The Zombie Apocalypse Squad II Chapter 0: Cancelled

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Y'okay folks, this is a zombie RP. I'm not going to flesh out a whole bunch of this, as the main idea of this EVERYBODY gets. So, I'll just outline some things first, set the scene, and we'll role with it. After all, short, sweet, and to the point is best, right?

Normandy, France. There's a decent sized ship coming at alarming speed at the shore with a handful of people and an APC on board. The boat has splatters of blood on the sides and deck, quite possibly from previous zombie attacks. The APC has slightly scratched paint on it, which can be made out to say "Sparrow". It seems as if the ship is going to crash into the shore, right into the midst of a rather large population of zombies.

A group of several survivors are currently camped out on top of a hill, overlooking the beaches and zombies. They've spotted the boat, and are considering what to do. They have about ten minutes before the boat hits shore, at which point they must decide to do something.

If you want to join, just say so, and in a few days, we'll begin. No sheets, no pictures, nothing. We'll all make this up as we go.
We've started now, but don't let that prevent you from joining! Just write in you meet in us, and you'll be a member!

Oh, heads up to everybody.
If you're inactive for a while, you WILL be killed off. We don't need to be dragging around NPCs with us in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Ah, yes. How did I forget the first one?

I WANT TO JOIN! You bastard who somehow has eleven thousand posts....

Sounds fun, I'd like to join.

I would love to participate in this role-play. :]

im in but didnt we already try this and it died

Sounds like a plan, stan!.

Count me in!.

This looks fun, I'll join up!

I just like to point out that, first and most important, that I'll sign up for this.

And I'd like to point out this:

sounds interesting i'll join

didnt we already try this and it died

That was because of Hero Machine. It gave people the wrong idea, and the zombie apocalypse is better without a reason why.
It simply IS.

Looks fun, count me in!

Sounds like it's time to break out a new character, fit for the Zomb. Apoc.

Count me in.

Okay people, seems like we have a decent number of people. We'll be starting now!

Keep it noted that we're all adding to the story, because, well, we make the story ourselves. As long as it's reasonable, of course.

Now, cue Samuel.

*sneaks in* Can I join before you guys get started?

Chapter one: The Normandy Landing.

Samuel sniffed. The wind was hitting him straight in the face. For the past hours all he had smelled was salt from the ocean. Now the familiair scent of rotten bodies and blood started to waft around him again, making his already unsettled stomach lurch again. He brushed over his coat, trying to get the grime off the fabric, like hundred times before. He looked to his right and saw Andy look over her scope fitted on her rifle.

"Do you see anything?" He asked, waving his hand to the landmass in the distance. She shook her head.

"The fog's in the way." She said, and sighed.

Samuel turned and walked up the ramp of the APC. Every loose object was dumped into a rack or another, because of the swaying of the ship. All the electronics were still working, and some of Sparrow's nature emenated from the vehicle. When he heard Chris call from outside deck, he turned and stepped outside the vehicle again. Chris stood next to Andy now and pointed towards what Samuel presumed was France. He saw a harbour, covered with bodies and blood, with masses of forms staring at the inbound ship.

"Oh shit." Samuel said. "We need some help this time around."

Then he climbed into the roof-bound turret of the APC.

JT was laying on his belly on a nearby hillside, within a stone's throw from the beaches of Normandy. He is a somewhat lean person that had brown hair and eyes, wearing a ragged lab coat splattered with dried zombie blood. His hair, although by no means short, wasn't exactly very long. His pistol resting in his holster was a .9mm caliber, not exactly powerful, but he could defend himself with it.
Looking through his binoculars, he was observing the mass of zombies, all staring out to see.

What in the hell are they looking at?

He turned his binoculars out to sea, and saw a ship with a handful of weary-looking people and an APC on board. One of the fellows seemed alarmed and got inside the roof-bound turret of the armored vehicle.

Seems like he's seen the zombies....... Oh, this won't end well, methinks.....

Getting up, JT crept back to the campsite where the rest of his survivor friends were and told them what he saw.
"I think we should help them. Us humans have to stick together in this hell-hole of a planet, and letting some of them die would be outright idiotic. What do you guys think?"

Emerson looked out from the hill. The boat the group had spotted was slowly making it's way toward the shore.

"Dunno' JT. They look like a couple of suicidal meatbags to me.", he said, looking down the scope of his rifle, "And that's alot of heavy resistance."

He turned to the others, camped around the fire.

"Should we let em' die and steal their stuff, or save them and then steal their stuff?"

Raven looked back at Emerson.
"They might be suicidal but I'd say they have the right equipment we should go help them and maybe they'd share some equipment. I don't think stealing would be a smart thing to do"

The loud crack of Andy's rifle echoed over the water. One undead toppled over into the water, but the rest stood unphased. Samuel waited for the coast to get in range of the turret. Chris spun his revolver's chamber, restless. In the distance the sun peeked over the horizon, stinging Samuel's eyes. He squinted.

Then he unleashed the barrage onto the hordes, accompanied with a loud thunder of the turret.

James sat away from the fire and the rest of the group. He let out a grim laugh at Raven's comment. He had a shaved head and tatoos down the sides of his arm. "I say we let 'em die. Not enough supplies for anyone else" He said polishing some blood off of his cleaver. "Sympathy's gonna get you killed out here," He said grinning at the rest of the survivors "This is the only thing that's gonna keep you alive" he said brandishing his .40 S&W pistol "Friends and family are a one way ticket to the gut of one of these bastards."

