The Second Shadow War: A Fantasy RP! (The war is over)

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The infamous SCAMola:

Guitar Gamer:

The infamous SCAMola:
Well, I'm in (obviously).

Should be up tomorrow then.

I hear your the go to man for people wanting to join the eastern empire?
what are your empires motives?

I really didn't think up any motives up yet. Thirst for conquest I would think, that and the hard times the Empire is going through.

huazzah! I am William Womp the un employed mercinary! I was layed off due to bad econimy!

for portal to edit in

OK, I updated it for you, GG.

I hope it is satisfactory.

it is provocatively aweswome

Ok everyone! The ballot box is closed. No more character sheets, please. I'll see what I can do with what I have and try to balance everyone out.

The results will be posted in a day or two!

Telemain bit into his loaf of bread. It was a simple breakfast, but tasty none the less. He wiped his bearded mouth with his arm. He had to use his right arm, because his left ended in a knotted ball of clothing about halfway to where his elbow once was. He went over to his closet and opened the door. There, his shrine to the Great Mage Samuel sat. In the one moment of my life I was needed, I failed you.... Even after these thirty-five years, I am sorry. You would be proud of how well Kallia has mastered her magic. She's earned a seat on the council, even. I think she's doing some new project, something about joining two people into one, or something of the ilk. I-

Someone knocked on the door. He swiftly slid the door shut and said "Come in." It was Kallia. "How's that project going?"

She giggled. "That sure is you, Telemain. Always getting to the point. It's going well, thanks for asking. I should be able to test it in a couple of days."

"Try to pick someone sane for the post. It wouldn't do making a madman even more mad. T'would be like-" Telemain started spinning around in circles. "GET AWAY!!! GET AWAY FROM ME, I SAY! GNOMES! GET OFF!!!" Lightning began shooting out of his fingers into random spots on the ground. Kallia knocked him to the ground and bound his wrist and ankles in place with magic. After a few minutes, Telemain calmed down. Kallia let the magic binding him dissolve. He sat up, panting. "They're getting worse, Kallia, aren't they?" She nodded. "Come. Let's get you to the council. We are trying to decide who shall lead us."

Telemain coughed. "Is that a fact, now? ........ They're going to be your experiment, aren't they?"

Kallia Smiled again. "Nothing escapes your all-seeing gaze, does it Telemain?"

He growled. "Just help me to the council room."

*sigh* William had been walking for 12 hours now, had next to no idea where he was going and why, of right, he heard of some sort of gathering in a town called Flepes, a meeting discussion wether or not to take action about the affairs of the empire since Temujin is taking his time, it would take at least another 2 hours to get there if no trouble comes along.

another 2 bit highway man, William made short work of him, didn't even need to use his longsword the sica was all he needed, all the roughien had was a club and and the clothes on his back but in the end, he only stole time from William, "deir getting more common, better get to that meetin"

Irene sat crosslegged in the Council-Chamber, next to the empty chair that was Kallia's. She had gone to fetch Telemain, and said she would be back very soon. The magicians were all busy in conversation, be it about personal matters or the fate of this world, so the hall buzzed with voices. Irene thought that the sound was comforting, safe. It was buisness of usual. Kallia had told her that they were going to discuss some new form of magic. Irene found these meetings interesting, but often bored her. Being a female Magician, she didn't get as much of a voice in this council.

She looked up towards the newly-made symbol of the Library. A open book with a crucifix coming out of it, set in flame. It was made after the murder of the Magician Samuel, and was believed to be a symbol of hate against the Library. Oh how she hated the attitude against the Library.

She noticed the doors opening, and sat a little straighter. Normally the last person getting into the chamber was the Councillor himself, he'd seal the doors behind him. When she saw it was Telemain and Kallia, she smiled a bit. A few magicians stood when Telemain passed him, out of respect. He was one of the oldest magicians alive, and had fought with Samuel in the First Shadow War. Therefor he commanded a lot of respect among the younger mages.

