The Infinity Wire: A Mysterious RP (Positions Open)

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The Infinity Wire is a Da Vinci Code esque mystery/thriller story.

One day, a Raven flies up to you with an old paper scroll in its mouth and drops it at your feet. Unraveling the scroll it reads simply "You have been called. Boston, MA Old North Church" following this enigmatic scroll you are led on a quest to discover the resting place of the sword Excalibur. On this journey you will be forced to solve riddling puzzles and outwit foes while trying to find this sacred weapon first. All the decisions are up to you, the player. There will be no ice rollings, no skills, just people. Ordinary people using their knowledge to solve an intricate puzzle.

there will be NO Trenchcoating, mary sueing or godmodding. Yes you can die, yes you can be left behind, no you cannot do anything. You aren't god or Neo you can only do what normal men and women can do.

If you are suspected of doing this your submission may be rejected. This will remain open until a sufficient number of players join in.

May I be so bold to ask for more, information?. The "da Vinci Code esque" part is interesting but it gives me no indication of the time line of this RP. Also, does the 'education' part in the character sheet mean our characters are meant to be university professors or of similar background?.

well not precisely, their extent of education. maybe what majors or whatnot. timeframe is here and now 2009.

Sounds interesting!. Perhaps a bump would aid this?

I'm interested but too tired to write a sheet up now, reserved!

Since this seems to revolve around what a character knows what happens if we don't know something our character should? Say my character chooses computers as an education (I'd actually choose history but hey). I know only a little and might miss something, what happens then?
But still I'd like to reserve a spot.

Name: Stanley Awesome

Education: PhDs in medicine and web development, as well as moderate knowledge in engineering.

- ~6' tall
- ~120 lbs
- Rather good eyesight
- Not very strong
- Extremely dextrous
- Black, medium length hair
- Decent runner
- Decent Traceur
- Witty
- Highly intelligent

Stanley Awesome was born to an Australian family of 6, and since he was a child, was always had an interest in helping people and technology. He grew up a helpless nerd. He went to an excellent university, majored in medicine and web development while minoring in engineering, and graduated with top marks. He then proceeded to work at his PhD in medicine. Though he knew his career lay in medicine, he pursued the field of web development purely out of interest, and ended up acquiring a PhD in that as well. He moved to California and got a job in a well-respected hospital. As well as his job as a doctor, Stan also made some money on the side as a freelance web developer. After years of living in America, his Australian accent had essentially disappeared.

Is this sufficient?


Bump. Lord ascendent, this is game's not going to get off the ground if we don't hear from you.

alrighty then, i havent checked in a few days because i havent been home. but now we can get going I think. jsut waiting of Sparty.

Characters are sufficient for parlay.



Bump. Lord ascendent, this is game's not going to get off the ground if we don't hear from you.

bump again and once Spartan Banana finishes his character sheet, we can be underway.




Bump. Lord ascendent, this is game's not going to get off the ground if we don't hear from you.

bump again and once Spartan Banana finishes his character sheet, we can be underway.

Triple bump! I know, I read your previous post. Any idea how he's going? In the meantime, I had a question I posted with my character sheet. Any idea what happens in that situation?





Bump. Lord ascendent, this is game's not going to get off the ground if we don't hear from you.

bump again and once Spartan Banana finishes his character sheet, we can be underway.

Triple bump! I know, I read your previous post. Any idea how he's going? In the meantime, I had a question I posted with my character sheet. Any idea what happens in that situation?

You are allowed to wiki things if you need information you dont possess but really there is no place to go to "cheat" the story. if you need to look something up to understand a plot point feel free to call a reference break so you can figure out what im talking about. remember, its meant to be confusing but it isnt insolvable.

Quadruple bump. Sparty either has to get his Character Sheet in or we are going dormant until we get 1 more player.

