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Hey everyone. I have plenty of free time so I thought I might review some music albums that I like. I have asked a moderator if this kind of thing is allowed here and they said it is so hopefully there wont be any problem with this. I look forward to know what you all think about the reviews, so dont hesitate to tell me here in this thread, or you can also PM me.

I'll post all of my reviews right here in this thread. In each review I will first give some basic information about the album and then the review itself afterwards.

I'll begin by reviewing this album. Let me know what you think everyone!



1. My Spirit Will Go On
2. Fury of the Storm
3. Fields of Despair
4. Dawn over a New World
5. Above the Winter Moonlight
6. Soldiers of the Wasteland
7. Prepare for War
8. Once in a Lifetime
9. Cry of the Brave(bonus)

Album: Sonic Firestorm
Artist: DragonForce
Best Song: Once in a Lifetime
Worst Song: Fields of Despair
Year released: 2004
Genre: Power Metal, Speed Metal
My rating: 8 out of 10 Stars
Review: Sonic Firestorm is the second album by UK metal band DragonForce. The album is generally characterized by fast tempos and fantasy themes. The lyrics talk about completely fantasy stuff, such as Dragons, Knights, Castles and so on. The singer ZP Theart, who have left the band in 2010 and eventually formed the band I Am I, has a lot of energy for the songs on this album, as well as on the other DragonForce albums. There are many guitar solos throughout the album, some of them last for over 2 minutes straight, for example on the song Once in a Life time, which is my favourite.

The album itself is generally very similar in sound and musical direction to the other DragonForce albums. The songs on the album can be easily heard on sites like YouTube, so I highly recommend that you check one of the album's songs out. And if you happened to like them, then you will probably also like the rest of DragonForce's albums, since they sound so similar to each other anyway.

Once in a Lifetime:

Okey everyone, I think its time for a second album review. Ive been thinking in recent days about what would be the best album for me to review next. I have now decided which album to review this time. The album is called Winter Rose. Lets begin with the review now.



1. Asylum City
2. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
3. Rough Boys
4. Dianna
5. One Last Time
6. Never Let me Go
7. My Time
8. Nothing But the Best
9. Saved By Love
10. Thrill of the Night

Album: Winter Rose(Self-Titled)
Artist: Winter Rose
Year Released: 1989
Best Song: My Time
Worst Song: Saved By Love
Genre: Glam Metal
My Rating: 8 out of 10 Stars
Review: Winter Rose was a Canadian metal band, active in the late 80's and released their first and only self titled album Winter Rose, in 1989. This album features James Labrie at his best, singing energetic and powerful vocals throughout the songs on the album, and providing all the excitement thats needed to please almost any listener of the album. James Labrie later joined Dream Theater in 1991, and remained with them to this very day. His vocals are not very different from his subsequent albums with Dream Theater. Besides James Labrie, the guitars are played very well, particularly on songs like Rough Boys and Dianna, although all songs feature excellent performances. This makes the whole album perfectly fine and straight to the point.

Epic songs like Rough Boys and My Time are catchy and intense in their nature, with My Time in particular feels like its taking you to a whole different world, a world where everything's possible if you really want it. This album, despite all the good things about it, remains unknown to most people due to it being out of print and also the fact that Winter Rose was very short-lived, existing only for a few short years from about 1986 and 1989 and releasing this only album. Those that do know about the album, though, probably know it from James Labrie's presence as Dream Theater's vocalist, which is a progressive metal band which completely different sound than the sound present on this Winter Rose album. To conclude things up, James Labrie is the main positive thing about this album, providing the listener with an amazing experience of heartfelt and energetic vocals on almost every single song. Overall, a great album with a great singer who deserves much more than he would probably ever receive during his career, with both Winter Rose and Dream Theater.

My Time:


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