As Telemain passed the magician Jorius, the cocky young mage whispered, saying that his time was coming soon. Telemain stopped. He pointed at Jorius, wriggling his fingers as if he was stretching a piece of taffy, until the words 'You are going to die soon, old one' filled the now silent chamber. The young mage went pale. Telemain looked at him, his blue and gray eye boring into his soul. Jorius darted his eyes away, scared for his life. "Battle mages, take him away." Two armored mages gripped him by the arms and escorted him to the detention center.

Telemain made his way to The Elders' Section while Kallia took her seat next to Irene. The council remained silent until the Councillor arrived. He took his seat at the innermost circle of chairs. "We are here today for a reason. Our spies hidden within the Old Kingdom say the First New Legion is preparing an invasion of the Felines. We cannot allow this to happen. If he kills them, then our only ally shall perish, eliminating any chance of overthrowing Robin." Many murmured in agreement. "However, as we have proven as of late, this council cannot reach decisions fast enough to react to the world quick enough. It has caused us dismay before, the most obvious in delaying the activation of the shields during The Shadow War. Because of us, Samuel was captured and killed!"

Telemain looked at Irene with a tender look. He knew she was in more pain than him hearing this.

Rio paced her small home. Something felt wrong. She didn't know what just that something bad was going to happen and soon. She looked up at the wall where her mothers axe was mounted. "What's wrong with the world mother? Whats happening to the world you fought for?" She shook her head at the lack of an answer. There was never one why should there be one now? She prayed to the Lion to keep her mothers soul safe as she grabbed her axe and walked out the door to train.

William Womp looked around, where was Isbuldi Jecri? he rarely left Temujin's side but if this meeting was of pyblic notice he would be sure to be here to suppress any idea's of revoultution wouldn' he? maybe not if they didn't think us a threat, Womp looked around, about 20 men were here, most leaders of villages but no one high ranking officials from the empire,
"we must take action! if Temujin isn't going to do anything the only action is to do it ourselves!"
"do what?!" one retorted "he still has the whole empire on his side!, and have you even spoken to the man? wh"
"the man has locked himself away! and you know as well as I do that Isbuldi Jecri won't let us near!"

the squables went like this for hours until William had enough, he wouldn't just stand up and walk away there was to many reasons to count that they wouldn't let him leave so he waited forr a recess or something to disturb the council enough for him to slip away

"Which is why," the Councillor continued, "we have decided to assign a single mage to lead us. One who will know what to do! One who will not hesitate! One who will free us of the blight of the First New Legion!" Much cheering was had at these statements. "We had chosen three candidates for the post, but seeing Jorius' attitude towards the Elders," He motioned towards Telemain's direction, "it has come down to Telemain, Elder of the Library, veteran of The Shadow War, and Master of the Schools of Magic, or Irene, the only living descendant of the Great Mage Samuel!"

Telemain stood up quickly and calmly. "Excuse me, Councillor, but I am not fit for the position. My bursts of insanity have been becoming more frequent as of late. Having me lead you would inevitably lead to our demise. Give the position to young Irene here. Let her fallow in her father's footsteps of greatness." He sat back down again, rubbing his knees. There's no way I'm letting them befoul my mind anymore.

The Councillor looked a bit taken aback from Telemain's announcement. "We are all sorry to hear that, Elder. Now then," he said while turning towards Kallia and Irene, "we must now hear something from our new leader. Irene, please come down here."

Irene was tacked aback on how the debate was turning. Nothing about magic, only politics. She followed it with great interest. This news of the first legion was surprising. They never had shown aggressive actions against the felines only against the Kingdom itself. She felt a small stab of pain when her fathers death was mentioned.

She sat straighter when her name was called as potential leader, very surprised. And even more surprised when Telemain relinquished his potential power and she had been called out as a- no, the leader of the Library. Yes, she was the descendant of Samuel, but had never shown interests in the finery of politics. It was as if it was an illusion cast over her.

She walked towards the Speakers Chair, where the councillor normaly sat, still dazed. She stared forward for the first few seconds, and was shaken out of her stupor by the councillor, who tugged at her robes. She shook her head and looked at the magicians. Only now did the fright of public speaking hit her.

