Zombie Apocalypse Squad II [Closed]

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Zombie Apoclaypse Squad II

After a great success of Zombie Apoclypse Squad I have decided to continue to story of apoclyptic world. Only this time try not to involve aliens and werewolves to the story.


The world is not safe anymore.

It's year 2011, two years have passed since the still unknown disease spread all over the world making people into mindless zombies. People who were able to avoid contact with the virus held together, fight the zombies and survived. They are still out there trying to survive, make the most of what is left and find the place what is truly safe.

If you are one of the suriviors, you know that.


RP is based on everything thats has something to do with zombies so no aliens and werewolves, Game Masters siltly control the environment and NPC but eveything you come across is your imagination. If you have problems not playing as being away on a vacation or something that keeps other players continuing the story Game Masters have to power to control your character.

Character Sheet





Hope i can join here's my character sheet

This rp sounds awsome

Name: Dama Nexon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Shaggy long black hair with piercing blue eyes, average build and about 5'10" and dressed in baggy black pants covered in chains plus a tshirt with the l4d 2 logo on it.

History: Dama lost his family when he was 15 they were one of the first to be attacked and infected forceing him to kill them after that horrible experience he left his home town to travel never staying with a group to long, keeping away from major citys and useing his extensive gameing knowledge to live on this the hell striken world

Skill: Accuracy

Hope I can join, char will be up in a min.

Tah-dow. Seems Portal and I can't let go of our previous characters. Could be fun for Alfie to find out that Sparrow is dead though.

Anywho. How are we going to meet?

Clirck said we'd start up in a small French village.

YES, FRENCH. Vive le France!

Well, what do you expect? With us two, we went the whole nine yards of the RP, PLUS before that in your Swine Flu spoof thread.

Portal is developed WAY to much to simply be left for dead.

Well I tought you all are holed up in village in middle of France as someone had sheltered there and few people who were searching others found the place. Now you just are there but when we have enough people magically zombies overrun the village.

Aha! I forgot I was the inspiration behind the entire RP.

Bow to me, minions.


But! Clirck was the one who took the initiative to make it an RP!

*Bows lower to Clirck*

Oh no it Sparrow ! Get on the chopper or something releated to 4chan internet memes.

NO! I refuse to be subject to memes!

*Suicide with sword*

Also, did you see my new rank? I'm On the Record!

I get Neo tomorrow!

Portal Maniac:
NO! I refuse to be subject to memes!

This proves you are normal. Thank god.
Half way to 10k posts.

Yup. That's when I get my God license.

Right now, I'm a Demigod.

So we are to live in France. Ha ha mon ami this shall be a glorious day of surrendering!

Bah! Tu ne parle pas le francais. You're just copying Unforgotten Realms.

And now to play the waiting game......

I win!

EDIT: Aww.....

Don't worry Clirck! I'll man the fort!



I have to go away till tomorrow.
Personal business not really into discussion.

Sucks !


As a side note... these new players are lovely and everything, but shouldn't we wait until we decide? I mean, I know for a fact alot of the old players want to join in like Chris and Andy.

I'm with Sparrow here.

It just won't be an RP without Shapsters, either.

Well thanks i guess.....

Hey wait a second a RP with portal in charge.......

It's over 9000 !

in a bad way.....

"No, wait, I had the Scouter upside down!"

Wha? I'm only GMing one, and this one isn't aloud to start the RP yet.

Clirck said so.

Yeps he did

Not starting the game before all slots are filled. And since I have to go just send in your character sheets and just chat etc. We'll start the RP tomorrow until then just play some other RP.

But.... but no one's posting in them!

And they're full.

Ah well. I'll just listen to Ghost Nappa!

Yeah well...... Shut up
congrats on 5k posts. Now you know how much of your life you've wasted enjoyed on the Escapist!

lol i guess ill just have to keep on playing l4d while i wait pce peoples

Portal Maniac:

Ah well. I'll just listen to Ghost Nappa!

Portal..... (/facepalm) not funny......

It is if you watch DBZ Abridged Series! NAPPA KICKS ASS!

Almost eight months. Woo!

AND I get Neo! You DON'T!

STFU!!!I KNOW THINGS..................

I've seen things.........

Here......This is where i saw them

HA! I've been to Weeble's inside and out!

I have far too many links bookmarked.

Ha you lose because that must have taken forever!

Nope. I've spent more time waiting than typing.

All i have tosay to that is wow just wow

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