Mythos Resistance: Cairo (CLOSED)

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Ever since recorded history humans reported seeing creatures heard of only in story. Yeti, bigfoot, loch ness, werewolves, vampires. All of these "mythological" beings have been seen/ heard of by thousands if not millions of people each year. Then in 2097 incidents of reported mythological "creatures" rose to an alarming rate. By the end of year four out every five households reported a "monster" sighting .

Alarmed by this rise the U.N initiated an international investigation to shed light on these "montser reports". Impossibly in 2100 the investigation uncovered a whole society of "Mythological" beings coming from all social classes in the world. Most humans were shocked by this revelation but were able to accept soon after afterwards. This acceptance came from a new understanding and perspective on the world, it simply proved to humans that the world isn't as small as it seems. Unfortunately along with accetpance came hate and fear.

The remaining humans saw these beings as monsters and a threat. The following years spawned hate vile for the newly deemed "Mythos" and country-wide genocides occured in Italy, Russia, U.S and Japan and was deemed the "Faux Holocuast". Over 5 million Mythos were killed in this atrocity. In retaliation a group of Mythos started a genocide of their own destroying over hundreds of cities and towns in countries innocent of the bloodshed. Shocked by this the U.N unanimously agreed to a extermination campaign to wipeout a species deemed "a threat to mankind". This wipout campaign is carried out by a U.N based organization of no name.

In response a handful of Mythos banded together to protect themselves and kin for the simple need to live.

You the characters will take the role of creatures within the resistance you can be mythological creature type of your choice urban( bigfoot mothman etc) legendary (vampires werewolves gargoyles etc) fantasy(PM your idea to me first for approval monsters under this category are monster found in D&D and such) Religious (angel demons etc).


1.) Don't take control or kill another person unless you get permission from them via PM

2.) Make spelling legible so others can understand you. (don't txt speak like lol u=you lmao that short of B.S)

3.) when posting keep it at a decent length don't write some epic page long description of walking or something

4.) I am always open for new suggestions in this RP if you have an idea PM it to me or my Co-operator and we will take it under consideration.

5.) when choosing your creature type keep it unique and different. If me or the Co-operator deem it too overpowerful will ask you to either A.) change it or B.) give it a permanent reason to be weaker.

Character template


Mythos species: Urban, Legendary, Fantasy, and Religious

Mythos type: bigfoot, loch ness(not usable) vampire werewolf etc.


Eye color:

Description of human form: your human guise

Description of True form: should be a given



Mythos- beings of mythological origin

Blackjacks- term used for members of the unamed organization (reasoning comes later)
--(more may come later)--

This seems so awesome and I'm super excited. Hope my character is good.

If you think I should change something tell me and I'll be happy to fix it. Hope this is good because the RP seems like it'll be really good.

Name:Allen Revaines

Age: thousands of years old lost count

Mythos species: Legendary

Mythos type: Gargoyle

Height: 6' 4"

Eye color: Emerald green

Description of human form: lanky but well muscled, burnt brunette hair that is just below shoulder length. usually wearing a hoodie and jeans with over the ear headphones around his neck. more important feature is tattoos covering his body, They are a cross between ancient runes and tribalistic and allow him to better harness his magic.

Description of True form: true form ranges from a birdlike form with a sturdy beak long claws and leathery wings to a more human form that has a featureless face with curling ram-like horns and spines down his back

bio: In the B.C era an occult created a gargoyle from stone and successfully imprinted a soul into it giving it life. For years they gave it knowledge and wisdom worshiping the creature as their god incarnate. One day out of whim the creation killed its masters and disappeared from history. Then in recent years he has appeared again under the guise of Allen Revaines and was a Co-founder of the Mythos resistance group known simply as the Blackjacks.

Keep a space open for me pleases. I have an idea for a Troll character.

I am not sure what I want to do with my character in the RP. I have an idea for something that I am going to run by you(Ravenholm) in PM. If not then I will just join in the resistance.


I am not sure what I want to do with my character in the RP. I have an idea for something that I am going to run by you(Ravenholm) in PM. If not then I will just join in the resistance.

Cool you have a silver sword. You can use it to really hurt my character. Awesome <('.'<)

Keep a space open for me pleases. I have an idea for a Troll character.

okay I'll keep a space open for you and another person asked me to join as well so openings are filled. when Voodoopigs, Baldrek, and the Co-operator Masika put up their character I'll start off the story.

Right, here's my character.

