Finish the sentence...

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You write the former half of a sentence and the next person finishes it.

I'll start with:

He is-

a ninja.

Your favourite YouTube video is -

"how I got my friend to crap his pants in an elevator."

You bought a brand new-

Chuck Norris.

Hamsters will -

eat cheddar cheese.

You and me in Japan. Watch me -

...flirt with this cute girl.

I am going to... your head of.

Strong Bad...


I love playing

Rick Astley to troll my friends.

It costs $400 for -

A great big bushy beard.

I love my..

new iPhone.

Will he -

Marry that clown?

He just-

fell from an airplane.

I need to-

eat ice-cream.

I kick little

12-year-olds off my server.

If I had the best PC in the world, I would -

... totally download 500 gigabytes of porn.

Seriously why did you just...

eat that cat?

Is that a...

microwave eating a Yeti?

Who the -

heck would want to face off against Saxton Hale in a fight?

Would you like a second -

-Fist to match the other on in your face

Why would you......

throw me into this tub of acid?

That chocobo is -

a giant chicken. Mmm, yummy.

My foot is...

covered in snausages

A snausage is-

...a nauseating sausage.

This is...

the best thread ever.

Not really it's-

a Rickroll!

Your favourite kind of pie is -

Cow Pies.

My computer just-

upgraded to Vista.

I have a -

misspelled word. "upgraded" should read "downgraded".

Did you see last night's episode of -

Scrubs, it was awesome.

Why do you -

never wash?
That guy is such a-

pain in the ass.

Would you kindly -

kill yourself?

The nature of the universe is...

Steven Seagal

I enjoy rubbbing-

alcohol. Not for cuts; I'm thirsty.

I wonder why -

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