"Well...I am grateful that you'll entrust me with the care of the Library." She said. She privately thought they didn't need a leader, but a scapegoat. Someone to blame if the Library would fall. She looked at the Crucifix, thinking how Samuel had failed.

No. How the library had failed.

"I'll try to...well...lead the Library in the coming times. Do know that I am not a master in any schools, nor in politics. I will need someone who me with..leadership." She stumbled. She could see the magicians stare at her like a swarm of angry wasps, ready to blame and accuse.

Isbuldi was standing a good distance away from Temujin so as to not be breathing down his neck, but he was close enough to charge an attacker if nessacary. He spent the whole time scouting out the audience, barely listening to the meeting going on. As he looked out he saw a blonde man in tattered clothing looking around. he thought he would have to keep his eye on him. Just then, the council called a recess and he went right to Temujin's side once more.

Telemain cleared his throat. All looked at him, waiting for his wise words of wisdom. He stood up, for he was in no mood for disobedience after Jorius' insubordination. "You all would do well to remember that I have taken oaths to protect the only heir to Samuel's name. Any action, physical or verbal, shall be dealt with by me. Most of you young mages seem to disregard the stories of what I once did here in the Library. Others seem to think that they have grown over the years." He pounded his fist on the table. "THEY HAVE NOT. I warn each and every one of you, think twice of your actions, or there will be..... grave consequences."

The room was quiet for half a minute. Telemain sat back down. "As for a lack of experience, there is little remedy for that. Us Elders could offer her the advice she needs. We could. OR, we could help her gain the experience. She has never set foot out of the Library in her entire life. My proposition is that I escort her to the Feline lands, so she may do her first act of leadership and warn her allies of an attack."

finally! though William was unsure at what to do we knew he was didn't want to be standing around a bunch of men yelling at each other with armed men everywhere.
The question was: do I tell Temujin that these men were planning treason? or do I leave now and prepair for the storm that was inevitibly going to happen with somthing like this?
first things first, he needed to get his weapons from the front door, he felt naked without his pauldrons and his leather curiess, there was of course his broad sword that he never went more than a doezen hours without it, just then he saw Temujin and his bodyguard walking out of the room.

" SIRÉ!, I must tallk to yéw!"

Isbuldi saw the man he was eyeing coming over and unshethed his sword. When the man saw it he stopped for a second then walked over very slowly.

"state your business"

dam why was he so stupid!? he'd never catch Temujin alone but that doesn't really matter

"Siré your noot safé here, if dosé guys wanting révoultuution succede, déy'll crucify yéw on da spot!" the looks of both of them were answere enough
" déy gat wholé vélagés on der
"speak commonly you scoundrel"
"th-they'll never stoppp, th-thé émpiré is falling yéw need t-to do somthin"

"since you have this information your comming with us." Isbuldi said and grabbed him by the arm. he tried to pull away but couldn't.

"l-let go of meh! I gat a c"
"you are under order by the sire of the eastern empire to come with us or we shall do so with force!"
"bah! I'll go but Im bringin mah sword! yeh can't part meh with mah sword"

"yes we can. i dont trust you. i'll be keeping it for now. if you show cooperation you might get it back."

William never one to easilyt part with his sword continues his squable with
"an AH don't trusts yew! all I knows iz dat those guies wants action by Temujin!"
"well you can tell us everything in our custody, may I remind you that I am Isbuldi? the body guard of THE Temujin! "
"well I supooss ya want mah knife tooo! or do ya juist want de sword cause ya don't like diversety! eh!"

"shut up and hand over the sword before I-"

"fine! take mah only sword given to meh by mah FATHER!! killed in a legion raid while YOU sat on yer throne!-"

"you better shut your albino trap before I do it for you"

"bah!! der yue go! ney nothing changez William Womp should be used to this bie now!"

Isbuldi drew his sword, and was half expecting himself to snap and stab Willam where he stood, but at the last second brought himself together and calmed down slightly.
"Just give me the sword, knife, and any other weapon you have...NOW!" Isbuldi barked.

