Finish the sentence...

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playing a tuba?

Coming this fall to theaters...

another generic movie.

This site-

has a great community.

That was a lie

. . . wasn't it?

I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you. . .

meddling little shits

Velma, what are you doing

with Shaggy in that closet?

unfornately despite being neither the hero we deserved, needed, or wanted, we are stuck with. . .


I saw this movie, and it was about...

the brave men of the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew.

This film was dedicated to the memory of. . .

my annoying grandmother.

The second season of Stranger Things is

stranger than fiction.

On the twelve day of starcrafts Blizzard gave to me. . .

12 arbiters, 11 science vessels, 10 ultralisks, 9 battlecruisers, 8 archons warping, 7 zerglings swarming, 6 zealots fighting, 5 swarm queens, 4 hydralisks 3 (drunk off their ass) marines, 2 terran wraiths, and a brand new SCV.

All I want for christmas is. . .

- a shotgun with three barrels.

Happy new year, you -

- really should have ended it all in 2017.

Oh shit! I think

- I was dreaming

The actual year is

....Going alright so far.

At the going down of the tri coloured moon.......

... the rainbow insectoids will be remembered...

I swear by my orbital laser battery, I'm not vindictive, however...

...FUCK YOUR PANTS!*fires laser*

There has never been a better time to...

... buy a frigate.

There's something wrong with this cannon, it's...

not canon.

SckizoBoy won't go to the wild west because

... I'm too classy.

Marik2 is going to persuade me to continue watching Future Diary by...

... making you a big weeb.

I'd get into board games if only...

(already a big weeb, that won't cut it...(!))

... there was a nearby table big enough.

There's not enough dice in the world to...

host a 24 hour dice-rolling party!

Only the brave. . .

Epic space opera media

Star wars

is overated.

I wonder if the previous poster realizes. . .

...That I'm onto him.....

Please let me....

... go undetected.

Alfredo sauce is...

is made with wine, isn't it?

Only the brave. . .

may triumph.

The wild west

-is dead.

Long live-

the wild west.

Ass burgers-

Taste like ass.

But hey that's just a theory, a

theory I am not willing to personally test.

Saturday June 30, exactly 5 years after the tragedy at Yarnell Hill, in memory of the 19 firefighters who gave their lives. . .

We're gonna have a Halo LAN-party.

With great power...

comes great irresponsibility.

Slaying goblins

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