Alan Jackson - A lot about Livin' (And a little about Love)

I will write music album reviews here from time to time. I thought I'd begin by reviewing a favourite country album of mine. Not exclusively a country fan, but its a good listen every now and then.

Album: A lot about Livin' (And a little about Love)
Artist: Alan Jackson
Genre: Country
Released: October 1992
Favourite track: She's got the rhythm(And I got the blues)
Rating: 7/10
Track Listing:

1. "Chattahoochee" Alan Jackson, Jim McBride 2:29
2. "She's Got the Rhythm (And I Got the Blues)" Jackson, Randy Travis 2:25
3. "Tonight I Climbed the Wall" Jackson 3:30
4. "I Don't Need the Booze (To Get a Buzz On)" Toni Dae, Joy Swinea 3:15
5. "(Who Says) You Can't Have It All" Jackson, McBride 3:29
6. "Up to My Ears in Tears" Jackson, Don Sampson 2:53
7. "Tropical Depression" Charlie Craig, Jackson, McBride 2:57
8. "She Likes It Too" Zack Turner, Tim Nichols 2:50
9. "If It Ain't One Thing (It's You)" Jackson, McBride 3:52
10. "Mercury Blues"

Review: For country music fans, very few wouldnt have heard of Alan Jackson. The man have released many hit albums during the 90s, including this one, which is widely regarded as his best album out of them all thanks to its catchy tunes. On the surface, it isnt a terrible album. Some song titles might seem a bit silly or uninspiring, but the actual music is decent. It has everything a generic country record needs. There is very little variety in the songs but that also makes it a more consistent album without too many musical surprises.

The album is relatively short, at a length of around 30 minutes, but there is also no filler songs which makes it a very good album to listen to repeatedly. It doesnt get boring. Many albums by ALan jackson are similar in musical direction to this one. Overall, there is a good amount of catchy tunes on this record but its too early to say it is a landmark album when it comes to country music. Alan jackson does things well, on the other hand, and any average country fan would find this album pleasing enough to be worth listening to.
Favourite track -


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