The Low Fields: A fantasy RP. (Closed)

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Alright, here's the deal,
I've been posting in RP's for a while now, but I'm reaching back to my Writing-roots, which is fantasy. Dark-age fantasy, with a lot of magic involved. Lots of people have tried to write something in this genre, and because of that every new idea is dubbed "Cliché." That may be the case here as well. I'll try to keep it as original as possible, but sometimes you will have the feeling of 'Hey, I've seen that before.'

So, the story:


Magic system:



The RP:

The story starts with several of us in a select group of the army of the kingdom. The group is specially chosen for the most tough and fearsome warriors the kingdom has to offer. We're on our way to a major target into the feline area, one of the military centers where young felines are trained and new weapons are manufactured. We're the first offensive in ten months, and this is big. The army has marched through rocky terrain and split into groups, so to prevent the scouts of the felines of noticing a great host. Now the army is packed at the foot of the mountain-range. We're waiting for the night to fall.

Only a few have to be in the army, other people may be one of the felines, perhaps a brother of current King Edward, trying to become king. Be creative, and let it interact with the others. For example:

One player, a politician, convinces a high-ranking officer to raid a small village for its art. The soldiers who raid it are other players, and one player is a feline trying to fend off the raiders.

I will only guide you through the opening. There are several factors I will keep in the RP, and hint occasionally. You will have to react as you see fit. However, don't go crazy. I will call out those who do.

The character-limit is ten, apart from me. This is the sheet:

Name: Robin

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short brown hair, slightly tanned skin, approximately six foot, light muscular build, wears the Kingdom's 1st Unit light armour.

Nationality: Kingdom

Occupation: 2nd in Command for the Kingdom's 1st Unit.

Background: The close family of Keldrid was executed because of the failure. When Keldrid heard this, he hid his pregnant sister. She gave birth to a boy in a tavern, where no one knew of her position. This boy was Robin. After 15 years of secrecy, he and his mother were found. Robin escaped unharmed, but his mother was killed. Robin joined and studied under the Kingdom to find a way to restore his family's name. After years in the field, his main goal was lost and he became consumed in protecting his homeland. As he was born with offensive magic, he was sort after by the highest ranking unit in the Kingdom's brigade. He joined the 1st Unit after only four years of training, and studied under them for a year. Eventually, he was promoted to second in command under his captain, who treated Robin as his own son.

Robin is gifted in offensive magic, but even more gifted in swordsmanship and prefers his blade to his magic.

The infamous SCAMola:
[Hmm, I might join... In the meanwhile, consider this place taken.

Is the use of magic compulsory, or can I create a non-magical character?]

You may choose to use it, but it isn't needed. Ordinairy characters are fine.

I'm saving a spot... I want to join, but I have to delay the character sheet. I have to head to work, I'll be posting in about seven hours or so.

Sparrow Tag:

At least five, ten is the limit.


Sparrow Tag:

At least five, ten is the limit.

Score. Let's hope it kicks off soon. I really like the character I made.

Is it possible to have a canine companion?

The infamous SCAMola:
Is it possible to have a canine companion?

Very much possible.

Portal Maniac:

You're in. Welcome aboard!

I hope I don't get mutenied this time.

I'll post my character sheet up soon. This should be fun :D

Sorry for the icky double post.

Also, is it ok if my character is half human and half feline? If its not then I'll change it.

I am interested, but that isn't a good indicator of whether I'll enjoy the game. I have a tendency to sign up for things and only later realize that it was a bad idea and I either don't have time to play or just don't like the game.

I'll wait for a little while and if it turns out I have time I'll write up a character sheet. In the meantime, best of luck.


I hope I don't get mutenied this time.

Yer in.

Sorry for the icky double post.

Also, is it ok if my character is half human and half feline? If its not then I'll change it.

No problem at all. But espect a bit of iffy rules for magic. The good and bad of two races.

Name: Magnus

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shoulder length, curly red-blonde hair, green eyes and slightly freckled skin. 5'9" tall, 150lbs muscular.

