IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

You need a better mic, mate. I paused the video in favor of the original text, which also has the added of bonus of me being able to read it in my own voice. I was mildly interested in the book when I saw my niece reading it, I found the first couple of chapters entertaining but not enough to warrant a full commitment into the series. And from the meat of your review, any passing interest I had in the movie has just been laid to rest.

Good fun, though, this review.

You need a better mic, mate.

It's one of my top priorities once I manage to cease being a jobless hobo.

I did read the books a few years ago, and I have to say, they do explain everything much better. And do a lot of things much better...

In the book, Grover wasn't black. It didn't strictly say he was white, but I never for a moment envisioned him black. I think they were just trying to cash in on the racial diversity card by doing that in the film. He's not wise-cracking, in the book either. He's a nervous wreck and a geek. Also, in the book, they never looked for those pearls, they were introduced far later, in a much better way. One that didn't have them traipsing across America looking for them. They were getting on with their original quest of looking for the stolen bolt.

I rad the books very recently, but I watched the movie first. I liked the movie when I first saw it as a dumb action film about greek gods and heroes, which I fucking love.

However, after reading the books, I realised something. This Movie is fucking horrible, inaccurate, dumbed down and fucked up everything about the book. I especially hated Grover being a wise cracking black break dancing Chris Rock expy from the socially awkward, curly haired, acne ridden nerd. Annabeth was only slightly better, but was still a composite of Clarissa, daughter of Aries who was Percy's bully, and the actual Annabeth.

The more I remember about it, the more I actually feel a pain in the front of my brain.

Great Book, I remember picking it up for my 12th(?) Birthday. I read it like 4 times over.

I'm not sure I approve of the video reviews, they just feel wrong. idk why.

Good review, love the focus on exposition versus discovery. And the ending tunes reminded me of a much, much better movie. Shame what's happening to Greek Mythology lately. Though, I suppose what a series like this gets wrong, a series that equally mixes up the stories and myths but does so in a much more visual fashion could get things right...If only there were something that would give us that option...

Getting back to you on this.

Things I didn't like are

-The constant switching between film-clips and funny pictures.
I'd stick to one or the other, but if I'd really wanted to switch, I think its better to use them only when you're not talking about the film itself (Asides) and use film clips only when talking about the story.

-You yell into the mic a bit to express your point. It kind of works, but its a little painful on the ears. Things like "Let's see, what else is wrong with this flick?" dont work well either, especially because youre constantly mixing between a writing voice and a speaking voice. Some things sound better in your head than they do outloud. A good idea would be instead of writing a script, to just record your thoughts as the writing process. Then redo them into the mic when you have a film completely reviewed

-Lastly, you switch a lot between hyper-fast super excited talking and super slow expressive talking. Mostly at times that don't make any sense. I get that your best points are your "angry" ones, so you want to make them clear, but how often do you see an angry person talk SLOWER than they would otherwise.

But still, great review. Also bringing up your animated avatar wouldn't be a bad idea. Adds a little more personality. I hope I've covered enough. Good luck with the next one!


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