GENERIC ZOMBIE GAME : The Undeadedning of the undeaded.

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Because of your votes Zombies have taken over this thread!!!

Story: An underground facility has created a zombie virus while trying to make a cure for uuuhhh cancer yeah that....
The zombies soon spread despite the fact that the underground facility had a huge amount of gaurds there for no reason. The zombies have covered the globe BUT there is one way to survive! To get a military complex which is safe.... Sort of, they will then helicopter you to a safe undisclosed location.

Classes: The Old Vetran:You only get this guy if its a sequel.
The Student: You start with nothing but get three perks instead of one.
The Cop: You get a handgun with no clip peoples voice perk and small fire arms perk.
The fireman: You get a fire axe, a helmet and a flash light ( no batts),pyro perk.
The discrutled worker: You get IT guy perk and a criket bat.
The random Biker: You get the strength perk and a knuckle duster.

The secret agent: I hand these guys out to people who deserve it.

Fire arm perks: These perks affect your ability with guns.
Small Fire arms: You are more accurate with small fire arms.
Rifler: You are more accurate with rifles.
Machine guns: You are more accurate with automatic weapons.
Shotgunner: You are more accurate with shotguns.
Quick draw: You react quicker with fire arms.
Steady hand: You take aim for a entire round so you get a better chance latter.
Gun runner: Your aim is'nt as bad (But still bad) While running.
Speedy reload: You can reload twice as fast.

Compentcy perks: These perks keep backfires from happening and certain actions to succeed.
Pyro: Actions involving fires have increased success.
Strength: Actions involving strength have increased success.
IT guy: Actions involving computers have increased success.
Tinker: Actions involving mechanics have increased success.
Scavenger: Actions involving searching have increased success.
Peoples voice: Actions involving calming and rallying survivors have increased success.
Bravery: Actions that involve overwhelming odds have increased success.
Medic: Actions that involve healing have increased success.

Anti perks: everyone must start with one of these.
Paranoid: You genrally wont try to help people.
Weakling: Actions involving strength have decreased success( cannot take strength perk)
Trigger happy: You are prone to unloading entire clips on enemies.
Misbeliever: You believe that there is a logical explanation for EVERYTHING!
Smoker: You are prone to have coughing fits in bad moments. (You get free pack!)
Coward: Actions that involve overwhelming odds have decreased success.
Impatient: You just cant sit around and wait sometimes.
Infected: Who knows how long you can hide it, or last?

Character sheet setup:

Name: (insert name here)
Age: (How old your character is)
Class: (The class you chose)
Perks: (You get to choose at least one when you start)
Anti perk: (You have to choose one)
Equipment: (What you start with is stated with the class)
Character discription: (What your character looks like with a brief history please no novels.)


Name: Edward Oro
Age: 22
Class: Cop
Perks: Peoples voice, Small fire arms, Bravery.
Anti perk: Smoker
Equipment: Pistol, 10 pack of ciggarettes.
Character discription: Edward wears the normal cop atire, has been commended on his bravery in the field however cannot get a premotion because of his smoking habits.

How to play:
Each post has five action points which are to be posted like this.

1.shoot zombies
2.shoot zombies in the legs to slow them down
3.reload back
5.keep shooting.

You talk in between and they will be shown during my updates.

1.shoot zombies
2.shoot zombies in front
Theres too many lets get outta here! back
5.keep shooting while running.

However depending on your anti perks this may happen.

Edward starts shooting the zombies, a few of them falter and a few more fall never to rise again but upon reilizing there are too many Edward begins to run back.
"Theres too many!" He yells "Get outta here!"
The few survivors understand and run for it. As he is about to join them Edwards begins an uncontrollable coughing fit and bends over supporting himself with his left hand.

However If your character is nearby you may be bunnied into helping Edward up into running away thereby skipping some of your actions.

List of action point stuff.
(Note when you find items I will tell you how many action points you need to use them.)

Talking: 0
Shooting pistol: 1 Ap for every 3 shots.
Reloading magazine: 2 Ap (Speedy reload reduces this to 1 Ap)
Reloading shotgun shell: 1 Ap (Speedy reload gives 2 shells per Ap)
Mellee attack: 2Ap
Walking: 1 Ap per 5 ft
Running: 1 Ap per 10 ft

Building, repairing and healing take uncertain Ap points so when you use them do this.

1.Repair barricade
Trigger action : If zombie comes near I stop repairing and shoot it.

So post up your character in this page. Only four slots availible so be quick.

Name: Isaac Garner
Age: 24
Class: Fireman
Perks: Pyro
Anti perk: Impatient
Equipment: A fire axe, a helmet,and a flashlight with no batteries.
Character description: Isaac is thin, he stands at an even 6 feet. He is wearing a blue NYFD shirt under overalls that are connected to yellow fire retardant pants. Isaac had only been a fireman for six months when the infection broke out he immediately set to work on helping people get to safety often foolishly going alone into the streets when others claimed to have needed rest.

