This or That

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Inferno. I like fire. Oooh... *plays with lighter*

Stereo or headphones?


Ninjas or Pirates?

Ninjas. More honor and less noise.

Penguins or Polar bears (choose wisely... /jk).

Penguins. They have a great roll in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Bakemonogatari?

I. . . uh. . . uhhhmmm. . . what?

I have no idea what either of those are, so I'm going to choose the first one because to me it looks like a happy face. And that makes me happy.
I haven't made a reference in too long.

Holly or Mistletoe?

Holly, as I assume I won't have to kiss anybody because of it.

Xbox 360 or PS3?
Edit: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei means "Goodbye Mr. Despair." It is a very trippy comedy anime/manga about a suicidal teacher. It is quite ridiculous and over the top in its humor. Bakemonogatari means "Ghost Story." It is an anime/light novel about a guy who deals with oddities. Its amazing. Both are animated by SHAFT.

Xbox 360. More games I'm interested in, and I'm slightly biased against Sony.

Oh, that's easier to understand. I'm not a manga/anime at all, so I had no chance.

MSN Messenger or Skype?


Archdemon or Greater Dragon?

Greater Dragon...the Archdemon smells funny

A potato cannon or a spud gun?

Potato cannon. Spud sounds like something gross.

Cockroach or beetle?

beetle...cockroached will eventually rule the world after the nukes are eventually launched

An easter themed rock Megaman avatar or a 2010 themed rock Megaman avatar?

2010 rock Megaman.

Megaman or Uberman?

Megaman can't compete with him.

The Office or Scrubs?


Zim or Gir?

....motherfucker......making me choose...uh....uh.....GIR

Rave or Disco?

Disco. Much more peaceful and fun.

Borderlands or Dragon Age?

I'd probably have more fun with it.

Remote control or Long arms?

Long arms. More useful for Basketball

Basketball of Football?

Football. It's more fun to watch.

Fried potato or Fried calamari?

Fried Calamari. I am Greek.

KFC or Panda Express? (Fried Chicken vs Chinese)

I prefer their food. It doesn't leave me hungry after an hour.

Bacon or Ham?

Can I choose vegetarian bacon?

Tundra or Desert?

Tundra. *freezes*

Couch or sofa?

Sofa. I can relax better.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide.

Dan Brown or a real Author.

Dan Brown can go fuck himself. Real author

LCD or Plasma?

LCD. Plasma can get messy.

Gore or Swearing?

Swearing. Its funnier.

Torture porn or suspenseful thriller?

Thriller! THRILLER THRILLER dammit!

Hot rod or Muscle car?

68 Cadillac BIG MUSCLE

Zombie apocalypse or locust horde?

Locust Horde.

Darkspawn Blight or Locust Horde.

Darkspawn Blight. Ill try something new that I have never heard of.

Gundam or Robotech?

Robotech because I never liked Gundam.

Big O or Voltron?


(Im glad to see one person who didnt let Gundam bend over and take it in the name of being as cliche an anime as possible.)

King julian or The Penguins

King Julian (obviously). I actually have no idea what you're talking about, but that's just my name reversed.

Sugar or peanut butter cookies?

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