Finish the sentence...

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this guy won't die? I've been whacking him with this cricket bat for half an hour, but he's still kicking and screaming.

How the heck did you-

No, wait. Don't tell me. I don't wanna know.

My favourite type of cake is -

Chocolate, simply put.

My favorite type of girl is the one that can-

sit on her own head

My least favourite type of cheese -

...Is the one that has already been eaten.

I don't get it, why would he try... jump off the Empire State building in a monkey suit?

The only alien I have sexual attraction for is....

that Megan Fox, i mean, she can't be a normal mortal.

Still i don't think that the cause of death...

Can be contributed to merely eating cake

I find that nothing chills the mood like....

...a nice hot spicey Chipotle Taco with extra hot hot sauce and burnt to a nice steamy hot perfection dipped in salsa.

I would love to pork...

... slamming a brick against your head until you pass out.

I am not special, i am...

...easiley ninja'd!

I would like to...

eat a puppy.

I can't find that damn... you gave me!

Jungle beast are...

...found out awesome grammar!

Holy shit!11!oneone! is that...

...a Zero Putuation T-shirt!?

Silent Hill will...

..Somehow have Supersonic Aerobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars, i just know it!
Here, put on this bandit hat..

and dance like a Muppet.

Enter this cheat code and get -

banned for cheating


...Copy pasta is against the rules of the internet!

Dude, if a strange website address shows up when you [ctrl]+[v]...

...just walk away, after you [ctrl]+[c] something else first.

Party is a...

...stupid concept.

Heathens are...


What is the answer to...

...question # 098908?

How are lolis so...

...cute, yet forbidden?

Is a zombie...

religious? No idea.

I'm sorry, but I can't -

lift that box.

Shouldn't you...

be at school right now?

Aren't I...

an idiot?
Wait- Why is that guy...

talking to my girlfriend?

I'm gonna sit right here and watch -

Barney the dinosaur

No, wait, don't put that -

- in there.

Why is it like -

this in here? It stinks!

Does he look like a -


Why is he doing -

A sh*t in the basement?

Woah it's a...

...a flying shark tank!

I did not just download 56 gigabytes of...

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