The Unknown: A Game of Fear, Ignorance, and Adventure

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There is a paper on the wall, held there by cheap glue and crusted dirt. One of the numerous urchins in the city had been paid a small silver coin to put up a stack of the posters, in places where they would be seen and noticed. They're doing well at that, too, though not because of any virtue of placement or colorful advertising. No, the papers tacked and glued to the walls are being noticed because of their message.

It is a call to adventure.

The posters have been seen all right, and word has spread; through the rumor and gossip of the common folk, and the spies and informants of kings. The whispered word goes out, and from everywhere--from Ver Arcana and the Sunset Jungles, from the Kingdom of Merdallan and the Illarym Empire, from gold-cloaked Arypso and distant Verdan...from everywhere, they come in reply.

You reach out of the crowd and carefully peel the tattered paper off the wall. A burly man who was reading it growls at you, but you pay him no heed. Your attention is focused on the words in your hands.


Into the Unknown, brave adventurers. Glory and gold await.



The Unknown is a game of fear, ignorance, and adventure. Before deciding if you want to play this game, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Am I willing to betray my closest friends for a potential advantage?
2) Am I willing to live a lie for the months that the Expedition will take?
3) Do I have any shred of human decency or trust remaining in my body?
4) Do I enjoy dark humor and epic adventure?
5) Am I a horrible person?

If the answer to any of those questions (except for question three) is no, you might want to reconsider playing in the Unknown. If you are intrigued by that short questionnaire, read on.

The Unknown is about the Grand Expedition to the Unknown Continent, led by famous explorer Tyrone Deslock. It is set in a fantasy world of my own devising, a highly detailed universe that has a blank continent on the map. That blank spot is where the Expedition is headed, displaying all the caution of a charging elephant. The players (that would be you) are signed on as members of the Expedition.

On the surface, that's the game. But this is the Unknown. Nothing is ever that simple.

Every player is an agent. That is to say, every player member of the Expedition was sent by a faction or patron of some kind, with nefarious business in mind. Or are they? You don't know. Maybe one of your companions is exactly as they seem. I wouldn't count on it, if I were you. Those of you who have played Paranoia before know what I'm talking about.

We'll get more into that later, though. You know, when the poisonings and knives in the dark start happening.

This is the pre-game phase for the Unknown (technically, the way I have it set up this is Act One, but you get the idea). That means that there is no actual roleplaying taking place. I'd also like it if there wasn't much posting in this thread, but if you really feel that you must then you may do so--in fact, a little bit of posting by players might be necessary to keep this thread on page one and thus get the attention of more players. In most cases, though, during the pre-game you'll be sending me PMs instead of posting. You may have noticed three posts below this one: those are placeholders for information that will be incoming within the next few days. They're in separate posts rather than this one because they're easier to sort that way and because I want to be able to link to specific sections of the rules later.

Here's the breakdown of what's going to happen first in the pre-game:

During character creation in the Unknown, you chose from a list of advantages and disadvantages. You do not know what these advantages and disadvantages do: all you know are their names, which can sometimes be unclear. You might choose something that is totally different than what you expected, with either horrible or wondrous consequences. Consider it your first lesson in what the Unknown is like.

I have a large list of advantages and a large list of disadvantages that I'm planning on using, but I'm worried that I might be missing some that could be awesome. I can't just let you guys invent your own advantages and disadvantages to use, because that would eliminate the fun of the guessing. So what I'll do instead is this.

Send me descriptions of advantages and disadvantages you think would be good. Advantages must be useful in unbalancing and epic ways, and disadvantages must be horribly crippling. Do not send me the names of the (dis)advantages, just a description of what they do. For example: You enjoy sandwiches far more than you should. This would be a really stupid disadvantage that would incur very minor penalties, so I probably wouldn't use it, but you get the idea. Don't write in a title for the (dis)advantage--that comes later.

Once I have your suggestions, I'll choose the ones I don't already have and that I think are good. For each one I will roll dice. There will be a 10% chance that the (dis)advantage will be put on the list and I'll tell you the name of it, a 50% chance that I'll give it a reasonably easy name and tell you that it was put on the list (but not tell you the name), a 10% chance that I will lie to you about putting it on the list, a 20% chance that I'll put it on the list but with a confusing name, and if it's an advantage there's a 10% chance that it will be given to Explorer Deslock and not put on the list. The remaining percentile values do not exist for the purposes of this explanation.

