Things No One Cares About: Otona Ni Nuts

About seven days ago, I told you about my fictional train ride through a fictional land. I also mentioned my childhood friend was a manga and I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I am a nutter now. Well this story of said visit with Otana Ni Nuts will do nothing to dispel that notion.

As we talked on the way back from the station to her parent's home,I saw she was still the silly immature girl I'd always known. Loving the attention from boys even though they only wanted her for her body. She wasn't very interesting to begin with so maybe this was for the best .

Her parent's weren't there when we arrived. Though now that I think about it I'd only ever caught glimpses of them and didn't even know their names. As we sat down on the couch to catch up a little more she started telling me about the time she at some nuts that made her into an adult. I vaguely remembered the events because they sounded like wacky hijinks and I was determined to stay out of that . I think I started playing acoustic guitar at that time,it was an odd few years.

Either way just as I thought she was finishing her story, she just keep going. I thought she trying to tell me that she learned a valuable lesson about maturity but she keep going on about other topics. From men trying to marry her to some woman challenging her to beauty contests. I try to forget the early 2000's and their rash of impromptu beauty contests. I think she went of on a couple weird tangents about bears and her summer vacations. Near the end I think she started making parts up to see if I was paying attention(fun fact: I wasn't). I say this because she started talking about helping some kid but I'm pretty sure she was talking about a GTO episode. Also the way she talked about nuts was just disturbing.

She kept bringing up our other friend Asuma who decided to not forgo said hijinks and stick around with her to play straight man. It wasn't that surprising,as he was the only guy who actually liked her as a person,so they were pretty close. He was always dependable and they grew even closer during those events. Our group had a betting pool on when they would finally start dating,that I lost forty bucks in. Everyone else in her story was either bizarre or lecherous and I decided to call her out on her cock and bull. I used the ancient method of calling a bluff:pics or it didn't happen. Unfortunately she had four whole albums of the events and showed me all of them.

There were the pictures of her and Asuma looking like typical Shojo people(Shojoites?) and everyone looked like normal people. The other people I didn't recognize looked odd and the pictures were a little blurry so I couldn't quite make if they were male or female. It didn't help that many of the pictures were jumbled around on the page. There were also an alarming number of shots of her teddy bear underwear and some fetishistic outfits that would make Amu blush. I decided not to question those pictures and conceded that her story was true. I would have brought up the fact that you think people would have heard about nuts that could turn you into adults. However she's was always pretty stubborn,so I dropped the subject.

She was disappointed that I had to leave again so soon, failing to notice that she had been talking for about eighteen hours. On our way out we passed her younger sister who spoke a language I couldn't understand,so I payed her no mind. We walked back to the station only to find it shut down due to an accident and being slightly cliché. She offered to let me stay with her for a few more days but I had to get to Seinen to see the new play Waiting for Miura. So I decided to commandeered a boat to get there in time and to have an easier segue into the next review. It was a nice visit but even as I relate this story to you I've already forgotten most of it.

Next time:Probably not this again

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