Poll: A Day In The Life, True RPG Spin Off

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Hello True RPG fans, new and old. I'm here with another skilless True RPG. No character building essentially. This is unlike the Silent Hill RP and the regular True RPG by having everything imagined by you, no sounds of pics, and not having to go through the character builds.

If you don't know what True RPG is: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/362.120767

And the Silent Hill RP: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/362.120482

This RPG will have multiple endings, like all True RPGs. This RP is about a nameless soldier. Why nameless? Well, you'll figure that out when you do.

The sky is blue. Pale blue. The grass is slowly dying. It's orange now, and red. Like blood. The smell of gun powder is in your nostrils. Ash spread across your body, dirt and the like. There's an annoying blister on your right foot, just on top of your big toe. There's no cream, and the surgeons are all busy. But you can manage.

"Hahah! Yea, we sure tailed it out of there! Cmon boys! Eating time! Been three days since we had good food!"

A convoy of jeeps rolls into base camp. They are smiling. Laughing. You find this rather odd. What's funny about war? Killing people? Seeing that last bit of fear in their eyes in close quarters combat? Maybe it's a coping mechanism. Laughing absolves all pain, right? They rush into the mess hall, pigging out. You look down at your boots and think about how dirty they are.

Time 3:00 AM

1. Shine boots

2. Go to bathroom

3. Go to mess hall

ooh, ive always wanted to do one of these =D

ill go for 2. might as well go now while they're all rushing to the mess hall

2. Don't want to do it in your pants.

You walk a mile in your shoes appearing before the bathroom. As you enter 3 men, two smoking, greet you. You nod. Pull down your pants and sit on splintered wood. You look up as the smell of shit infects your mind. There is piss on the floor, which your feet dance in. There is throw up in one stool, blood in another. You ask the other men about it, but they don't see it. They don't see blood. They don't see death. They see the movement forward. The march. With a bit of pressure you are done excreting black shit from your body, and bloody piss.

You step out of the bathroom. Not to be greeted by fresh air, but the ash and dust from before. Such privileges are not for a soldier. You look down at your boots again, they are even dirtier than before. Your friend by the barracks is leaning against the wall. His head is down, his Thompson is leans against his leg, crying steam.

1. Mess hall

2. Shine boots

3. Walk over to friend

Hmm, im sure my friend can handle himself, im hungry.

I'll go for 1.


One. Braaaaiii Foood!

Oh what the hell! 1.

2. Can't do anything without shiny boots!


1. No food like army food.

You coldly walk along dust and ash, blood and skin.

The mess hall smells like death. Food burns, soldiers eat, die a little more, and leave. You walk over to the cooks, holding a tray.

The cooks offer you no words. No words of hope. No words of happiness. It doesn't exist. No words of "Good luck" or anything....just maggots for lunch.

You sit down at a table teeming with soldiers. None of them have faces. None of them have names. None have souls. Whatever those are. And none have families. Or if they do, they don't care. The world, doesn't care. You....have no opinion, none that matters anyway.

1. Eat maggots

2. Leave

1. food is food i guess... besides you cant do much on an empty stomach O_o blurgh...

1. No matter how disgusting they might look maggots are a great source of protein.



Without a fork, you not having that luxury, you pick up a handful of maggots and bite into the squishy insides. It tastes like humans. Red blood drips down your throat, cries for help come out of the maggots like screeches in your ear. It's a torture to eat them, but you do it, because you were ordered to.....no thought exists in your head, at least, no individual thought. Though, your boots look dirtier than before.


1. Friend

2. Shine boots

Oh, you should be able to figure this one out yourself but.....When the time of day is 12:00am, the game ends. Now that doesn't mean the game can't end earlier via another ending. But at 12:00am you will receive certain endings you can't any other way. Every few actions an hour passes by, or if I say so really.

2. they do look pretty damn dirty now...


1. That was...unsettling.


2. Nobody likes shit stained boots.

You walk outside and take out a dirty clothe. "Shining" your boots. The smell of them, shit stained blood. You've never killed a man before. Your friend did, but who cares. It's just a corpse. The dirtier cloth is placed back into your uniform pocket.

"286 Platoon, please report to the barracks."

"286 Platoon, please report to the barracks."

1. Barracks

2. Friend

1. Can't disobey orders now can't we?

1-Follow orders.

2. friend, ive avoided him long enough

I'm sorry but the true answer is 2. :P

2. Who says you're 286 platoon?

You walk over to your friend, his Thompson is still crying steam. His face unchanged, everything, is unchanged.


1. "What's the situation?"

2. "Is it bad out there?"

3. "How are you?"


Yeah I'll go with 2.

2. Whats goin on here?

3. How ya doin' bud?

*Thinks for a moment* ... 2.


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