I'm just giving you those numbers in case your sense of humorous despair wasn't complete yet: you don't need to memorize them or refer to them at all. The short of it: send me descriptions of advantages and disadvantages you think are cool. While you're doing that I'll write up and post some world information, probably tomorrow, so you can get a sense of what sort of character you'd like to play.

Welcome to the Unknown, brave and foolish adventurers.


Everyone is out to get you, send me ideas for advantages and disadvantages, world information incoming, this is the pre-game part of Act One.


"Beware of the man who is always patting you on the back: he may be trying to find out where to stick the knife."
-Lemo Kempthorne

The game has now started, so some of the information in this post may no longer apply.

Roleplaying begins here.

Current Status of Players

This is a list of known players, their characters, and their current status in the Unknown. The list is in alphabetical order by username.

Bluedemon322: John J. Piercefield, Human. Status: With the Expedition

BoVinE: Kirk McKellen, Dwarf. Status: With the Expedition

Caimekaze: Keil Toren, Human. Status: With the Expedition

Captainguy42: Ko'el, Ice Elf. Status: Carried off by a Dragon

Dastardos: Mark Resdian, Human. Status: With the Expedition

Demented Teddy: Larissa Cronin, Human. Status: Survivor of the wreck of the Osprey

Dragonearl: Alexis Moonspear, Dwarf. Status: Carried off by a Dragon

Dragonrabbit: Reeko Jalbrook, Painted Elf. Status: Carried off by a Dragon

Fingerprint: San Ristow, Human. Status: With the Expedition

Flying-Emu: Tickyvanillius Leviticus III, Gnome. Status: With the Expedition

Khedive Rex: Tiber, Ice Elf. Status: With the Expedition

MasterSqueak: Marneus Calgar, Human. Status: With the Expedition

MeatSpace: Garril Rasput, Orc. Status: With the Expedition

MintyNinja: Royka Nasheel, Human. Status: With the Expedition

Nukey: Cecia Kelai, Painted Elf. Status: Survivor of the wreck of the Osprey

Octorok: Gris Axthorn, Orc. Status: Dead (Cause: shrapnel)

Robespierre: Jacien Criver, Human. Status: Dead (Cause: multiple explosions)

Saskwach: Jonas Thrace, Human. Status: With the Expedition

Shapsters: Derlan, Painted Elf. Status: With the Expedition

Skarin: Raven Del Cid, Human. Status: With the Expedition

Sporky111: Kadeam Naegling, Ice Elf. Status: Survivor of the wreck of the Osprey

ThePuzzldPirate: Rhee Dharmack, Human. Status: With the Expedition

ThreeWords: Jakob, Painted Elf. Status: With the Expedition

Yorgmiester: Prithis, Satyr. Status: Survivor of the wreck of the Osprey

Zombie_Fish: Mareck Nonovan, Dwarf. Status: With the Expedition


"If men such as these are known as heroes, then I shall gladly play the villain in this tale."
-Foviller Stych, prior to his second execution

The world that The Unknown takes place in is a pre-existing universe that I created a while ago for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Since then it has expanded in complexity, size, and detail, so much that I can't tell you everything about it. Below are some extremely brief and occasionally poetic summaries about various important locations (cities, countries, wildernesses) to give you some idea of the universe you'll be playing in and where your character might be from. By no means do you have to read all of this: just skim through and read whatever catches your eye. You should at least read the following summary, though.

World Summary

The world is called Mythallan by most scholars, though everyone else has their own name for it. No one really pays any attention to the scholars, anyway. We'll just call it "the world."

The year is 1028 DR (which means "After Godswar" in ancient Zancharian, a language so dead even the gods have forgotten how to speak it).

This is a world where adventurers wield crossbows and where a powerful wizard can reshape reality to his whim. But it is also a world where those crossbows can fire Verdan munitions, and where that mage might get taken out by a squad of Soulless mechanicals or be killed from afar by a man with a spell-forged emberlock rifle. It is a world of magic and magically-enhanced technology: a world where airships fly in the heavens and knights charge on the ground.

There are three major continents known to the cartographers. One is alive with civilization and intrigue, one is unknown, and one is dead. All of the locations below are on the continent of Lorin unless stated otherwise (Lorin is the one with civilization on it).

Additional Reading:

The "Additional Reading" sections in this post are more recent, better-written and more detailed descriptions of certain entries that I wrote up in response to questions from various players. They contain either additional information about the world, or simply already-stated information in a more refined form.

