please make sure to include the entirety of your review in your post. Links are for supplementary purposes only, and you should not force a reader to click on a link in order to read your entire review.

    Responding to Reviews

    We ask that you do not bash a review simply because you disagree with the points presented in it. You can respond, of course, but please keep these responses polite. Reviews posted on this forum are up for public scrutiny, and as such, you may comment on how they are put together. Again, we ask that you keep such comments as polite as possible. The reason you respond to a review is to engage in a discussion on the topic presented, or to help the user improve their current and future reviews. Being negative for the sake of being negative helps nobody, and posts made in this way will be penalized. Likewise, so will comments without purpose in either contributing to the discussion or helping out the poster who posted the review. It cannot also be said enough, but don't bump reviews that haven't received a comment in over a month. They are over and done with, and if you need to comment on them, send a private message to the reviewer instead of bringing the old review back to the top. Doing so will result in moderator wrath.

    Any Other Questions?

    If you have any other questions, please do not be afraid to PM me, Marter, to find out if you may make a certain post. Whether it be the subject you are reviewing, the style your review is, or if you are confused about anything, don't be afraid to ask. I'm here to make sure this section of the site runs the best that it can, so send me a message if you have any questions.


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