Bioshock 2: Chapter 3 Stories Untold (Closed)

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The survivors had escaped Rapture, but not without losses. People have died in the bid for freedom but now they were on their way up to the surface. Some of those left behind however are Brianne's niece and Brandon's sister both being little sisters. Brandon saw his sister but Brianne's niece has yet to be located.

Another stunning revelation was that Joshua was actually one of the founders of plasmid activity and had a mutated strain inside of him. Fortunately he had also developed a cure for ADAM addiction known as CAIN. He had only one sample left and was trying to protect it trying to get back to the surface to mass produce and save Rapture, if only to ease his aching conscious. Malice was to help him on this task as he also was a biologist. Scott and Brianne had not stated their intentions for the surface and that makes them dangerous wild cards.

This escape however is short lived as the city known as New York is now infested with Splicers sent up from Rapture by a voice heard over the PA system. Who is this man, and what are his intentions. The survivors have another Hell in front of them and they will have to survive yet again to save the city of New York. They will, however have help. Newcomers to this RP will play citizens of New York who have survived the chaos and want to help the survivors, if only to guarantee their own safety. You thought it ended with
were wrong.

I'd love to post a sheet tomorrow

K your in once you post a sheet

300lbs (Scott was originally 6'4" 280lbs, but wrench jockey altered his stature.)
Dark Brown Hair
Telekinesis, Sonic Boom, Wrench Jockey, Various Big Daddy Augments,
Brown Work Boots, Blue Jeans, Black t-shirt
Metal Baseball Bat, Revolver, 3 Bullets.

Upbeat and light hearted, but not a good person, cynical, out spoken and obnoxious. He still doesn't see the seriousness of Raptures situation. Scott is addicted to ADAM which makes him unpredictable. His involvement with the Big Daddy program makes him unbelievably connected to Rapture, and to Little Sisters. He covers his insecurities by making jokes and picking on others, giving them nicknames and such. He was a misfit on the surface so he is naturally uneasy with being there. The terrible state of the "Old World" gives Scott a joy he cannot hide, and a overwhelming confidence that he might have found his real home after all.

As Brandon stepped out of the bathysphere he covered his eye from the sun.. This was actually the first time he had been up on the surface since he was 3 so he couldn't remember a thing about the surface. Then he remembered his sister, FUCK! He thought as he hit a wall. she was right there he could have saved her. He sat down on the grass on started to cry silently

Brianne looked around, letting her eyes adjust. "The's so nice. If only my niece..." She stopped. Going on would only cause useless tears.

Looks like I'm the last one to the new party. Anyway this looks awesome and I think it will be a lot more coordinated with "Lost in the Void" actually starting the RP this time. So I will now post my new amended character sheet.

My character- I just wanted to add a little more to the personality, and add my newest plasmid to it so that I don't confuse anybody.
Name: Malice Angel
weight: 220
Hair color: dark black
Ethnicity: White
Place of origin: Russia, joined Rapture on science team
Plasmids: Fire and ice
Clothing: A lab coat over a plain black T-shirt with matching black dress pants.
Melee Weapon: hammer
Personality: After escaping Rapture, Malice has changed. He has now devoted his life to amending the sins that he and his fellow scientist created in Rapture. It is because of this that Malice has now become a lot more quiet and focused when dealing with people.

Ya last time I just sort of took over as our original GM took off I have high hopes for this RP I figure I'd design sorta like Bioware is doing with Mass Effect, but My plot will be basic and we forge our own way ahead

New Character see Update

Name: Andrew Martindale
Age: 23
Height: 5'04"
Weight: 148
Hair color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: White
Place of origin: United Kindom
Plasmids that you have (Newcomers will receive theirs later in the story you will have them though)
Clothing: Dark Blue Jeans, Black Shoes, White T-Shirt,
and your Melee weapon: Shovel
Personality: Shy to people he has just met but will be more open to people he is alot more used to
History: Whilst originating from the UK his previously family ran shop went down hill when money simply didnt come. whilst still young his parents decided to move - to America. There they set up another shop which is surprisingly succesful. About two weeks ago he took over the shop. However when the splicers came there was not much to do bar run.

(Has anyone tried to contact Grimm91, it would be nice if he edited his first post in the old RP to tell people about this one, the first one has gotten a ton of views, but I guess by this time tomorrow all the slots should be full. Also I loved how you made the summary story of the RP feel like the lines from a grind house movie trailer.)

*shrugs* Id join but You just cant mix Bioshock and new york. part of the fright and fun is being in rapture. ya just cant have Bioshock WITHOUT rapture...

Don't worry Ashbax Rapture is also known as uptopia, and also the apocolypse, or in a sense the end of all things, you don't think I'd just leave Rapture do you? And Elrick I never meant for that to happen, I've never seen the movie it's just what I thought would be appropriate

Reserve spot

Well I PMed Lost In The Void last night and haven't gotten a response back yet, should I assume I'm rejected?

I apologize for the wait I have been very busy with Grad preperations and such I'm glad to accept both Spartan Bananna and Skarin

Chapter One: Welcome to the Big Apple

The bathosphere broke the surface of of the water off the coast of Manhattan. Taking the small rubber dinghy from the bathosphere Joshua began the slow process of blowing it up while the others took in the scenery. When it was finally full the group piled in and set off towards the large city in front of them. The Statue of Liberty stood gazing at them from afar.