I can't wait for this RP to start. I am very excited for it :D

Holy crap! Lots 'o people interested. Glad we started this Raven. Here's my character. =)

alright well I'm itching to get this started so if no matter what I'm posting the first part of the story at 9:00

Let us begin

---In an underground compound somewhere in Switzerland---
Allen sighed and looked at the Mythos assembled before him. They were the strongest of the
the Blackjack organization cream of the crop so to say. He thought back to when he would kill people like the ones before him out of whim. "I must be getting soft," Allen muttered. He clapped twice to get everyone's attention. "Oi listen up this is important people," he called to them. An overhead satellite image appeared on the wall behind him, "Five hours ago a this convoy left for the Zurich prisoner Camp in Switzerland, thanks to Tsurugi we determined that the convoy holds up to a dozen Mythos inside it heading off to their doom. Twenty hours from now they will be entering the mountains from the North. We going to split up into two groups the first group will disable the train tracks and make sure that no one escapes and the other will rescue and extract the prisoners and return to the base. Rolf, Elva, Gabriel, and Eryn the four of you will be the group to disable the bridge I don't care how just get it done. Me, Tara, Anthony, and Squall will save the Mythos. Anyone have a
problem with this plan if so speak up,"

"No sir," Gabriel said snapping to attention. His years in Orchestras had taught him to always acknowledge his superiors when they talked to him. How are we going to disable the bridge? Joel thought to himself while moving closer to the group he was to work with. Joel then waited for Allen to finish before questioning the group on what the plan would be.

Squall's tail twitched, they were to save a group of Mythos from a prisoner camp nearby.

"No sir, there are no objections." He said to Allen, preparing for the fight ahead. On his back, between his wings, was a gunblade which he wielded in either form.(OOC:The weapon of his namesake, except the blade flips back when he uses it as a gun.)

He looked at the group of Mythos the Blackjacks had gathered for this mission. Half of them were angelic in some form or fashion, the others were demonic. In his group was Allen, the Gargoyle; Tara, the Cat Demon; and Anthony, one of the angels. Overall, he was impressed with the skill each possessed. He had worked with each one on some separate occasion in the past and was glad to have them on his side of this war.

Eryn heard Allen's words and memorized them all. Nodding when he gave her an assignment. "No sir, no objections here." Eryn went and found her group. Looking at them all. She looked at Rolf's sword with hesitation. His sword shined with the moons light. "Silver...." She said silently. Eryn hated silver in any form. Hating the silver for the marks and scars that it left on her skin. Hating it for the pain that it caused her.

She had only just recently joined the Black Jacks. This was Eryn's third mission. Not everybody here had seen her transform. Eryn didn't know how they would react seeing her transform into a blood thirsty monster. She wouldn't transform until they got to the bridge. She had her group. Together they would all destroy the bridge while the other group saved the Mythos.

"So how are we going to destroy the bridge?"

"Ah and before I forget Tsurugi I wish to speak with in private about your next mission," I said to Tsurugi.

Anthony quietly acknowledged his orders. This was strange for him, trusting others, these monsters were now his allies. Well this was needed in order to reclaim Eden then he was in. He was still in Human form so he simply straightened his jacket and left the room to prepare.

Rolf nodded in acknowledgment of the orders, destroying the bridge seemed simple enough.
He fixed his eyes upon his group before walking over to them, two of them seemed angelic, and he was unsure of the last person. She seemed quite weak, but the remnants of his warrior spirit told him that she was not to be underestimated. He felt a suppressed lust for blood from her, like from raiders sailing to shore under the cover of darkness. It worried him, but at the same time he wanted to see this woman fight.
At Eryn's question he replied: "I was thinking that we'll just rip it apart the old fashioned way, going for the supports first".

"Heh, supports first, real original" Elva said in a quite sarcastic way, " I know a lot of ways of taking down a bridge, it just depends on how sneaky we want to be,".

He looked around at the group, he had seen them all before and worked with them all quite often, "I say, if we also want to help with a good distraction for the other team, we steal some explosives and destroy it the fun way, as loud and as big as possible," After he said that a smile appeared across his face, even though he doesn't like killing without reason, he still enjoys a good mayhem occasionally.

"Any one else have any other ideas to use?" He asked them all.

Rolf frowned at the idea, he didn't like depending on technology, preferring to do things the old fashioned way. But he had to agree that it seemed like a good choice if they were to act as a distraction for the other team, and nodded in agreement of the plan.

Eryn heard Rolf's answer and nodded her head. It was a good solid plan. Elva seemed to disagree with it as soon as the words left Rolf's mouth. She turned to Elva. "How are we going to get explosives?" While talking Eryn could feel that her body wanted to transform into the werewolf. The monster inside her was wishing for bloodshed. She hoped that the mission would start soon.