William initially refused but after he ripped his sword from him he just gave up his knife.

if this guy steps out of line one more time his abdomen will meet the tip of my sword. he really needs to learn some respect.

The Councillor scratched his cheek. "All in favor of Telemain's proposal?" Many of the magicians in the magicians rose their hands. A few minutes of counting, then the Councillor said, "All opposed?" More magicians raised their hands. It seemed to be the same amount. The Councillor raised his arms into the air, proclaiming, "It is accepted! The first act of Irene's leadership shall be to travel to the Feline lands with Telemain!"

Kallia rose. "Councillor, we do have a small issue here. The Library has been known for it's power with magic. Every important member of our order has had a large gift with the power, us two included. Irene however...... Well, it would seem that her father's abilities haven't been passed on." The Councillor nodded. "Yes, I do suppose that is an issue. Do you bring this up for a reason, Kallia?" She bobbed her head. "That I do. I've been experimenting with my unique magic, and I think I could join a living soul with a recently passed one, doubling, if not tripling their magical abilities. With here permission, I would like to try it on her."

All eyes of the Council focused on Irene.

Isbuldi had just about enough of this freak

" last chance pal"
"bah! fine! my only favuable possesion! boot I want it back buddeh!" william knew he had no chance of getting away, maybe he could take down the guard but he was in enough trouble as it was

"any other weapo"


"listen pal, you ne-"
"learn rrrrrespect? self controle mm-........... fine! lets gou"

what a hack, if any other peasant talked like this in front of Isbuldi he'd cut their liver out, but this guy had somthing about him, nt to mention his sword, such a strange thing, it was heavy like nothing else (not that he couldn't lift it but for a sword!) and the hilt was so alien, pfff he didn't know weather it was a wonder or a peice of trash

"anything else hidden?" Isbuldi said very gruffly. he'd had just about enough of this guy and was ready to gut him publically.

"nu now lets get on with it!" Willaim barked back.

"watch your tone. you have no weapons and i have armor that doesn't make me look like a beggar. if i wanted to i'd gut you right now." Isbuldi threatened with a hint of malice.

Temujin sensed the tension in the air and broke it up by asking William,"what is this about me taking action?" William didn't notice because him and Isbuldi were staring eachother down, but Isbuldi has heard that voice so long that he immediately noticed it and turned Willam toward Temujin to answer.

The only thing this guy is good for is his information. if he doesn't start to use some manners i'm going to take him back out there and gut him publically.

William Womp worried while Isbuldi was ready to gut his white arse
" sire with all due RRRRrespect you got to open your eye's! crupes are in ruin an de economy d'be in suche a state dat a free lance mercinary canna make ends meat! I've seen 'ole towns deserted cause the shops aint gettig enough stock cause de crops failed! nute ta mention dat yer gettings mettins like dis poop up everywhers!, we're opem to attack from de legion an"

"well what would you have me do merc?" Temujin asked in a inhumanly calm matter

" w-well I don know! I aint a leada or a politician but you are! your empire needs ya!"

"you speak to him with respect you common rouge"

"w- *deep breath* I mean nu offence sire, I merly dona want to see a revolt happen"

"bah! like THE Temujin! needs advice from a common-"

"he meant no offence Isbuldi" Temujin cut in

"ah.............-yeah, naw m..........-m-may aye plase have mah blades Back?"

Isbuldi took a deep breath and handed him his knife and sword.

"happy now?" Isbuldi said while moving his hand closer to his sword.
"Temujin may trust you but i have my eye on you." Isbuldi half threatened. but there wasnt that same hint of malice that was in his voice earlier.

Temujin started addressing William, "well we cant let you go.atleast right now. come with us back to the meeting i think its starting again." Temujin said to William in an unusually calm tone.

then he turned to Isbuldi "keep an eye on him. and dont hurt him." he gave a stern order.

Temujin seems to trust him well enough...maybe he's not all bad

sigh what a relief without his sword he'd be crucified in seconds

when he got back they others were staring at him
"hey what were you doing talking to Temujin?"

