This or That

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Paper clip. Less permanent damage.

Bass or Guitar?

Paper clip (As long as it gives me helpful hints on how to use Microsoft Office that is?)

Staples or Office Max.

(My post count is 8008. Hehe, Boob)

Staples. I have yet to see a Office Max where I live.

Melee or projectile weapons?

Melee. Nothing beats it.

Best Buy or Wal Mart

Best Buy. Anything is better than the soulless Wallmart.

Shoes or sandals?

Shoes, sandals are gay.

Tsundere or Yandere?

I have no clue what either are but Tsundere sounds and looks cooler.

Google or yahoo?

Google. It's my homepage.

Dr Octagonapus or Weegee?


Pedobear or Weegee?
Good job on picking Tsundere. She'll treat you like crap, be hot and be 100% crazy for you. Yandere is 1000% crazy for you, will stalk you and will kill you if you don't love her or kill any girl you associate yourself with while she's stalking you.


Light or dark?

Whew. Thanks for letting me know.


Jedi or Sith?
It's on TV Tropes. Good site... if you aren't scared of never leaving it.

Jedi. The good guys always win.

Red or Blue?

Blue, it's just my color.

Humans or Sangheili?

Your life depends on making the right choice

Humans since i have no clue what sangheili are. (I'm a bad nerd :P)

Earth or Mars?

Earth. I can Invade France!

Red Bull or Monster

Earth. Habitable.
Red Bull, never had Monster.

Getting eaten alive or burnt alive.
Vrex and Hail are mad!

Getting burnt alive. Higher chance I'll survive and I'll have a cool story to tell.

Pluto: Planet or not?


Scientist or Priest?

Scientist. I was ninja'd.

French or Japanese?


Skirt or pants?
Edit: on girls, not on you. That would be (for most of us) very weird.

Pants. I'm not sure why but I feel less of a weirdo when I'm near a girl with pants. Never mind. I feel just as weird typing that. :P

Sword or shield?
(For defensive purposes)

Shield. The sword chips, and that's not nice.

Hammer or ax?

Hammer. Has the power to ban.

Beat or Rhythm?

Rhythm - harder to spell
Pen , or pen-sword

Pensword. Mightier than the pen and the sword.

Thunder or lightning?

Lighting. Fuck thunder.
It's just noise.

Ball peen hammer or claw hammer?

Claw hammer.

Sounds cooler.

Water or Fire?

Fire, its fun to play with... I mean observe.

Croissants or bagels?

Croissants. So buttery and soft....I'm hungry now.

Ginger or Cinnamon?

I don't enjoy ginger.

Laptop or Rock?

Rock. Its super effective!

Coffee or Gatorade?

Can I choose tea instead? I hate both.

Tropical forest or Taigas?

Tropical Forest, it's like space, theres no-one to hear your victims screams.... excuse me i got to do something.

Drums or Guitar?

doop doop doop doop doop

I don't know what either are, but cybermen sound lamer and thus easier to kill.

Inferno or deluge?

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