Silent Hill RP, True RPG style

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The game will work just like my True RPG game, just without any skills and such. I'll try to make the story as original as possible and I know how to make things poetic like some, if not all Silent Hill games do. You do not have to know anything about Silent Hill in order to play this game. I may or may not make references to Silent Hill games but it'll only be certain monsters that make appearances and nothing else.

For those that haven't played True RPG and don't know how the roleplay scheme works, I'll explain how it works for you. It's simple, everyone and anyone is the main character. What the main character does is a vote and I will provide options that you can individually vote for. The majority rules and I take the story from there. If there's a tie then whichever choice came first in the posts will be used.

Now, let's have fun. But first, a quick main character description so you know who exactly you are. Any questions you have please ask and I'll happily answer them.

Name: Malcolm Haywood

Age: 22

Body: White, average weight (130lbs), brown hair, brown eyes, height 5'10"

Health Problems: Prone to heart attacks, genetic

You nod to your doctor as he explains your medication.

"Just take these pills anytime you begin to have a heart attack. They should work immediately to lower your blood pressure and resolve other complications that could arise. Thank you for participating in this study Mr. Haywood, we do appreciate it, you're money will be sent to you by check."

"Thanks..." You say, not entirely liking your new horse pills. You quickly leave and head home. The house is empty, as usual, nobody to love you and nobody related to you cares enough to drop by.

1. Watch T.V

2. Cook dinner

3. Early to bed, early to rise.

2. Food is good. Also, prone to heart attacks!? My God, we'd best not get scared then.

Well, the main characters in Silent Hill always had something special about them, Alex Shepard went insane, James was a murderer, etc. The heart attack aspect I felt would really bring up the scare factor, I just need to flesh out the characters when they come along.

"flesh out!"..heh heh...yeah :S


2. Eat things that are good for your heart!

2. Eat things that are good for your heart!

To McDonald's!

1, the always watch the news in zombie games

Eat something

1.Watch TV

Sci-Fi has a crappy original movie on, and I can feel less freindless by riffing on it MST3K-style

2 foood

Ignore this, I get it now.


You head past a fake potted plant into your kitchen. Dishes are piled high and dirt marks them. You open the freezer and pull out a frozen dinner, lasagna. You quickly pop it in the microwave for 10 minutes on high. You pull out a clean plate, only one left. You place it on the tiled counter. Then, the phone rings, you lean over the caller ID.


You raise an eyebrow, your expression indifferent as your ex-girlfriend's name comes up on the screen.

1. Pick up

2. Let it go to voice mail

Edit- 2. Screw this bitch!

2. Screen my calls. She left me, damn it!

2. Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

2 and go eat your lasagna

2. definatly not worth my time.

The phone rings a second time as you enter the kitchen retrieving your dinner and opening the cover to let it cool. The third ring occurs now, and you stand by the machine waiting to hear her rather pointless words. A beep and you hear this.

The skin on your neck curls and twists into goosebumps. Your palms sweat a little, and your stand still for a moment before regaining thought.

1. Head to her house

2. Eat dinner

3. Call back

((Yes, different endings by the way))

1. Something is rotten in the house of Emily

2. Well I'm not gonna waste my lasagna. Also the sound didn't work for me, but I could figure what it was based on the description.

2. If she's going to make disturbing sounds on my answering machine, the least she could do is wait until I've finished eating.

2. Well I'm not gonna waste my lasagna. Also the sound didn't work for me, but I could figure what it was based on the description.

All you need is quicktime to make it work. Here you go:

2. let's just eat and forget about it sounds like we won't like if we'd come over there

2. Thats some tasty lasagna waiting for you. Also, general rule of thumb, dont go toward the scary noise.

You roll your eyes and drag your feet to your meal.

"Crazy bitch probably got a new boyfriend"

You eat from the pan directly. Being sure not to make a mess. The wind begins stirring up outside.

It's unnaturally foggy out, you can't seem to look out for more than a few feet. Your right leg begins to go up and down due to your restless leg disorder. Soon enough the wind picks up further. However this time, you feel the breeze, and what's odd is that no window is open, no cracks in the wall or ceiling. Just you, alone, with an empty pan of lasagna.

1. Look out window

2. Watch T.V

3. Call Emily back

2.Watch T.V.

That Sci-Fi orinial movie is still on, you can get some good riffs in before bed.

2 Watch T.V there's bound to be a good show on

2. I think High School Musical 2 is on.

You walk to your living room and plop yourself on the couch without a care in the world. You pick up the remote, but it slips out of your sweat hands. Picking it up again you press the power button many times over, but to no end will the T.V turn on.

1. Check window

2. Check power cable

3. Call Emily Back

2.Check the power cable.

Emily is wasting my tape with disturbing noises and windows can only lead to bad times.

2. Stay away from this Emily!

2 though i have the feeling cleril really wants us to go to this emily

2 though i have the feeling cleril really wants us to go to this emily

Well, going to Silent Hill is unavoidable. So no matter what choices you make, eventually you'll get there. The ending of the game however will change based on how, and what you do.

1. What else?..a mac?

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