To answer your above question heres a few answers.
The pyro perk doesnt mean putting them out it means setting them up like making napalm.
As for the run and walk running is louder and easier to hear so walking is for people with stealth, sorta like the way crawling takes as much if not more effort then sprinting.

That and I kinda borrowed the running walking idea from DnD.

Though I agree with the fireman putting out fires idea, never really crossed my mind shouldve added in a fire fighting perk my bad.

Anyhow the pyro perk now not only includes making fires but putting them out as well.
One more thing, you only need to do the action point setup during fights or when I announce it. Other wise you can do anything you want.
In other words the game has two modes. Encounter mode and normal mode.
Oh and you get 5 Ap points. If you only spend 4 you get 6 next time. If you spend any less you still get 6 next time. If you use 5 out of 6 Ap points you only get 5 next time.

If you roleplay your antiperk well enough during the normal mode I'll seriously consider it not having as negative of an effect during Encounter mode though I'll have to make it do it sometimes.

As for how the characters meet I have three scenarios dependant on which kind of people join though I can give you an outline of all three.

1.You start in a bar. all live in the same apartment building filled with undead. are all running from a horde of undead.

I've never RP'd before, but I think I'd like to give it a shot. If I screw up, please let me know.

Name: Dillon Westerfield
Age: 23
Class: Disgruntled Worker
Perks: IT Guy, Bravery
AntiPerk: Impatient
Equipment: Cricket bat, Emotional baggage
Character description: Dillon is semi-athletic, moderately intelligent, mildly attractive, and generally easy-going, but he never really applied himself in school. He has a medium build, brown hair, and brown eyes. Because his parents were adamant that he got a job, he now works in a cubicle and hates every soul-numbing minute. He has always wondered what it would be like to be "the hero", but he really can't do that from his 4x4 box....

Haha Nice Emotional baggage thats good.

Name: Keith Redfield
Age: 25
Class: Cop
Perks: Peoples voice, Small arms, Bravery
Anti perk: Infected
Equipment: Pistol
Character discription: Keith Redfield is very athletic (however lacking in physical strength), he is very selfless and subsiquently got infected while atempting to save a family of 4. He failed to save them and for his troubles he got bitten on the arm. Since then he has been hiding the bite from those around him and since he knows his days are numbered acts very selflessly (and sometimes foolishly) in atempts to protect those around him.

On a side note how do I do those OoC boxes (never RP'd before either).

Edit: What happens if we get turned into a zombie?

Just do this.

Hi Im edward whats your name?

ooc: Just so you know just because your pistol is empty doesnt meen you cant use it. You can use it as a mellee weapon or trick NPC's into thinkings its loaded, wont work against zombies though.

Nice to meet you Edward, I'm Isaac.

Ooc: We havent started yet, we start when I post the first update after we have four people.

name: Clarissa Ashford
age: 19
class: Student
Perks: Scavenger, Medic, Steady Hand
anti perk: impatient
equipment: crowbar
appearance: Clarrissa is a short thin student of medicine who had just completed her first year of college when the infection broke out.

Name: Eric Doleson
Age: 26
Class: Biker
Perks: strength tinker
Anti perk: paranoid
Equipment: brass knuckles wrench
Character description: Eric is a big guy with short red hair and lots of tattoos. he was riding his bike looking for the next town when the outbreak occurred. Eric tried to find some shelter and think of a plan to get himself out of the country.

Ooc: Yeah sure why not but pick a class different to everyone else plz.

so have you picked which one we will be starting at?

You all start in a Bar.

The bar is a 30x30 ft room with only one entrance, a large door. It has broken down since the out break. Everyone in the room had helped in creating barricades which is made up of all the furniture. Supplies are low and are held in four opened crates that were found in the basement which can be entered by walking down the trap door behind the bar. The bar itself has nothing of value left, everything had been looted. Behind the bar a locked shelf with a certificate on it.

Ooc: From here on in you must speak in character otherwise put OOC: at the start of your ooc chat. At the moment you are all in normal mode not encounter which means you dont have to use the action point post setup.

*Keith checks around the bar*

"Well, there are no other ways out of this place. I knew going into this bar was a bad idea." Kieth says as he sits down on one of the bar stools to ponder the situation.

"Hmm..." Isaac said to himself, "maybe there's something of value in that cabinet." Isaac pointed and walked towards the cabinet, he tried to open it, "It's locked. Everyone stand back, I have just happen to have my own little master key with me!" Isaac took his ax and set to work chopping open the cabinet.

Clarissa walks around the room impatiently mumbling "I'm bored."

