I left you because......

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Because you kept setting his box on fire.

Because you think arson isn't a good thing...

Because you're just Next To Normal.

Because you didn't take his eye patch.

Because you're STILL NOT NAKED!

Because you're obsessed with nakedness!!


Because you keep yelling.

Because DAMACIA!

Because I'm not sure what you're going on about now >.>

Because that's a LoL thing.

Because me and LoL parted ways a long time ago, and I'm afraid I do not want it back, farewell Miss Haily I shall always remember you *walks away in slow motion and trips while walking out the door* Damn it!

Because I parted ways with LoL a long time ago too.

Because even though that's a good reason to not separate, you don't think I'm pretty T^T

Because this magazine quiz said we weren't compatible.

Because I don't know about Commaner keen.

Because he is worth looking up if you like retro games.

Because of that beard of yours :P

For knowing the Doctor has a beard...<.<

because I know what you look like.

Because looks are only skin deep.

Because you don't actually mean that.

Because she's putting words in the Doctor's mouth!

Because you think the doctor doesn't eat words.

Because clearly you think he does.

Because Sundays are kind of boring now.

Because it's Monday.

Because maybe for you it is <.<

For being right about what day it is

Because Australia is 8+ GMT.

For being right about me being right.

For you being right about me being right about you being right.

For not being right :P

For refusing to get naked.

For expecting me not to >.>

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