Here begins the tale (Spartie hurry up)

Dark was the night as the two young men stepped into the church. Small it was, no light shone within but for a single small candle. A shape leaned against the pulpit, smoldering end of a pipe showing the vague shape of a person. The door creaked shut behind them and locked slowly. Slowly, candles rose to light the inside of the church. The man blew a puff of smoke and tapped the smoldering ashes out of his pipe before whisking it beneath his coat. The man was not tall at all, straggling long hair and rough beard showed the disrepair of his appearance. Tapping on the pulpit, two previously inanimate statues sprang to life and moved forward then settled on the floor, hunched over. Both were identical faceless, horned statues. All that distinguished them were the red runes carved on their faces. The man cleared his throat and said "Welcome, I know this is not the time to mince words and so few of you have arrived. My name is unimportant but you may call me Dread. These Eidolons of mine are Heckyll and Jeckyll. Don't worry, they can't hurt you." Standing behind the pulpit the man scratched his beard thoughtfully and said "I've called you here for a purpose, and I am certain you wish to know what it is. I will be straight with you, I seek an artifact, lost to the annals of time. It is priceless and powerful, and we must find it before it is moved again. But I am unskilled in puzzles, riddles, historical references, all the things one would need to follow such a difficult quest. It is why I have asked you, for you are best in your fields, to help me in discovering this artifact. In return we may all share the profit of its discovery. What do you say?"

"I'll do it." Stanley responded

"I'm interested but..." Ran paused, uncertain as to whether he should question this man. After all despite his claim to being unskilled he was clearly man of learning and further it was unlikely that he would share the secret or the reason behind the two creatures ('Golems?' Ran wondered.).
He instead repeated, "I'm interested," and awaited learning which artefact this man sought.

The man nodded, flicking his wrist at the creature on his left he said "Take a look around Jeckyll." The creature panted making a wet, labored breathing sound and rumbled out a rasping voice "I hear the words of Aquiel and obey." and tramped out of the church and into the night, the doors swinging open and shut for it. "Now, friends. Have you herd of the Legend of King Arthur, how the lady of the lake handed him the sword Excalibur?" looking at both of the men he turned and began to pace back and forth "That blade is no legend, there truly was a King Arthur, and a Merlin and a Morgan LeFaye. This blade is what I seek, Excalibur would make an excellent find. But first we must find Avalon, before it moves again. What do you say to this? SHall you come with me across the ocean?"

Avalon? Ran knew from his studies that it was the legendary island where Excaliber was forged but there had never been an island called Avalon. Come to think of it, until less than an hour before, he would have said there was never an Excaliber. Yet there was something about this man that made him seem sincere and, rattled as Ran was by the presence of the two creatures, his mind was beginning to open to the possibility, or maybe the desire, that these fables could be true.
"I'll come, even if we only make it to Avalon it will be worthwhile for me, a chance to see the legends I've only read about. I'll come."

Stanley, having only the basest knowledge of history, thought to himself, "What the hell is Avalon? It sounds like some sort of topical ointment for curing some manner of unpleasant disease..." He imagined himself in a commercial, saying, "Side effects of Avalon may include: Dizziness, congestion, nausea and erectile dysfunction."

Quickly snapping back to reality, Stanley professed, "Hell, I"ll just do it for the sake of finding Excalibur."

The man nodded and looked at his other abomination, "Get the boat ready." It nodded, and very slowly ambled on all fours out of the building, the doors slowly creaking open again, as if under the man's command. Stepping in between the two men, Dread walked towards the harbor, hands clasped behind his back, one of his creations ambling at his side. The boat in question was a small, innocuous looking pleasure boat. enough room to move about, the statues simply curled up inside of the wheelhouse and did not move during the entire journey. A long week of constant movement across the ocean, through more than one heavy rainstorm, the small company moved.

Ran had never been on a long boat journey before and found himself hesitant to step on the boat having heard about people sick for weeks one end. Yet, surprisingly, he found himself at ease after a brief adjustment period. That is, at ease as he could be around Dread. Despite the fact that the man was always polite his presence seemed to stifle questions and conversation, an aura of silence surrounded him. And Ran had many questions, both to their purpose and to what they might find at the end of their journey, yet he could not bring himself to ask Dread.
He waited patiently for their landing at Avalon, deeply curious about where they were and what they might find on their arrival.