Dillon is restless. He sits in the corner, twiddling his thumbs. His cricket bat is next to him for protection. He stands up and says:

"Damn, I wish something would happen.... I can't stand just sitting here anymore! Why don't we...I don't know... go find some other survivors or something?!"

He looks around at everyone else's surprised looks and slinks back down into the corner.

Clarissa stops pacing the room at dillons spontaneous outburst and walks towards him.
"Hi there you're idea sounds better then just sitting around here doing absolutely nothing."
She says as she leans against the wall next to him.

"Dillon, Clarissa you're right, we cannot just sit here and wait until we run out of food. We have to get going now while it is still light, I don't like the idea of being out there with those things during the day let alone at night when i can't see them."

Keith says hoping to get everyone moving as soon as possible.

You all agree in one way or another that supplies are low. You also agree that someone should check the remaining supplies in the crates.

Event: Isaac has succesfully broken open the cabinet revealling a broken rifle which the axe had damaged. However two boxes holding ten rifle clips each had survived the damage.

Event: You all hear a sound outside.

Event: As Kieth checks the bar it is found that a single empty shot glass is found.

OOC: Negative perks in combat are controlled by me. Just use your actions as you see fit and every now and then I'll interupt with your chosen anti-perk.
Opening the cabinet so destructivly tends to end badly.

Name: Jeremy Horowitz
Age: 35
Class: The (Mature) Student
Perks: Rifler
Anti perk: Weakling
Equipment: Cricket Bat
Character discription: Jeremy is a big fan of cricket, he never gets much chance to play due to the time his degree takes up, but he still keeps his trusty bat from when he was trialing for a space on the hampshire county team. As of late Jeremy decided that working a dead-end job really wasnt his thing, so he decided (in the midst of a mid-life crisis) that going to uni and getting a diploma would be the best thing for him. Shame that when he goes to hand in his first mid-term paper his tutors lost all interest in his studies, but found a new hunger for Horowitz's brain.

ooc: Am I too late to join?

OOC: Yes, and no buts

"Well never know when you'll need some bullets I guess," Isaac said pocketing the rifle bullets. Suddenly he heard indiscernible sound from outside and said, "Guys I don't think we'll get much more time to rest so help me sort through these supplies and then we can brutally slaughter anything in our path." Isaac begins to sort through the supply boxes.

OOC: Not a moan just a sound. Your not sure what it is its hard to tell.

Clarrisa goes towards the supply boxes to sort trough them. "Sure i'll help you sort these out. the faster we do this, the sooner we can get out of here." She says.

Keith moves towards the center of the room "Alright guys grab what you can and lets get out of here, together we should be able to carry any essential stuff we find in the supply boxes. We achieve nothing by waiting around this musty old bar." He announces as he heads for the barricaded door.

Eric had been staying in the basement of the bar as a cheap hotel room. Eric pokes his head out of the trap door and looks around at the other people."With allies like this who need enemies," he grumbles to himself while looking at a broken rifle in what looks like a fireman's hands."hey you the dumbass who broke the rifle give it here and let me fix it."

"Oh, nice going Issac. Why did you have to smash the whole cabinet to hell instead of just going for the lock?! I hope to God that Eric can fix it. And no guns for you! You'd go freakin berserk."

Dillon, completely restless at this point, walks over to the crates.

"Here, I'll help, too. The faster we can just grab everything out of here, the better."

Event: Eric manages to find the problem and understands how to fix it however does not have the required items to repair it. Eric thinks that if he had another broken rifle he would be able to scrounge up enough spare parts for a new gun.

Event: Clarrisa, Dillon and Kieth find eight cans of food, three rolls of bandages, nine bottles of water and a crowbar. You three will decide who should get what.

Event: The strange noise is coming closer.

OOC: Yes you all have backpacks. As for your question with spoofing, the context will be funny but you gotta act serious e.g. Shaun of the dead was funny but all the characters in it were serious. BTW love that movie.

One more thing Im counting on you guys to account for all of your items.

After scrounging through the crates Keith looks up "Alright Clarrisa, you take the crowbar since you have nothing to defend yourself with. We will divvy up the food and water as evenly as we can..."
Keith looks at his shoulder where his police shirt is covering up the bite mark.
"Oh and I'll take one of these bandages, I... Ah... Hurt my arm."

Keith then moves to a dark corner and applies the bandage while no-one is looking.

OOC: Oh forgot to say may not be important but the cans of food can be opened without a can opener its one of those little handle thingys.

"Thank you Keith also could i see that wound? I studied medicine well at least 1 year." Clarissa said as she took the crowbar.

"Oh... ahh... no I'll be fine. No need to worry yourself about me" Keith said as he pulled away and finished applying the bandage.

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