Describe a Video Game from its Title

Simple enough idea here: I post up a title for a video game and the next poster has to describe what that game would be like based purely off the title. Then they have to provide a title for the next user to describe. Also, please be creative in coming up with titles and describing the games that the titles would be. I'd rather see people actually try to come up with their own ideas for game titles.

Sounds good? I'll start:

Medal of Duty: Call of Battle: Ghost Six

Call of Duty meets Driver: San Francisco. You're a ghost who died on a battlefield and possesses soldiers, friendly and enemy, to win battles. You can also switch between them at almost any time.

The Legend of the Legend of the Legend, Chapter VII

Weighed down with sorrow, Morgan found the call to battle a better path out of sadness than the accumulation of money. At age thirty-six, he was the oldest of six brothers, five of which were of age when the Civil War began. At the beginning of the war, Morgan was six feet tall and weighed 185 pounds.a war between forest and morgen.


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