The boat slowed through a gloomy fog and Dread took a mooring rope and threw it into the fog, and slowly the boat was tugged to shore by a tall man, Dread stepped off the boat, and made a soft clicking noise with his tongue and the creatures sprang to life and lumbered off the boat. Walking into the dock the small company followed the tall man, to whom Dread spoke to in a hushed tone. When they reached the end of the dock, Dread turned and said "Now we must travel over land, in order to approach the Isle undetected. Its protectors are fierce, so stay close to me." Dread began moving before making a high whistle, several more living statues lumbered out of the fog, increasing their number from two to nine. Each bore a different symbol on its face, the two twin statues still followed Dread at his side. The others surrounded the two and slowly led them up and along a hill which eventually dipped into a deciduous wood.

Hesitant at the appearance of more of these creatures, Ran stepped out of the boat. He paced for a few minutes in an attempt to counteract the diziness that he felt. His experience as a rower meant that he could recover quickly after coming off the water but in this case it was subdued by the sheer length of the journey. When he was confident that he could walk straight he reached down to help the doctor up from the boat. Envious, Ran watched the slim man step from the vessel onto the shore with a grace he could not match. When they were ready, the two continued after Dread and his creatures.
Ran wondered where they were and to this end tried to recognise the fauna as the walked through the forest. However since he was an urban child it was a hopeless task and their whereabouts remained a mystery to him.

The path wound through woods curled by age and filled with wispy fog. The creatures all moved deftly though the woods as if the trees were no impediment to them. Dread's tall shape wavered in the fog as he walked ahead of the two men behind him, after three or four hours Dread stopped in his tracks and told the men to rest. The creatures then set up a large perimeter around them and settled down into the ground, mute and unmoving. The two twin creatures, Heckyll and Jeckyll disappeared into the fog and after the high pitched death shriek of a pheasant them returned with the dead bird. Dread took out a long, thin wand like stick and tapping at a spot on the ground made a small flame burst suddenly up, flaring brightly. Dread took the bird for one of the creatures and directed the other to find sticks and twigs. Looking at the mooning eyes of the two men Dread said "This wand is something I found on my many travels in the Orient. Makes fire just by tapping it against something, its very useful. Not sure how it works." He took a small bundle of sticks form the other creature's three fingered hand and laid them slowly onto the fire then plucked the feathers from the bird to roast it. "Although it may not look it, twilight is fast approaching. And traveling to Avalon at night would be suicide. The creatures that guard it a much more active in the dead of night than at high noon. Come, friends, you both look as if you are burning with questions. Have no fear to ask them of me, I will answer them if I can."

Ran immediately asked, "What the hell are those creatures that follow you around? And what do the symbols on their faces mean?"

Dread responded, "As to what they are, I believe that they're of an ancient species of creatures that can be best described as living gargoyles, and as for the symbols?" Dread continued, sighing heavily, "I haven't the foggiest as to what they are, all I know is that since found the medallion, they've been loyal to my every word."

Stanley swiftly interjected, "What Medallion?"

"Oh, did I not tell you two about it? Well..." Dread started.

Dread is under my control so please do not write dialogue for him

Dread turned slowly to face Rand and beckoned a creature foreward "I found these in the tomb of an old Chinese emperor. The symbols on their faces, profane as they are, aren't anything oriental. As far as I can tell its theirs eyes, ears and mouth. I understand nothing of them, since I woke them up they've called me 'Aquiel' which may have been their creator. They are helpful, but they make it impossible to enter public areas." Dread waved the creature away and said "One of a few artifacts i have kept with me, in case I fall on hard times and need to sell something. I have tried to send them away but they keep coming back. Perhaps another time I may show you them."

Dread looked, thoughtfully, into the distance before saying with a sigh "Whatever they are, gargoyles, demons, figments of our own communal delusion they are helpful. Carrying things, helping m hunt, translating things I can't read, but I don't trust them." One creature cocked its head at Dread like a puppy dog and made a low whistling noise Dread shook his head and the create stalked off out of sight. "I will never understand them. Almost like the gemstone..."

suddenly a ninja runs past for absoloutly no reason

Sorry, I just had no clue as to how I should write a good post without involving Dread, as you prompted us to ask him questions. That basically locked us in to either temporarily controlling dread, or posting with nothing but a question. Ignore my previous post if you wish.

