Team Fortress -2

Gang Garrison 2
Developed by: The Gang Garrison Team
Genre: Indie Retro Remake
Designed by: a certain "Gordon Freechman"
PC only


The other day was doing like I sometimes do, looking around on Youtube for something interesting to watch, when I found somebody made an 8bit remake of the Team Fortress 2 song. It was amusing to listen to, and thereafter had a particular interest to download it. Doing a bit more searching I discovered Gang Garrison 2. (There is no Gang Garrison 1.)
Gang Garrison 2 is a demake of Team Fortress 2 into an 8bit version. At present, it's still a work in progress. Amendation versions of the game are coming out every day because it's not finished. So far they're up to version 1.040a, the first version being 1.0 and next being 1.001c.
The game is alot alike to it's higher resolution older brother, 9 classes with their respective weapons, abilities and taunts.
At this point there are some features worth mention that have not been completed,

Ha Ha

such as the Engineer's teleporter, Spy's disguise, all players taunts, and some animations are a work in progress like the standard explosion.
The only functional playing mode is Capture the Flag, but in plans, there will be all playing modes, taunts, chat, full server functionality with Bans, Party Mode and world modifications (like Gravity) and more.
I don't know for certain, but the full game I would estimate should be done before Late Spring next year.
It's free and very fun, so it's like the Latchkey Kid, or broke man's TF2. Download it just because you can. Even though it's not finished, that doesn't mean it's not playable, nor fun. It's aweesome as it is, and proceedurally gets slightly more awesome with each subsequent update.
Main Website of Gang Garrison 2


This map is CTF_Turbine. Imagine it scaled up so that Your player is about half the height of the hallways.


Well, it's awesome. What are you waiting for? Go!

I've played this game, It is pure awesome!

Shame no one plays it :(

That's incredible! Downloading.

Looks awesome, will definately take a look :)

Just played it.
It's awful!

Just played it.
It's awful!

State your point.

Hmm looks interesting, maybe when its fully completed I'll download it. That or if it has like 6 new maps to play on, if you don't have the PC version of TF2 the maps get boring FAST!

I play it while servers load in Team Fortress 2.

That sounds awesome.

However, I might wait before downloading it. My laptop is dead, and it seems unfinished, so I'll wait a month or two.

But I love the idea, and 8-Bit games make me feel happy. I missed out on that gaming generation, you know.

There are actually 10 characters in GG2.

Finnaly i can run this game on max!

There are actually 10 characters in GG2.

What's the tenth?
Also, why is your review titled Team Fortress-2?

It would get more veiws views than something they've never heard of. So they go "Why -2?". It's occasionally called advertising.
User was put on probation for this post, HA HA Bonk

The tenth is the guy from cave story. He's basically the soldier but faster, with the same damaging rockets and a glitch that lets him shoot through walls (though that is of dubious use. You can shoot up from a ceiling and hit the inside of the floor on somebody above, which is rare, but on some places (bridge on 2Dfort) you can shoot through both walls and get free shots at those below.)


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