The descriptions below are split into two categories: locations and races. Each description is in a neat spoiler block, for ease of reading.




The Gods of the various major religions of the world. Please note that this section does not contain all the gods, as there are many minor ones lurking about in dark corners. Also please note that this is a work in progress: I don't yet have artwork for all the deities that I want to write up, and as such they will not appear here.

Also: Please note that the Illarym Church does not recognize the gods of Merdallan, and vice versa, with the notable exception of Avem-Sernad. Most people in those nations think that the ice elves belief system is a barbaric aspect of an otherwise civilized culture (more on that later), the Merchant's Water is a mixing pot of various religions (mostly Merdallan, to be honest), and pretty much everyone views the deities of the painted elves as some kind of poor joke.



Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Being an illustrated history of the earliest days of the world.

The following is some lore about stuff that happened in ancient days, things that still affect the world today. It is the stuff of legends, and your characters would probably know at least a little bit about them.

A Note on Chronology
Please remember that all the events and places in the Lore section happened or existed around a thousand years ago. Please do not refer to these events as if you were actually alive for them, unless saying that would serve a purpose for roleplaying.


"Unfair? Are you fucking kidding me? It's common sense! They've got, what, five million bloodthirsty cannibals trying to kill me, and I've got nothing, so of course I'm going to bring in an airship and carpet-bomb the shit out of everything! Fucking moron."
-Tyrone Deslock, to an honorable man

These are the advantages and disadvantages. Since these are now up, the RP is closed to new players. I might let more in later, after a few of our current players have died off, but that's an issue for another day.

Thanks to MeatSpace, Dragonrabbit, Sdaw, Flying-Emu and ThreeWords for sending me ideas for advantages or disadvantages. With your help, the list more than doubled.

Special thanks to Khedive Rex, for sending me truly massive piles of ideas--more than everyone else put together. Thanks to him, we discovered that PMs have a character limit.


Now, here's how this works:

Advantages are some aspect of your character that gives you an edge over everyone else. Disadvantages are aspects of your character that give everyone else an edge over you.

You don't know what the advantages and disadvantages are. You have to choose them before you know what they do, which turns character creation into an entertaining guessing game. When you know what you want, you PM me with them--don't post your choices in the thread, because that would mean secret things are no longer secret. Once I have your choices I will PM back with what they do. At this point you can choose to change one item. Only one. And you can't undo the change. Think long and hard before doing this.

You choose one advantage that you get for free. This is your natural advantage: if you have nothing else, you have this. After your natural advantage all advantages must be balanced out by a disadvantage. At the end of the day you should have one more advantage than you have disadvantages.


You cannot take Zeroed and also take Known Agent or Famed Agent.

^ Advantages or disadvantages with this mark may be taken multiple times, though I would deem it inadvisable to do so with the disadvantages.

Once you know what your advantages and disadvantages do, write up a description of your character and send it to me. Once I have your description, I will decide which faction you belong to (you don't know all the factions, you see). Don't automatically assume that each nation is a single faction. The Illarym, for example, have three factions. If you would like to be from a faction from a specific area, mention it. The only location in the World post that doesn't have at least one faction operating is the Sunset Jungles.

This is where the fun really starts, gentlemen. Start guessing at advantages.

"What is a villain? A twisted, wretched figure of evil, or simply a man who got in the way of the heroes?"
-Old Jack, to his captors

EDIT: To answer a question asked by a few people: You can choose as many as you want. Just remember that your advantages need to be balanced out by disadvantages. If you go for too many advantages, you'll also have a hell of a lot of disadvantages, and will probably end up with a really messed-up character. It's a fine balance, and I will provide very little help in achieving it.



There are two sections to this post. Unimaginatively enough, they are called Rules and Guidelines.


These are some rules of the game that you need to know. There are very few of them. Most of the rules in the Unknown are purposely kept secret from the players, for several reasons: to prevent min/maxing, to make the players spend time performing outrageous deeds of courage and betrayal rather than figuring out how to do something according to the rules, to allow changes to be made without disrupting the flow of the game, and finally because I find it amusing.

The rules you need to know are as follows:



Secret actions are any action you take that (you hope) the other players don't know about. To prevent me from going insane, secret actions are done in a more organized manner than regular roleplaying. There are a few key concepts you need to know before I go into details:

Secret actions are secret. Send them to me by PM.
Secret actions are done in the background of regular roleplaying. Only the results of a secret action will affect the flow of the game, unless something goes wrong and you get caught out murdering someone in their sleep or something like that.
Secret actions take place in rounds.