Nationality: Kingdom

Occupation: Defensive Fighter-Mage

Background: As a child he possessed little natural skill at magic, unlike his younger brother who surpassed him at every venture. While he was learning to better his magic, he had trouble managing the even the moderate tasks, all while watching his younger brother speed through them easily.
Even so, he continued to study his magic, eventually getting better by practicing with practical situations rather than theory. It was this practical knowledge that helped him match and even surpass his brother, proving that hard work can beat out natural talent. He is a skilled Creation mage, with one of his best known skills being the spawning of weapons with which to fight with. He joined the military very recently, needing something to put his skills to use with. Recently, he has become friends with Kallia, a naive half-breed girl with skills in the Power school.

Hey, dude! You forgot to put my character sheet up!


Yes! Thank you for allowing my character in. I can't wait for this to start. :D


I'm still with the ZAS, although my interest in it is lesser then first. Also, where is your character in the army? Do you envision yourself at the head, leading, or at the front, fighting?

I will be on the front lines, leading a small group, and either order them to kill things, or kill things herself, in order to gain respect. The squad could have one or a few of the heroes.

Hang on.

Can I quickly duck in with a sheet for another feline?

So... Am I not in, then?

Yay! ThreeWords is a feline! And we are quite the opposite at that!

There. Characters are in places. Please get ready for some intense RolePlaying!

Chapter One

A fog obscured the foot of the mountains as Samuel arrived at the main host. Many men were already present at the rally-point, but the sound was strangely abcent. These men were highly diciplined, and now that they were in enemy territory, where the strange cat-like creatures could attack at any moment, they were more inclined to be silent. Any mistake could lead to death.

The command-tent wasn't set up yet, because it could make for an easy target. The present commander, who was also royalty, just stood between his men. He was silently giving orders to his men. Anticipation could be felt in the air. Samuel liked it. He was trained for this. He mentally checked his magic and spells once again, as he had done many times this afternoon. He looked at his leather armor, decorated with the crest of the Arcane Library. Several troops around him nodded, as a sign of respect.

He walked to his small-squad to which he got assigned to. He looked around, and saw no familiair faces. For now.

Telemain was polishing his leather armor when a tall man with long, black hair walked over.

"I take it that you are in command of us."

"Not at all. I'm just your magician for this operation. Didn't you get your orders yet?" Samuel asked. He held out a hand and introduced himself as Samuel.

Robin led the 1st Unit up on to a nearby hill, who took their positions. Robin looked left, then right before casually strolling down the hill. He held up his arm to signify the troops to standby. He flicked out his thumb, then his index finger and waved his arm to the right. The troops all grabbed the hilt's of their holstered short swords, and walked toward Robin in a line. They waited for a good few minutes for their commander's return.

"Men, take this opportunity to adjust your armour.", Robin bellowed behind him.

Eventually their commander returned, and signified that the fellow troops were up ahead. They slowly made their way toward them through the light fog, and made their signified call of a hawk. It was perfect for enemy territory, as nobody could tell their call from that of a real hawk. Robin signalled for his men to halt, as he and his commander made their way toward the leader of the Oneson unit.

"Commander, do we really have to work with this unit? They're useless, everyone knows it. The Oneson line of blood is long past it's prime."

Robin's commander said nothing, and simply greeted the royalty in charge. Samuel, one of Robin's Senior Offensive Magic Class teachers, nodded toward him. The 1st Unit commander signalled to Robin, who turned to his soldiers.

"We're ready, commander."

Telemain gripped his hand with his own dainty appendage. "I'm Telemain. And no, I haven't. I've been waiting since we've gotten here."

Under his breath, he mumbled, "He's the magician. What am I? Chopped troll food?"

"Telemain. I've heard of you." Samuel said. "Well, we're tasked with the destruction of several objectives inside the Feline site."

Telemain muttered something under his breath, but Samuel didn't catch it. He turned when he saw the other look behind him. A young man walked down the hillside with several men. He recognized him as Robin, one of his students of a while ago. And probably also in command of this unit.


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