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Secret Agent Clank

One of my rules of thumb to follow in life is I'm not really allowed to take myself too seriously. Doing so tends to make me think I'm all big and pompous, then I start gaming too competitively, and helps me avoid turning into "that guy" as Yahtzee to gracefully puts it.

One of the benefits of not taking oneself terribly seriously is you're allowed to take a step away from seriousness, and dwell in the land of silly. After about 2 - 3 hours into Secret Agent Clank, I was already graced with the good level of humor, action, and general screwiness that High Impact Games does so well.

You dodge deadly lasers by playing a rhythm game. Laser-based Twister!

The overall atmosphere of the game does a good job of immersion, with "Stealth Bonus" multipliers for when you successfully sneak past a guard, or kung-fu him in a stealth assassination. The missions do a good job of staying fairly taxing, with additions of gadgets not getting too cumbersome, or without being too sparse.

"Hey guys, can I be cool too!?"

The largest immediate flaw is one that's always been present in the PSP titles. Mostly the screen is large enough to be a good width, but not height. So it's hard to keep a wide enough field of vision for the game, making it very easy to for enemies to sneak up on your, and slap you around while your secret-agent back is turned.

The other major flaw is every character that isn't Ratchet or Clank (The named partners in the series, name's on the door). Quark's character is right on par with the over-the-top screwiness of the series, and especially fitting for the character, but otherwise fairly clunky to control and taxing to play. It's not bad, overall, but the entire fondness of the Ratchet and Clank sequences dissipates when you have to take over Quark or the Gadgebots. And to proceed with the story, you must do them, so the whole appeal gets thinned out to be a very bumpy ride from end to end.

We're the best, everyone else, look busy.

Overall, the game is definitely well-done enough to pick up and play, especially if you're a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series, but expect the game to slow down once or twice between the nail-biting missions in favor of opera singing as Quark, or nibbling on opposing card-players' shins as the Gadgebots.

Is this a good, or a bad review?

For all the nits I've picked, I actually like this game, and will continue to play it. It's a good game, with intermittent hiccups that detract, but by no means break, the best part of the game. If you're a fan, buy it. If you're not, buy it anyway.


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