At the beginning of the game the first round of secret actions will start. It will be filled by everyone receiving information and orders from their factions--don't try to do anything in the first round. After that round I will set a deadline for the next round. Once the deadline occurs I will collect all of the secret actions that were sent to me that round and either write a narrative of them all happening at once or play them out over the course of the next round, depending on circumstances and whichever option would be more interesting. It will be done this way because I'd like to keep my sanity intact--with this system I only have to worry about secret actions a few times a week rather than constantly.

Don't worry about your secret actions being delayed until the opportune moment is past--during intense, highly-detailed action sequences, rounds will go faster than when the Expedition is just moving through the wilderness.

You may only perform one secret action per round. This is important. Some advantages or disadvantages might change this, but unless stated otherwise you can only do one. Choose carefully.


Contacting your faction while on the Unknown Continent requires you to use your secret action. They're on a different continent from you--whatever method you have of contacting them (and you do have one, right?) probably takes some effort to use, and you have to keep it hidden from everyone else. However, there are times when it needs to be done.

You may contact your faction to perform the following actions:


Gather intelligence. You can ask your faction if they'll do some legwork back on Lorin to get you some information. You can gather intelligence on a specific player, faction, rumor, or whatever else springs to mind. Each player has an Intelligence score and a Counterintelligence stat for this purpose. You will not be informed of what your stats are, but you can make educated guesses from your advantages/disadvantages. When you make a gather intelligence action, I will roll some dice. Depending on the results of the roll you might get the information you sought: or you might receive either misleading or incorrect information, or none at all.

Report mission success/failure. You will be congratulated/berated, and either rewarded or punished. You may choose not to do this, but if you fail to report a mission success or failure and your faction hears of it, there might be unpleasant consequences. If you succeeded at an important mission, you may receive a reward as well, which can be anything from gold to a resupply to a promise of greater assistance later on.

Discuss the weather. ("It's raining arrows! Get me out of here!")

Please note that it does not take a secret action for your faction to contact you, only for you to contact them.


There are three types of combat in The Unknown: Minor, Major, and PvP. Minor and Major are players vs the environment, while PvP is player vs player. You don't actually have to remember any of the distinctions, but for those of you who are into classifications, here you go.

Minor combat is when there isn't any chance that the players could lose the combat. For example, if the Expedition comes across a band of cannibals armed with flint-studded clubs who immediately attack, there is no way the Expedition could lose that. The cannibals would get cut down by crossbows, guns and steel blades. You can narrate this type of combat without any input from the GM, except for things like "The remaining enemies flee in terror." The players expend very minor amounts of resources (gunpowder, healing, etc) and then pat themselves on the back before moving on. Most combat will be of this type.

Major combat is another beast altogether. Major combat is any combat where the players have a high chance of being defeated. Dragon attacks, hordes of natives, or assaults by gods are examples of major combat. In major combat, all players involved PM me their actions (Example: "I try to sprint for the end of the collapsing bridge and shoot the dragon at the same time"). I then roll dice and determine how well that works for you. When I know whether you live or die, I tell you (Example: "You reach the end of the bridge before it collapses, and your wild shot puts a hole in the dragon's wing"). Then you narrate your epic struggle in the thread for everyone else to see. Play continues like that until combat ends.

Player vs Player combat is when players are fighting each other. Since none of the players knows the tricks that any of the others have up their sleeves, PvP can't work like major combat does, with each player writing their perspective of the battle. There are some similarities--every player involved sends me a PM with what they want to do, and I then roll dice to determine the outcome, but there the similarities end. With player vs player combat the action is narrated by the GM.

Major and PvP combat actions are both very distinct from Minor combat actions. In minor combat, you can do whatever you like and be absolutely sure it will succeed. In Major combat, on the other hand, you will tell me what you want to do and I will roll dice to determine to what level you succeed. You might complete half of the action you wanted to, or less, or not at all.

In PvP combat, both sides are trying to complete an action at once. In most cases, this is not possible (the usual scenario is both parties say, "I stab him and block him if he stabs me"). The key is to remember that both actions happen at once: no sissy "taking turns" here. I will roll dice to determine not only to what level your action succeeds but how much your opponent manages to do as well. So what you say you want to do is not necessarily what you will do, because your opponent is trying to kill you as well.

