I left you because......

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For getting naked infront of me.

For not enjoying shocks nakedness...

Because everyone here is talking about nakedness :/

For not enjoying our pining for her nakedness...

Because he's too busy describing eternity.

For eating that little orphan's pie!

Because you would have done the same.

Because they don't care about anything I describe...<.<

Because it takes you an eternity to describe things :P

Because she doesn't like to hear me talk...

Because he has a thing for sunglasses.

For having such a cold heart...<.<

For not letting me warm it.

For wanting to sit upon the throne!
That's my throne. >.<

Because... *kills and takes throne...*

Because you just killed someone.

Because it was justified...

Because he's still flashing.
Edit: Because that was a poor choice of words.

For enjoying being flashed...

Because you keep flashing Hail.

Because you won;t join me in flashing... or being naked in general...<.<

Because you keep saying naked.

For having a problem with being naked... I remember you mentioning that you sleep naked too...<.<

Because I mixed up threads.

Because they wanted me to arrive sooner.

Because it's almost the off season D:

Because they have a cold heart (must have been from the three beers)

For not letting us drink happily.

Because you have FOUR beers!

Because you have a problem with that.

Because you drink too much!

Because you don't drink enough!

For constantly being drunk...

Because I so am not.

For wishing you were though...<.<

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