I left you because......

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Because your avatar looks suspicious...<.<

Because describing eternity is boring!

Because they obviously haven;t tried...<.<

Because they are judging me for finding eternity boring!

Because he finds everything boring.

You need to stop buying those dang football jerseys!

Because you're always yelling about something.

Because I can't get into my online classroom and I blame you!

Because I blame you for everything!

Because you are not a f*cking shark.

Because you're not sweet at all, you're just a shark!

You bore me.
Be gone with ye.

Well, necrophilia is illegal...<.<

Your constant static gives me headaches!

You keep fighting all the time!

You don't fight enough!

For vague titles!

For being an addict...<.<

For describing stuff!

For making me only identify your avatar as Lightning.

For identifying as a hotdog...

For being blasphemous towards the hotdog.

For never taking off that hat.

For never taking off the suit.

For not asking shock to take it all off... I know I am...<.<

I.....Got back together with you because I agree.

For oggling shock...<.<

For not expecting me not to -_-

For not wanting to be like me, I'm flippin' awesum! > : (

Because you kept using that hookshot on people.

Because you haven't started striping yet.

It wasn't you, it was this entire site!! but I'm better now, we can still be friends...

Why did you leave me??

Because you were always going on about metal gear.

Because that is just not true, I rarely feel the need to mention it as I assume everyone already knows its greatness....

Because you life has become so very complex.

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