In all versions of combat it pays to be clever or awesome. In minor combat, if you do something incredibly stupid, you'll get hurt. In major or PvP combat, doing something stupid will get you killed, and doing clever things will get you bonuses (i.e if you can stack the odds in your favor, it will help).



The Unknown is a game of exploration. During your adventures, you will delve into ancient ruins, encounter ancient cultures, and introduce all and sundry to the marvels of the modern age. Along the way, you will acquire treasure. Whether it's the sacred idol of some tribe of cannibals or the magical heart of an entire empire, your faction wants you to claim as much of the wealth of the Unknown as you can, in their name. And at the end of the day, who's going to notice a few small items skimmed off the top? Man's gotta eat, you know.

When there is a treasure hunt occurring--that is, when multiple players are competing for the same treasure--the rule is simple: whoever returns to the Cepolada or the baggage train with the treasure wins. At that point it is assumed that you have a secure hiding place of some kind to store your ill-gotten loot. This rule holds true unless you are being actively watched/pursued by someone, in which case you have to shake them before you can claim the treasure.


Death and Inactivity

Character death is something that is going to happen. People are trying to kill you, after all, just as you're out to get them. Similarly, there are going to be periods of time (sometimes very long ones) where certain people won't post at all. Occasionally, people will just vanish, never to be heard from again. In these cases, the character will either be killed (if I am fairly certain that the player won't be returning to the game) or made to vanish. If a character is vanished--that is to say, is removed from play without being killed off "on screen," as it were--then the player may rejoin the game when/if they get back online. If that player is you, all you have to do is drop me a PM and I'll say hey, turns out you didn't die from being swept out to sea, after all: you were just chilling on a beach somewhere, waiting for the Expedition to sail past so you could flag them down.

The death of an active player is a whole different story. It will happen, so be careful. There are only two rules for death: First, be aware that it may not be permanent. Certain advantages allow characters to return from near-death or actual-death experiences. Second, your character's secrets die with them. No telling living players who killed you, no telling anyone your faction or your mission or where you hid your secret weapon or which cup was poisoned or anything that might be of any conceivable use to a living player.

Unless, you know, they can talk to the dead. In which case, chat away.



These are general guidelines for playing in The Unknown. Read through them so you'll know what to expect and what is expected of you.


Whenever you post in the thread, please post at least a short paragraph. Single-line posts are unacceptable: two-line posts might be accepted, but those two lines had better be able to make Shakespeare weep and Genghis Khan shit himself. I will need documented proof of said weeping and shitting.

In other words, please put some effort into your posts.


Your character sheet--bio, advantages and disadvantages, faction, the whole lot of it--is secret. The other players will only know details about you if they're obvious (your race, for instance), if you tell them, or if they receive information on you from their faction. Information from your character sheets will be used to create rumors for the other players to worry over, but other than that everything is a secret. You will have to figure out who your fellow players are while at the same time trying to defend yourself from the hazards of the Unknown Continent and trying to complete your missions.



If you have any questions about specific details of the world, please ask me. The universe The Unknown is taking place in is a very detailed one that I've been working on for over a year, before I even came up with the idea for this game. Because of that, the world is very, very detailed, and occasionally confusing. If something needs clarifying, ask.


This game is not so much about what you know as what you don't know. Information given to you might not be complete, or might be utterly false. The only things you can trust are those you've experienced with your own senses, and not even then if there's a wizard skilled at illusion around. You will have to act stealthily, cautiously, and subtly, always worried about what you don't know, always trying to figure out events so they make some kind of sense.

Over the course of the game two unknowns will make themselves known to you. One is the obvious one: the Unknown Continent, a beacon of unexplored territory calling adventurers to it from across the sea.

The other unknown is your fellow players, and that is the most dangerous one of all.


Well thought out and well done. Can't wait for it all to start.

I am officially interested.

This looks good. I'm interested.

Wow, looks solid. I'm in.

You appear to have captured my interest, well done.

I am in. I am so in.

man i love this idea, count me in

i have the privilege to have said that i would like to be counted in before this was posted.

"this" being the game. this game is the main reason i joined the forum.

Excellent! This is a good number of players we have here, and there are a few who haven't posted in this thread yet as well. Looks like it's going to be a pretty solid Expedition setting out.

I've got two things I'd like to mention:

1) I've updated the world information a bit, adding some artwork for you to look at and fixing a few typos.

