The Mauldor Time-Line, Book 1: Birth and Rebirth

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The story so far:

-The group is contracted by the "Adventurer's Guild" to retrieve an artifact for a Cathilheim nobleman who holds an esteemed position in the Kings court. They hope to gain influence and political backing in the region as they try to spread themselves across the Human Kingdoms, having originated in the Dwarfish mountains to the north.

-Almost immediately Miffy splits from the group, left in a dangerous position as he will have to stave off foes by himself until he can regroup with his compatriots.

-The group finds a chest with gold and potions.


The game has begun!


Well, I'd have a nice little explanation of combat and such, but unfortunately my STUPID MOUSE backed me out and I lost what was almost the whole thing.

Dungeon diving in a unique world comparable to that of The Wheel of Time except with lots of fun and exciting races thrown in. The whole world is unique and fun to explore, and will revolve around the Protagonists who start off on a mission for "The Adventurer's Guild," though most adventuring the guild does is into ancient ruins to rob them clean. They now seek to extend their each to Cathilheim, an inland City-State between Wyndham and the port city state Litharein, right on the Bulging Bay (from there they hope to spread their influence even further).

It's your job to strike it good on this mission for a Cathilheim noble in the king's court so the guild can get a foothold. However, none of you are members and are just being paid (handsomely) to take on the job.

You can be any race except the dragon, though some are better at some things than others. Human's make good soldiers and jacks of all trades, Dwarves are short but excel at fighting and forging, Wood Elves bows and High Elves magic, that sort of thing. I'm not planning on set classes because it's much more fun to make your own. However, if you would like I'll give you classes to choose from or just make your own. Though how solely you focus on something will help you get better at it faster.

That's all you'll need to know for now. Tell me your race (as you will in the character sheet I'll make) and I'll tell you about places you can be from and their quirks and accents.

Tell me if you want a map, because when I make one most people end up never using it and just asking me to spell it out for them anyway.

I'm interested. I got a some questions though:
1. Are there set classes or do we make up our own.
2. Is it going to focus on one over arching plot? Or several small missions?
3. How will combat work?

In terms of character I'm interested in playing a wood elf.

1. Think Oblivion. Set skills and ideas of how to combine them (i.e. Warrior) that NPCs will have. The like and the such, really. But you can create a custom class.

2. Yes, there is an over-arching plot the players are drug into by the first mission. Like The Wheel of Time the plot is nice and complex (or will be later on) so don't expect to gather the Nader gems or something but there will be definite goals and catastrophes to be avoided.

Moral choice will come in, though it'll have to be something pretty damn big if you're expecting to see the world effected by it.

You say I want to strike the Minotaur with by sword and, based on several things (how nimble the opponent is etc. etc.) I will judge how much damage is done. While I plan to challenge you things won't get all to incredibly hard and I'll tell you the basics of the weapon/style of your choice so you won't have to guess how to phrase "mess 'em up with mah axe."

Alright, PM me sheets. I'll set a date to launch once I have 3 character sheets submitted.

Oh and forgot Sneak.

Sneak: The ability to conceal oneself in brush or shadows or a crowd so as to avoid being noticed. Especially helpful if one would like to pick pocket someone or go somewhere they'd rather not be seen.

I'm joining, sending the sheet asap. BTW, gota ny good orc names?

I'm in, I'll send the sheet shortly.

Alright, got both of your sheets.


1. We could use some spell casters and or ranged people, and

2. Healing Magic is a new skill, which heals people. There is a new class who uses it.

Cleric: Healing Magic, Mana, Heavy Armor, Melee Weapon, and Smith.

Cleric's are holy warrior, traditionally using maces whom use healing Magic to aid others.

How many skills? are these in addition to class skills do the listed class skills need to be in this space as well?

EDIT: whoopsie i forgot my appearance heh

How many skills? are these in addition to class skills do the listed class skills need to be in this space as well?

There are five skills per class. You can learn more in the course of the RP but that won't be a frequent thing.

You can make your own class, but ti must have 5 skills and 5 skills only.

Yes to the listed skills for the class must be listed, you do because if someone goes and references your sheet then it'd be a bother to go find out if Warriors have Hand-to-Hand.