Gunfire echoed over the land.

"I think they're trying to take them out with that APC on board. We can use that, if nothing else. We've stayed here for too long, and walking away isn't exactly my first choice."

JT tapped the butt of his pistol for a few seconds, thinking.

"Okay, we can stay out of the main action, but fire into the horde to help them out. Then we can team up with them. Besides, if they have that kinda fire power, I'd rather be on their good side as opposed to 'just civilians'....."

Ray sat close to fire clenching his two pistols in his hands tightly, the cold metal of the guns warmed up a bit by the fire. He carefully leaned further into the fire as he heard the discussion about the ship, he finally decided to say something.

"That ship coming in probably has some good stuff on it, i say we just light it up with bullets then steal whatever we can salvage."

After the gun fire

"Well looks like we might have a fight on our hands" He said with a chuckle picking himself from his seat. Taking a second to check his pistols he came the conclusion that there was little use of charging at the ship if the ship had a turret.

Emerson looked down the scope, it's aim hovering over the man in the turret.

"I could take that guy out right now, save him getting us down the coastline.", he said, switching his aim from Samuel to Andy, "Then, I could take out the chick with the rifle. By the time I'd taken out the big two threats, the others would be too close to the coastline to return fire."

He turned the others who gave him a blank look, before turning back to his rifle.

"You guys ain't no fun, you know that?"

Felix staggered along the path. He wasn't too sure where he was going, but this was the direction of the coast. At least, if he remembered correctly it was. There was certainly a distinct smell of salt in the air, a scent that brought back fond memories of vacations out here with his brothers.

He wasn't going to survive, he knew that. Only 5'6 and a scrawny little teenager, if a zombie found him he would be killed instantly. He was lucky, though. Being so small meant he had managed to hide. Now he was wondering why he had bothered, he may as well have died with his family...

Ah well, he thought. At least I can die happy out here. With the sand under my feet and the sound of the gulls...

He stopped instantly, amazed. What appeared to be a camp was up ahead. Well, unless his brain had finally given up on sanity. He ran over, as quickly as he could. Before he had time to introduce himself, he passed out from exhaustion.

"Oh, put your gun down, Emerson. We're not going to murder them."

Before he could go over to Emerson and push aside his rifle, an exhausted looking teenage boy ran up to their campsite and passed out. JT walked over to him and checked his pulse. There was a faint heartbeat, but he seemed pretty ragged.

"I'll tend to this boy while everyone else helps those people, okay?"

With that, JT lifted Felix and gently placed him on one of the makeshift beds they had and tended to his minor wounds.

Dane sat in a tree only a hundred meters away from the hillside group debateing if they were friend or foe. Jumping down he started to sneak towards them to get in better hearing distance of their conversation.

"Alright, alright. You play doctors and nurses while we bust our asses trying to save some freaks in a boat. I mean, really. What kind of stupid name is "Sparrow"? Now, the "Emerson". That's a name for a boat."

Putting his rifle at his side, Emerson pulled out his sidearm and pointed it lazily between the trees.

"And what should we do with this one?", he said, pointing to a now quite visible Dane.

Woken up by the gunfire, Martin sat bolt upright, Remington 12-gauge still cradled in his hands.


Orienting himself and overhearing some of the chatter around him, Martin lowered the shotgun slightly.

"A boat? Probably better to take no chances, but if you're sure about saving them JT..." he said shakily, heading over to get a better view of the soon-to-be battlefield.

Dane realized he was caught "Fuck hahaha heyy lets not be hasty with that gun"

Walking into the light of the fire they could see Dane had long brown hair, blue eyes and was had his face painted up like a evil clown. He was wereing a dirty I.C.P hoddie and black jeans with a hatchet attached to his belt and a Barrett M82 sniper rifle straped to his back.

"I just wanted to see what was up?" he said with a grin.

Emerson sighed, holstering his pistol once more.

"You get to deal with the newbies, JT. I didn't start tagging along with you so I could play hen-mother to a bunch of kids. Speak of kids...", he said turning to the others, "You lot coming or what?"

Dane sat down by the fire giving Emerson a glare before pull out his hatchet and sharpening it.

"So JT is it, how did this little group of your start"

JT vaguely got the gist of what Emerson was yelling about. He spoke over his shoulder while he rubbed Felix's wounds with alcohol and bandaged him.

"Yeah yeah. Just be sure not to let the people on that boat die. We NEED humans in order to rebuild, you know."

Dane approached him while he worked and asked him a question.

"Ha. That's rich. This isn't my group. I'm just a bit bossy is all, and I get mad when things don't go my way. But why tell them that, eh?"

Raven stood up and dusted himself off before he unslung his m4
"Guess i'll go off to shoot some zombies then"
He then started making his way slightly down hill to fire on the zombies

"Alright, but s-shouldn't we have some sorta plan to burst through those Z's? There's a rather large amount of them down there, and I don't fancy getting eaten tonight.." Martin said, his brown hair swaying slightly in the chill breeze as he headed over to Emerson.

Dane stood up and pulled his rifle out and started setting up.

"haha good logic, well then i guess i gotta help considering theres nothing better to do"

Laying down on the hill Dane looked down the sight and fired one round into the skull of a overweight zombie.

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