2) Tomorrow I will be posting the advantages and disadvantages so you can all make characters. You have until then to send me ideas for (dis)advantages, because after that I won't be adding anything to the list.

Tomorrow the fun starts. See you then.

I am interested, let me read it a bit more.

I'm in, but I have a question: exactly how odd is the Painted Elf sense of humour? Are they like the elves of old mythology, light-hearted and unpredictably malicious, often at the same time, or are they more like hyperactive jesters?

I'm in, but I have a question: exactly how odd is the Painted Elf sense of humour? Are they like the elves of old mythology, light-hearted and unpredictably malicious, often at the same time, or are they more like hyperactive jesters?

Both, actually.

That probably needs some explanation...

You know how I said that they change their customs (taboos, etc) without warning and without reason? There is a widely-held theory among the more exasperated scholars that they do it because they think it's funny. You can't really tell their motives: they might be malicious, or they might be enjoying a joke that you don't get.

Does that help?


I'm in, but I have a question: exactly how odd is the Painted Elf sense of humour? Are they like the elves of old mythology, light-hearted and unpredictably malicious, often at the same time, or are they more like hyperactive jesters?

You know how I said that they change their customs (taboos, etc) without warning and without reason? There is a widely-held theory among the more exasperated scholars that they do it because they think it's funny.

You know, I was leaning toward the Ice Elves. I was pretty sure to. But after having read that, I must say, the Painted Elves shot up about 90 degrees on the awesome scale.

... Now I'm not sure. I guess it'll depend what (dis)advantages I get.

May I join? Since Ulysses imploded, I've been looking for a chance to revive
Bible and go a on grand adventure.

I'm in, golly is there going to be enough space?

If thar be space, then mayhaps ye shall allow the ol' Emu on th' trip? He be quite the fella, I tells ye.

I wasn't planning on limiting the number of players in the game. Anyone who wants to play can. The more paranoid, scheming adventurers we have, the more fun this is apt to be.

Though I will probably rachet up the lethality a bit if the number of players gets too high.

Zem count me in, if that's all right with you.

Paranoia sits fine with me.

It seems to me like it'll be awfully crowded on that there boat, which is fine until someone gets seasick...

Pfft. I have all 8 of my sea legs intact!

I'm in.

I've added dwarves to the list of races by popular demand (as in, there was one guy insisting I add them, but he was very persuasive). They aren't in their usual fantasy role, though--no miners and underground cities here. You'll find them in the sky instead.

Advantages and disadvantages will be up in a few hours.

I've added dwarves to the list of races by popular demand (as in, there was one guy insisting I add them, but he was very persuasive). They aren't in their usual fantasy role, though--no miners and underground cities here. You'll find them in the sky instead.

Advantages and disadvantages will be up in a few hours.

Nice, I'll sort something out once they're in.

Is it still too late to join? I'd understand if it was


I've added dwarves to the list of races by popular demand (as in, there was one guy insisting I add them, but he was very persuasive). They aren't in their usual fantasy role, though--no miners and underground cities here. You'll find them in the sky instead.

Advantages and disadvantages will be up in a few hours.

Nice, I'll sort something out once they're in.

That's the plan.

Is it still too late to join? I'd understand if it was

Nah, it's not too late. After I post the advantages and disadvantages I won't accept new players for a while, seeing as we already have something approaching fifteen, but for now you can still join.

EDIT: Actually, with you we have eighteen players. Setting up all the missions and conflicts for this is going to be intense.

If it's a burden, I'll leave, but... this looks friggin' awesome!

If it's a burden, I'll leave, but... this looks friggin' awesome!

Of course it's a burden. But not so much that I won't let you play. The more people we have, the more complex, epic and bizarre events will become, which is what I'm going for here. I'll have to do a little bit more work, but it'll totally be worth it.

I'm accepting players up until the point when I post the advantages and disadvantages (which will be in about an hour now--you got in just in time).

Advantages and disadvantages are up. The Unknown is closed to new players until further notice.

Let the games begin.

Advantages and disadvantages are up. The Unknown is closed to new players until further notice.

Let the games begin.

Can we make our sheets now? Or how exactly does character creation work?


Advantages and disadvantages are up. The Unknown is closed to new players until further notice.

Let the games begin.

Can we make our sheets now? Or how exactly does character creation work?

^Points up^

Read the advantages and disadvantages post. Third post from the top. It tells you what to do.

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