There are also some skill you can't start with which may be learned (No, Necromancy isn't one and can be had from the beginning. I haven't listed those skills yet.)

am i the only one whos submitted a sheet? come on people im looking forward to this and how am i supposed to do it alone thatd get waaaaay to boring

Well 1 other person put in a sheet but he won't come in until the 23rd because of vacation. Besides that, zjpicks has put in a sheet that I approved as well. So now we need 1 more for me to set a date (3 people at least in the beginning) which will be for something like 3 days after they join up.

then its setteled 10 cookies to the next person that gets a sheet accepted

I'm interested in joining. Though. As a warning... I've never done a forum RP before. Hope that's okay. I'll work on a sheet in the meantime.

I'm interested in joining. Though. As a warning... I've never done a forum RP before. Hope that's okay. I'll work on a sheet in the meantime.

No problem. Though might I advise we have a meat shield and a ranged pin-cushion artists so you might wish to persue healing or combat magic? Or both? Just an idea not pressuring you.

It's no problem that this is your first time. I'd be glad to offer the experience. Also I hope this means you won't be quite so prone to quitting like some people :X

are you calling me a meat shield?

i find that demeaning for a warrior as fierce as i how can i shield if everything dies before i get hurt
hehe not really thatd be way to OP'd for a starting character

My character sheet

does that put us at the 3 we need to start

Yupp, sure does. So it's officially starting three days from now, on the 34th.

theres a 34th of july????

Maybe he meant 3/4th to account for time zones? I'm all for months having 34 days though, but I don't think February can afford to give up that many days.

Hah, whoops. Well in three days okay? Haha. Another sheet was just approved, so you guys and discuss strategery.

I think I'll make a Mage or Cleric just to play with you guys to add some flavour and bring up things we should all "know" about the world etc., etc.

Heres my sheet for everyone to see:

So I'm a rogue.

im stuck wandering around with elves

you guys had better know how to fight and how to take a hit

Hey another guys joining as a Troll.

basically a weird colored elf atleast theres some diversity wonder if theres gonna be a guy ina wheel chair soon

and two more days right

I hope it's not too late to join. Here's my character, a gnome mage.

One more day to launch! Boo-Yah!

Alright. Here's my sheet for everyone. Starting tomorrow!

Before you read this:
Everything won't be going on inside dungeons. There will be towns and taverns and great cities and intrigues! But there will definitely be a big dungeon delving element in there. Just wanted to let people who might have thought "Oh it's all dungeons" from this that it's really not.

Preliminary information-

You have come together in Cathilheim and, by chance, have all been hired to retrieve an objective form a gave not far to the west of Cathilheim. It's part of a modest hill, but Festering Imps have begun to crop up in the South Eastern part of the hill underground.

This means that one of the two entrances is preoccupied and unusable. You have been contracted, in return for 500 pieces of gold per individual, to take the Northern entrance of the cave.

Your ultimate goal will be to locate and procure an artifact of great interest to a Cathilheim noble. This noble is Sir Jacob, a young lord renowned for his skill in battle and in commanding against the Orc Hordes whom assail Cathilheim on a semi-regular basis.

You start outside the Northern entrance to the cave. From there you will have to explore the cave, avoid traps, battle monsters and perhaps do a bit of thinking to procure the Chalice of Flame.

Assuming nobody thought to bring one, begins gathering materials and making torches for whoever wants one from available materials around the cave entrance. Makes four extra torches to strap to pack in case these ones burn out.

Bildin leaned on his staff, surveying his surroundings. He didn't have a fondness for the elf, but the troll definitely made him uncomfortable, considering that the group was depending on said troll for any wounds they sustained, magical or not. He stared at the half-elf gathering firewood for a moment before raindrops started trickling onto his face from his hat. Gazing at the overcast and storm-ridden sky, he mumbled, "A dark and stormy night. All we need now is an evil monster and a damsel-in-distress." He chuckled, then remembered the monstrous imps ahead, which dented his humorous thought.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the world around him. He could feel the earth through his innate closeness with the flow of magic, enhanced even further by power of his staff. Shuttering at the sheer size of the cave, he knew that the whole thing would need to be conquered before they left. Concentrating further, he noticed that the ground seemed to be made of limestone with some deposits of quartz. Odds are that they would be seeing some beautiful stalagmites and stalactites while they were dodging monsters. Monsters...

"All right," he shouted, opening his eyes, "who's going in first? I'd rather not be in front when the beasts charge," he said, unconsciously glancing at the tattooed troll.

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