After a prayer and a confession Anthony was back in the room with the rest. He had read each of their briefings and was quite impressed with what Allen had assembled here. He saw Squall here. He was the only one out of these groups he had actually worked with. Him and Squall were the ones who had infiltrated the UN and learned about the initial genocides. However since this had spiked so much hostility he always wondered why he was told to do it. Hadn't his God seen this coming, wasn't he all knowing?

I pulled Tsurugi aside to a smaller room away from prying eyes and eavesdroppers to talk to him....

Tara and Allen had always worked together, ever since the first time she had seen him. The two of them had worked out the groups and what Tsurugi would be working on. The other angels in Blackjack, Tara hadn't had much of a chance to get to kow them. Alot of her time was spent being a runner. She wasn't as good as Tsurugi in terms of speed, but she did know how to find out things that needed to be known.

Overall, she was quite surprised. It was unknown to her that such a large number of angels lived here on Earth. Werewolves had become quite common to her. The others in this part of Blackjack were quie new to her. Though, she did know of their existence from her time spent in one of the first experiment institutions.

While Allen was giving out orders to the different groups, she stood in the background. She knew everything that each Mythos was going to do. Instead of listening to what Allen was saying,she watched and studied the different creatures; paying special attention to Eryn. Her scent reaked of wolf and she knew she was a werewolf. However,there was something different about her than the other wolves that she had been in contact with.

When, Allen pulled Tsurugi aside, she walked over to Squall and Anthony. "Allen will be done soon and there's something I have to do. We'll meet back here in ten." She waited until she got a nod from the two angels or some sign that they understood her and then she walked to the door.

Quietly, she slipped out and closed the door behind her and she ran. Bolting, letting her muscles pull her down the halls and making a lot of close corners. The door to the entrance of the building loomed ahead and Tara stopped just in front of it. Gingerly, she opened the door and a light breeze floated past her. The breeze was fresh and sweet. Tara was starting to hate being stuck inside this building during times like this. Waiting, waiting for plans to begin. She stood there for another few minutes and began sprintig back to the room. She still ahd about five minutes before she told the angels she would be back to talk.

Rolf looked at the others in the room, being one of the newest members he had hardly worked with any of them before, but he could immediately tell that they were all powerful beings.
His eyes fell on the young woman talking with two of the mythos, he guessed that she was the cat-demon he had heard some talk about before. And her fast and agile movement as she left the room indicated that as well.

Eryn's ear moved and her nostrils flared. Being a werewolf her hearing and smell were exceptional. The smells of the different Mythos and the sounds of their voices. During the mission briefing she noticed another woman looking at her but payed her no attention. She smelled like a demon. Eryn didn't know who she was but was keen on finding out. "Most likely the feline demon that Allen was talking about earlier." She said to herself.

Eryn began to feel the sick. She knew that whenever she felt this her transformation was soon to begin. She excused herself from the group and made her way to the bathroom. Entering the bathroom she tightly clenched her fist and grabbed her stomach. She looked in the mirror. Her fangs were beginning to show as well as her claws. She saw that her grey and blue eyes had turned into a crimson red color. The transformation was painful. She felt her ribs breaking and seperating(?) themselves to make her torso longer. She fell to her knees. Holding it back with all of her strength. Not wanting to transform until they got to the bridge. During her transformation she would attack whoever with out giving it a second thought. Slowly her fangs turned back to their human state and so did her claws. Her ribs came closer together until they also returned to normal. She got off the floor and looked in the mirror. The only thing that didn't change back was her eyes. Eryn went back to the group.

When Eryn returned to the room Anthony noticed a change about her. He couldn't quite place it, was her eyes that told him. He looked at her with a curious look, but put his curiosity aside for another time. She troubled him though, she had a lot of hate and blood lust inside of her, he could feel it

Rolf's thoughts were interrupted by an uneasy feeling, the feeling of a strong lust for blood.
He turned around and saw Eryn excuse herself and head away, but even though she walked away from him he felt the sensation growing stronger for each passing second, until it abruptly subsided.
When Eryn returned her eyes were as red as the blood of a fallen foe and the blood lust seemed barely suppressed. His expression turned into a frown, he hoped that she could control herself until they had reached their objective.
"Is everything alright?" He asked, his voice sounding gruff from disuse.

Eryn looked no one in the eye when she returned. Fighting back the transformation was becoming harder and harder. Clenching her fist was all she could do. She nodded at Rolf's question. "Yes. Yes I'm fine." Her voice was shaky and weak. She couldn't wait until they got to the bridge. There she would be able to fully transform.

"So," said Gabriel, "where do we get explosives. We need to come up with them in the next," checking his watch "about eighteen hours, assuming we can set up the explosives in two hours."

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