This or That

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(Madagascar reference)

as for the cookies: tough call cause my college cafeteria serves amazing cookies in both varieties.

Peanut butter

Han Solo or Bobba Fett

Bobba Fett.While i do like Han,Bobba is just so much cooler.

A trip to anywhere in the world or a gift certificate for an infinite amount of money in you favorite store.

Han Solo. Never got the big deal with Bobba Fett, but no one beats Harrison Ford.

JarJar Binks or Dobby?

@ Randoom An infinite amount of money at walllmart. Never have to buy food and lots of other things again....

@julian: Dobby

TV shows: Burn Notice or NCIS

NCIS, I don't watch burn notice.

Be forced to sit through a Miley Cyrus concert OR be forced to sit through a Jonas Brothers concert

Miley Cyrus. At least her backup dancers are somewhat attractive, but goddamn it she's so ugly herself.

Mastodons or Saber Tooth Tigers?

Tooth Tigers.

Digimon or Zoids?

I don't know Zoids, but I hated Digimon, so I'll go with the latter.

Stoner Metal or Psychedelic Metal?

Psychodelic Metal because that stuff is trippier.

Bill or Ted

Ted, because the other guy's not smart, and Ted totally is... Oh wait...

Bruno or Borat?


Dwarf of Elf?

Elf. Dwarves are just glorified midgets.

Brains or Legs?

Braaaains. My hunger grows.

Your hair or your fingernails?

My hair. My fingernails are too short.

Konata or Kagami?


Zombie mob or 3 raptors?

Kagami...I guess...It sounds cooler.
3 raptors. I want to test my mind control device on them.

An elephant or a mammoth?

Mammoth. More badass.

Ezio or Altair?


Crimson assassin robes or default assassin robes?

Crimson. Again, more badass.
Either way, though, you still stand out like the Protagonist you are, even while blending.

Hidden blade kill or thrown from the roof?

Thrown from the roof. Better distraction.

Davincci or Mario? (both from Assassin's Creed)

Da Vinci. I haven't met Mario yet.

DLC or special edition?

Special edition.

Pedobear or Weegee?


Dr Octagonapus or Duckroll?


Desu or Biako?

Desu because it's the one I know.

Halolz or ICHC?


glass or clear plastic?


To be or not to be?

That is the question. Or shall I just use a pen instead?

Can't Let You Do That or Do A Barrel Roll?

Do a barrel roll.

A 1500 megawatt Apeture science heavy duty super colliding super button or a microwave?

A 1500 megawatt Apeture science heavy duty super colliding super button
Even if it kills me...

Jango Fett or Boba Fett?

Jango Fett.

Soup sandwich or sandwich soup?

Soup sandwich.

Death Star Canteen or Cake Or Death?

Death star canteen

Cake or the Companion Cube? (not incinerated)

I can beat people with it!

Mirror or Silver spoon?

Silver spoon.

Fork or spork?

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