"I suspect a spy!"

it was going to be a long night

This was almost too much. A soul-joining? Who would do such a thing. But she had trusted Kallia all her life. She wouldn't have put this forward if this would be dangerous. She still felt a bit uncomfortable with messing with her soul, but perhaps this would be needed from a leader, make sacrifices.

"Certainly. I'll cooperate with you, Kallia."

SHe looked at the magicians around her.

"So...Who did you have in mind for the other soul?"

Kallia rubbed the back of her neck. "We have chosen one of our prisoners for the soul joining. But the choice of the sacrifice isn't relevant. Their soul won't have any effect on you, other than a major increase in power."

She clapped her hands. "I have much preparation to do, Councillor. My I have my leave?"

The Councillor nodded. "You may Kallia."

The half-Feline, half-human slipped through the doors and headed to gather supplies.

The Councillor looked at his list on the table. "Yes, now moving on to other matters. The issue of low livestock. Does anyone......"

The meeting dragged on for several more hours, against almost everyone's will.

After hours of needlessly long debate, where old men and hot-headed youngsters debated furiously over endless details, the councillor lifed the seal and ended the meeting. Irene let out a barely concealed sigh of relief. The Chambers were always so hot after hours upon hours of debating. There were no windows or holes in the walls, so the air was always still.

Irene waited at the door for Telemain. He glared towards the younger magicians, who were whispering to each other. They all took a step back. Irene smiled. She made half a bow for the Elder magician when he was near her.

"So, Old man." She said, jokingly. "What was that about? You giving up your rightful position as Library leader?"

"Leader? Bah! I'm no leader. No one else has the manhood to oppose me. Those elitists only want a puppet so they can lead the Library however they want. Come, walk with me. The chefs are preparing dinner." Irene walked alongside him while Telemain spoke.

"They chose the two people they could manipulate the easiest, but still have some reason to lead. You're the daughter of Samuel and young and know little of the outside world. I'm the strongest magician here, but they know my my condition makes me..... open to ideas. Jorius was just to reduce suspicion." The duo entered a building. A boy brought a couple of platters to them. Telemain lifted them with magic and walked outside with Irene.

"That's why I rejected the offer. There's little that hides from me within these walls. I took down Jorius just to ensure that you'd become Grand Mage. I also knew they'd immediately try to hound you down to give you their 'advice'. That's why I'm pulling you out into the Feline lands for a while. Once you're done out there, you won't NEED advisers. You'll be your own man- er.... woman." They reached the outdoor eating area. Telemain pushed the food onto a table and motioned for Irene to sit. "Let's eat."

Irene smiled and shook her head.

"Magician, Telemain. A mage is a Feline, remember?"

She looked at the steaming plate filled with food. Normally she'd be hungry and eat the food "Unfitting for a lady" as some of the caretakers would whisper. But now she wasn't hungry. Not for food, anyway.

"So. Can you tell me anything about this soul-joining? Kallia wasn't helpful on the subject." She said, while taking a small bite of chicken.

Telemain paused in mid bite. He chewed slowly, then swallow. "Mage, magician, potato, potahtoe." He continued eating while Irene stared at her food.

""So. Can you tell me anything about this soul-joining? Kallia wasn't helpful on the subject."

"Well....... I'm not very clear on the exact mechanics of this, but I'll try my best. The person whose soul shall be joined with yours shall be brought down to the Red Chamber below the Library during the night. He or she will be killed there." Irene gasped. "Relax. They've cause much bloodshed before. Think of it as paying their debt." Telemain drank some of his water.

"Then Kallia will use her unique brand of magic to trap their soul and store it in a jar filled with enchanted liquid. It will be refined, or something like that, for the next day. During the next night, you'll be brought to the top of the main tower," He flicked at the central building of the Library, "And you must drink the contents of the jar. Then she said something about strange feelings, the likes of which you've never felt before. Mental, emotional, and physical." He finished off his ham. "You'd better start eating, Missy. You're not getting good food like this for a long, long time."

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