1997 Billboard Top 100: #80-76

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#80: "No Time" by Lil' Kim

I'm aware of who Lil' Kim is, but I'm not familiar with her music. Also, this song features Puff Daddy, who I am a bit more familiar with.

The music is not that good. It's basically a drum beat, with some random piano keys and a more low-key keyboard track in the background. Neither of the artists do that good, but they do show rhythm and play off of each other.

The lyrics are not very good. Basically, this is a bragging song. The title comes in when Lil' Kim says she has "no time" for fake people, which is all right, but the way she goes about it is not.

This song is not very good. The beat is mediocre, and there isn't enough talent in the rapping to make up for the horrible lyrics. Like I said, this is a bragging song, talking about how those [censored] "talk shit" they "count bank figures". That is just one example of the kinds of things Lil' Kim brags about. Also, for being a Lil' Kim song, there is way too much Puff Daddy. Also, Notorious B.I.G. pops up a bit, but he doesn't do much, which is a shame. He might have been able to save this song. It's not the worst rap song I've heard, but it is the worst one I've heard out of 1997 so far.

#79: "Fly Like An Eagle" by Seal

One of the two songs on this list out of Space Jam. Don't really know much about Seal, other than the fact that he was married to the stunningly beautiful Heidi Klum until last January.

The music is pretty much the same as the Steve Miller original, but given more of an R&B feel. It's not bad, but I definitely prefer the original. The same, however, cannot be said of the singing. Honestly, Seal does a better job than the original singing.

The lyrics are the same as the original. Basically, Seal sees problems in the world and wants them fixed, saying that they need to be changed now, because every second that passes is a second that cannot be given back, and he wants to see a better future.

I'm not all that fond of the original, and this cover takes out most of what I do like about it. The music is all right, but is not as catchy as the original. Seal sings better, but that only highlights the problems with the lyrics. Honestly, Seal sounds like that guy who is constantly complaining that everything is going to hell, but when he's asked how to fix it, says it's the government's job to fix things, not his. Seal points out things that need to be changed, and urges for immediate action, but doesn't say what that action is. This song is rather forgettable, in my opinion.

#78: "The One I Gave My Heart To" by Aaliyah

I really like Aaliyah as an artist. She showed real talent. It's a shame that she died young in a plane crash.

The music is pretty good. It sounds like a mix between an eighties love ballad and an R&B track, which works surprisingly well. As for the singing, Aaliyah does really well. She doesn't go for any big notes, but she doesn't need to, either.

The lyrics are pretty good as well. Basically, she is singing about an ex that she felt really strongly for, but who didn't feel the same way, breaking up with her. The song focuses on her confusion about how someone could do that to someone who cared that much about them.

Honestly, I really like this song. Unlike many post-breakup songs, this one doesn't tear down the ex. Instead, it focuses more on how it affected the singer. It's a tough balance to nail, but Aaliyah does it well, communicating her pain and confusion skillfully. Add in a beat that complements the lyrics well, and you have one solid song.

#77: "Secret Garden" by Bruce Springsteen

The Boss! Hope this song is better than "Hungry Heart", which barely escaped my Top 10 Worst Songs of 1981.

Music is pretty good, although it is reminiscent of "Hungry Heart", as is the singing.

The lyrics are quite different from that song, however. Basically, he is singing about a woman who is friendly enough, but has a place in her mind (the "secret garden") where she keeps all of her dark emotions and thoughts locked away, not letting anyone in until she is sure she can trust them.

This song is a lot better than "Hungry Heart". I'll admit, some of that is personal. I've been going through a clinical depression for several years, and only just recently got medication for it. However, very few people ever knew anything was wrong with me, because I always smiled and joked around. It was only when I was alone that I let my emotions run free. This song describes exactly how I felt the general public viewed me.

Even keeping the personal side out, the song still has a solid beat, solid singing, and decent lyrics. However, I'm not sure if it is anything more than an "all right" song without that personal connection.

#76: "What's On Tonight" by Montell Jordan

I don't know much about him, other than that he is an R&B musician. However, he retired in 2010, going on to be a worship leader at a large non-denominational Christian church.

Music is nice. It has an R&B beat, but also has a very nice-sounding piano line. The singing is decent. He doesn't really stand out as an artist, but he does sound decent at a higher pitch.

Lyrics are all right. Basically, he is setting up a date with his girl at her house, and is asking her how it will go, and what he should bring.

The song is decent. It has a nice sound, and there is nothing really wrong with it. However, the lyrics are just generic. He wants to have a good time with his girl, and is arranging for that to happen. It's pleasant enough, but I have heard this song quite a bit, and this one isn't different enough to really note.

That was a bit of a mixed bag. Some good, some bad, some bland. Let's hope the next set is more consistent.


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