This or That

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Spork. They're just cooler.

Spine or Spike?

Spike. Cause hey, why not.

Ninja midget or Nunja (ninja nun)?

Nunja. Nobody would expect a ninja nun. Ever.

Roll over or Backflip?

Backflip. I can't roll.

Cloud or Squall?

Cloud. His sword is bigger.

Toaster or microwave?

Microwave. It may kill me, but it cooks more things than a toaster.

Ghosts or Poltergeists?

Poltergeists.Sounds so much more classy.

Yay or nay.

Nay. Wait, no. Yay.

Soup or salad?

Soulad. any day.

Monkey with a handgun or handgun with a monkey?

Mongun with a handkey.

Ketchup or mustard?


A balloon animal or an animal balloon?

An aniloon banimal.

These or those?


Banana or ananab?


My brain just stopped.


Damnit, I hate it when this happens. *Holds "shutdown button" for a few seconds* *Pushes "shutdown button" again* Really need to get a new processor. Rebooting takes AAAAAlllllllllll day... *waits like 10 minutes* FINALLY! Welcome back, Monkey.



Pacman or 80 pounds of Composition-4 explosive?

80 lbs of etc...!

Hand-held portal shooting device or gravity gun?

Gravity gun. I can pick up girls with it (No pun intended... okay, yeah intended. Sorry)

Batman or Superman?

Batman, DUH!

Bloody undead or unbloody dead?
(cookie for the reference)

Unbloody dead? (sorry, I don't get the reference)

Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?

Kirk. (I haven't seen much star trek though)

Senior Rodriguez or senior citizen?

Senior Rodriguez.

Spike or Jett?

It sounds cooler.

Ezio or Altair's armor?


Batman or Superman?


Muse or Radiohead?


1-10 or 1-100?


Joy Division or Interpol?

Interpol. They can track you anywhere!

CSIS or The Girl Guides?

I suppose that would be better...

Flying car or Floating city?

Floating city. much cooler.

Dr. Dre or DJ Premier?

Dr. Dre.

flatulence or belches?

Belches, I find them less disguisting.

Blood or sewer water. (Which one would you drink if you had to?)

Blood. It isn't that bad, really.

Drowning or suffocation?

Suffocation. Drowning usually means you did something really fucking stupid.

Silver gun or Chrome gun?

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