Remains of the Day: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

NEVER trust animals with red eyes. I'm looking at you rabbits. -.O



I'm never trusting anything with suspicious red eyes ever again. *ahem*


This anime takes the Magic Girl genre and completely rips it apart. It has the usual formula: a cute, furry animal appears to a young girl, said animal gives the girl superpowers and then both of them fight evil. This anime however examines what it means to be a magic girl. Giving our protagonist a defining set of advantages and disadvantages. It is these advantages and disadvantages which will later shape their decisions.


Like any reasonable anime, this has characters which have their own set of beliefs. Some will oppose the protagonist with hostility whereas others will support her as she battles the forces of evil. And she has to choose on how she should deal with the people who don't agree with her, either paying heed to their warning or not or taking on the consequences head-on.

As mentioned, this anime has well-developed characters. Madoka Kaname, the titular character, is your average girl. In the world of Magica, she starts off fresh and having no idea of the workings of the world. Slowly experiencing the events and learning through them, Madoka grows from being inexperienced to someone confident in their decisions.

Bottles... bottles everywhere.  o. o
Bottles... bottles everywhere. o. o

It would be betrayal on my part if I didn't mention the Kyuubey. A cute-looking bunny type animal with long ears and blood red eyes, he acts as the guardian to the girls and presents the choices and decisions in a clear-cut manner. Yet, whenever he exchanges words with any of the girls, there's this menacing sense of mood, making the exchange full of tension.

Despite having a short time span of only 12 episodes, it executes the story beautifully and manages to keep it nice and clean. Every character has a purpose and serves it well and isn't just there. Each episode adds something to the story and it's clear that the anime is not going to waste any time. A surprisingly excellent story development as far as the length of the anime is concerned.Magica is similar to Higurashi. It is a show which focuses on torture, specifically torture of little girls. Unlike Higurashi with its infamous physical torture, Magica focuses on psychological torture and how it affects the lives of the girls as the series progresses.

The soundtrack is worthy of note. Perfectly synced with every scene with a few minor hiccups here and there, the music gives weight to the battle scenes. The animation itself is marvellous. Smooth and without fault, the battle scenes which take place in this anime are a must-watch.

Conclusion: Do I consider it as one of my top favourites? No. But does it deserve to be on the Top 10 of 2011? Yes. Excellent story along with believable characters and deviating from the clichéd route, this anime one of the best of this year. APPROVED.

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Excellent review.
This is one of my favorite animes, and after reading more about it, you'll find out they put a lot of minor things that ultimately make it more interesting.


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