A wand that made fire, creatures of stones and now a gemstone? Dread possessed some intriguing artefacts, ones which showed magic to be both real and controllable. Ran wanted to ask about the gemstone but something else came first.
"You've shown us things which are magic but these are possessions. Can a person learn to do this? Can you do this?"

"Learn magic!" said Dread. "I haven't the faintest Idea how these things work. I only figured out the wand lit things on fire after lighting my own eyebrow on fire. Not a pleasant experience, mind you." Dread took a medium sized clear gem with swirling colors dancing within. "This thing is pretty, but confusing as ever. Has no purpose, just looks pretty. But no one will buy it. Don't know why." Dread shook his head and said "Anyways, magic, as you call it, dosent exist as far as I'm concerned. These are just things that do amazing things that I do not understand. But anyways, we should eat this and rest. We have a long way to walk to avoid detection."

In the early morning light, Dread led the party towards the sunrise by midday the trees gave way to sedgelands and blown by sea winds. Smelling the air, Dread said "We are close." the creatures cowered in the daylight and as they came closer and closer to the sea they became more and more nervous. In the distance a crumbled stone structure appeared, like an old gazebo long since fallen to disrepair and erosion. Dread approached it slowly, looking around for any sign life. When he was satisfied there was none he approached the ruins. Inscribed upon a small obelisk at the center, the only uneroded thing, was written a strange language. It looked Celtic to Dread's eyes but he could read no other language besides English. Turning to Rand he said "I have no knowledge of this language. But I believe I can make out what it says. All these long years searching have helped be put sounds to the glyphs. It says 'ar draws 'r aig chan emrallt gwyrdd , anwireddau amdo chan hud 'n argel. ar draws 'r aig Alwa avalon addef chan morgaine' strange though, it dosen't even seem Celtic. It seems, well, Welsh." Pointing Rand to study the spire, Dread turned back to consult his creatures. As Rand studied the surface, words immediately formed in his mind "across the sea of emerald green, lies shroud of magic hidden. across the sea I call, avalon home of morgaine." Rand blinked and turned to spy one of the creates looking into the water, or what could be said as 'looking' and slowly it tipped into the water. As soon as the tide enveloped it, a horrendous bloodcurdling screech emanated form the being as its turned into gray dust and finally a plume of purple light flashed. Drad turned towards the sound without clapping his hands to his ears as the others did. And in a few beats of silence Dread stared out to sea. Then, the thrumming started. The rhythmic beats like wings beneath the waves. Dread's eyes widened and just as he turned to sprint and leave the two men behind a great, tall, green scaled form burst from the water. A Dragon of old, sixteen feet tall, and fourteen feet wide landed on the shoreline and bellowed mightily.

Dread simply sprinted into the cover of the ruined dome and stood between the Dragon and the two men who were rooted to the ground with fear. Trundling up to them on legs as thick as tree trunks, the Dragon bellowed again and growled out a voice as foul and twisted by the ages and touched with the liquid quality of the sea. "Who dares enter the realm of Avalon?"

Ran watched in awe at the creature, blinded though he was by the sand it's wingbeats stirred up. It was a truly magnificant beast. Dread stood between him and the dragon but Ran stepped forward, almost involuntarily, to stand at his side. Dread looked at him quizically for a moment before he turned his attention back to the dragon. Hesitant though he was, Ran found his voice and declared "We come searching for Excaliber!"
There was a moments pause. Ran looked to Dread for his reaction...

The dragon looked between the two human,s hen it burst it a loud hacked cough. It took Dread a moment to realize the Dragon was laughing. "I Haven't heard such a joke in a long time, Avalon is not here. It has not been for many many years. You should look to the East. My brothers and sisters will be able to guide you. Simply call out to them in our language, they should hear you." the Dragon turned and began to wade plodding into the water, Dread shouted at it "Where should I go next?" The Dragon slowly turned itself around to face Dread and said "Across the channel and from there, I do not know. My brothers and sisters will guide you. Take care humans, I have decided you are not worth eating. Rand sighed and said quietly "Well that's good" the Dragon disspeared beneath the waves. Dread kicked idly at the sand and said "Another step on a long road, it seems. Come on, I must find a way to get across the English channel."

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