Finally they hit the island, but instead of the busy but tranquil sounds of a large city, they heard the sounds of chaos, fires burning, gunfire, and screams. The group stood there and wondered what had happened when a burning man ran towards them. He jumped into the sea with a scream that chilled Joshua's bones. He jumped in after the ran and brought him back on shore.

The man was bleeding and skin was peeling off of him, he was panting as slowly seeping out of this world. He grabbed Joshua and pulled him down to his eye level studying him. "Your not one of them," he croaked

"What do you mean," Joshua stared into the dying man's eyes studying him.

"Hell has opened and demons overrun the city," he exclaimed,"They have fire, and ice and other strange powers; it's the end of the world." With that the man stiffened and died at their feet.

Joshua stood there shaking,"Hell hasn't opened," he said reaching a slow and sad realization,"Rapture has"

Scott watched the scene unfazed by the events. "Hahaha, we fight so hard to get away from home. Then once we finally get away it smacks us right in the face! This is too good to be true" He turned around to face the ocean, he looked at his splintered, gouged, and blood stained cricket bat. He then tossed it into the ocean where it belongs. A metal bat was lying on the ground a few meters away, Scott walked over and picked it up. "We have a whole new play ground to have fun in! I'm excited."

"Why am I not surprised," Joshua smiled Scott's good mood didn't faze him one bit,"Alright so we need to get to the EVE labs in the heart of New York so maybe we should get moving."

"Well at least I can find my sister now." Brandon said as he watched the man die. Rapture had changed him. a few years ago had he seen this he would have been freaking out, but now death was an everyday thing for him. And not just him judging from Scott's reaction. I will save you Lilly, no matter what. Brandon thought as tears started to run down his face.

"So how do you plan on finding her? you think she hid in the bathyspheres trunk on the way up here? I'm sorry half pint but I don't see us heading back down there any time soon. Not with this theme park ahead of us. *Scott gave a dark smile* and lets hope a splicer does get it's hand on her before I do...*Cough*...we do."

"Well if the splicers are here then so is ADAM, and where ADAM goes the Little Sisters are sure to follow." Brandon said as the group heard the sound of a Big Daddy Roar of in the distance. "See."

"NO!!!! GODDAMN IT!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!" Malice yelled as he fell to the floor after being unable to speak for a full minute. "I will not allow ADAM to destroy this place also, it ends here. I don't care If I have to kill every one of these splicers. I want to save them, but if saving them means that their going to kill thousands of innocent people first, then I'm not so sure we should save them." Malice rose up slowly. "I have a son here, I will not allow the sins to reach him up here. Whatever we do, we need to do fast."

"I agree, for what it's worth. The little sisters may need to be saved, but not those...things."

"too late Malice old chum... ADAM has already destroyed this place. The only thing we can do is make the best of it." *Smiles*

"No!!!" Malice yelled at Scott. "We can still save this world, sure this city may be gone, but their is still the world left, we can save it, we have to." Malice took in a few breaths of air as he tried to think. "Standing here won't solve anything, and standing out in the open will definitely get us killed, maybe we should move to a more secluded area and discuss our next course of action."

"Right." Brianne moved into the shadow of the ruins of the Statue of Liberty.

Joshua blasted open the door to the Statue with Telekenisis, "This should give us a steady place to go." He looked at all of them, Brandon, tears dried on his face, Brianne, and Malice with fresh looks of determination, and Scott, a sick look on his face smiling at the group. This was his team to work with.

"Alright first things first, we need to find out where this Splicer threat is coming from because there is no point killin some when more will replace. There has to be another Bathosphere area around here somewhere"

"It seemed like they were following us, I don't know if that's the case. But did anyone else hear that voice before we left Rapture? Does anyone have any idea who it was? He could very well be the cause of this. It didn't sound like Andrew Ryan........." Malice pondered the idea in his head.

"Whoever it is, they must be stopped."

I agree this is not a good thing. He spoke with authority though. He knew exactly what he was doing. But what is his plan, why is he doing this?

Scott followed the group, quietly keeping to himself, and unusual occurrence, he was a few paces behind the bulk of the survivors, lightly taping the metal wall of the statue as he walked.

Scott finally spoke from his silence
"Does anyone remember Frank Fontaine?"

"The snake has deceived us and has somehow gotten into the garden of Eden." Malice mused as the group sat around trying to figure out what to do.
"Now what's the best way to deal with a snake? You take off the head. Maybe if we find out who did this, we could restore order to this world. Ive never seen the splicers act this way before, their acting like soldiers, their unified, led by someone." Malice paused.
"Perhaps they have been tempted into this attack by the promise of ADAM? Or perhaps they all lust for power? I mean even if we did manage to mass produce CAIN and spread it to every splicer to stop their powers, would the attacks honestly stop? Why should we even bother helping these heretics if they are going to end up dying in the end anyway." Malice once again paused to listen to himself speak. "I think I'm becoming bitter......." He mused as he sat with a grim expression on his face.

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