The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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"Well I've been friends with some members of the Society since childhood, and I always looked up to them. Always wanted to join them in their fight against evil. That's one reason. There are a few more but I won't get into them now. How about you guys?" Garrus asked, deciding to not divulge too much information about himself to everyone.

Richard had just gotten off his cell phone when the limo pulled up to the front gate of his mansion.

'Damn shareholders. Who in the hell turned this corporation into what it is today, huh?! Still think they can get away with trying to tell me what to do just because they forked over enough cash for a damn piece of paper telling them they can actually play a role. Overly cautious bastards, once I get out of my current...situation. I'll make sure that this suit gets mass produced in secret, and then we'll see if they question my decisions again with billions of dollars falling into their-'

His internal rant was interrupted when an almost human robotic voice filled the mansion.

"Richard, there is a limo at the front gate with flags indicating that it is a US diplomatic vehicle on either side of the hood. Should I let them through?"

Jack replied with a simple yes as he quickly changed into his dark gray business suit with red tie. He put on his coat with an American flag lapel pin before grabbing his attache case and calmly walking through the door.

"Hopefully the tie and pin can score me some points with the president so I can be out of this crap by lunch." Richard muttered to himself before climbing into the limo. He found an empty seat and calmly sat down and placed the attache case on his lap.

"So...why did you all sign up for the hero business?"

Simon asked, leaning back in the seats of the limo enjoying the comfort of the seats

Dona spoke softly. She had been waiting for this. She was using a new skill and that was always hard. The trick was simple the mental equivalent of smoke and mirrors, all it meant was that when ever she spoke any listeners heard the accent they were most comfortable and familiar with. It was quite useful in social situations and it effected people's impression of her. She briefly wandered if was right to trick and fool her allies like that, but oh well it was pretty harmless.
He words were these
"Why did I join? Well sir I have a country to serve and people in that country say that someone with my talents would serve my country best here. That is why.

"Well, you could not use your abilities and live a normal life"

Simon explained to the pale man

"It would be a waste, but I'm sure that there are more people with abilities hiding out there then you may think"

He then turned to the lady who had spoken

"A patriot eh? I'm sure that'll get you far"

"I like the way you think," Garrus said to Dona, wondering if she was French due to her accent, "If we can help better this world by being heroes, then why the hell would we do something else? I can see no cause more deserving of my powers than this one."

Richard could figure out what had been asked since everyone was talking about why they had joined. He decided to just tell the truth rather than lie to them.

"I'm joining because it was either this or federal prison. The only reason I was 'encouraged' to join was because I'm the president's largest business partner. If it hadn't been for that saving grace, I'd be in prison right now for vigilantism...among other things."

"Well I'm here for two reasons," Aaron glared and sized up the others with his eyes hidden behind his eyes,"I need to learn how to control these powers. I see them more as a nuisance. Plus being a hero sounds exciting."

Aaron readjusted himself in his seat and grabbed a bottle of water from his bag.

"Theres only one reason for you to even think about helping the lower class. Expensive thrills for an expensive man?" Anton spoke, as he turned is gaze away from the window towards Richard.

"Nice try but no, field tests. Nothing more. You may have seen the media coverage of it all, was a big story until the government put two and two together. Besides I help the lower classes all the time, simply a part of the business." Richard replied nonchalantly.

"Well I'm helping the lower class for the expensive thrills," Aaron started to chuckle.

Anton shrugged, rolled his eyes, and looked back out the window to avoid being a part of the conversation

"Well, it sounds like it'll be a great time working with all of you. I'm Simon by the way"

He nodded to the others and gave a little wave

"Richard Masterson, Masterson Industries. The top hi-tech security and weapons manufacturer currently in existence." Richard replied automatically, that greeting had been his standard greeting for many types of meetings and public appearances and it carried over whenever he met someone new.

"Hey I know this is kind of early but what can you guys "do"," Aaron took another sip of his water.

"Well to put it extremely simply, I can cause earthquakes. Anywhere basically, can be a problem sometimes but I've got it under control," Garrus explained, half tempted to demonstrate it but feeling that Sebastian didn't need a heart attack this early in the day.

"I have no powers myself, but it will make sense once my project is delivered to the promenade. It will arrive if I can't get out of this by special convoy." Richard replied as he turned to look out the window.

Anton looked back over to Richard with a confused look on his face.

"You hired an entire convoy for some pet project?!" He exclaimed.

"Think about it, I'm being conscripted into a superhero organization because of this 'pet project'. I also happen to own the top weapons manufacturer in the world. This project is obviously very powerful, and considering this government can't break into a hotel without the world finding out, I'm not going to entrust it's safety to anyone but my private security teams." Richard replied turning to look at Anton with a blank expression.

Anton shot Richard a glare and suddenly the tip of Richard's tie was alight.

Corners Dona thought long and hard about before answering.
"I am a screwer with heads, the human mind, any mind is my plaything is my play thing. For example since i entered his limo i could here the howling of a wolf. Don't worry, i have not been spying, well i just peeked. Your heads are interesting trust me. But also i can inflict senses on people. Dona is just a shell really i am making you see her the voice is just the same it's sounds like what i want you to hear. And before you ask the real me is lost i forgot them long ago now i just swap skins as i chooses." Her skin darkened the breasts shrank and faded the hair withdrew. "Hi i am Paul." before them sat a 30 something man he was dark skinned and bald. The process reversed and Dona came back. "So that's me."

Simon looked from Anton to Richard with a grin but it faded a bit when the shapshifter spoke

"No one told me all my secrets were going to be on display to...whatever the hell you are"

He said angrily

Richard took out a pair of scissors from the attache case. He usually used them to cut off stray threads, but it would work. He simply cut the tie off before putting it out and placing it in the case.

"So you're a firebug eh, perhaps some of those fires I had to save some people from were started by you."

Garrus was getting distracted between Anton and Richard's escalating one-upping and everyone else describing ("Or showcasing") their powers.

"Thats more likely that you realize" Anton added,A spark of anger flashed across his face but quickly fading as he fell back into his seat. He glanced over to Simon.

"Whats your story?"

"Look there is something you can do." Dona added hastily "Just imagine a barrier any kind a gate/ closed door anything, and i will respect it, i will not trespass."

Simon turned slowly away from the shapeshifter towards the fire-starter

"I'm here to change the world"

He said with a grin, leaning back into his seat

"Well,I'm basically a werewolf..."
Marcus had been silent for most of the trip,he didn't feel as if he had anything to say to the others.
"On the subjects of our powers."

"Is your name Jacob?" Garrus asked mockingly, trying to keep himself from laughing at the coincidence if that was the case.

Aaron quickly caught onto the joke and started to crack up.

Marcus became rather pissed of at that.
"Don't make that joke again."
He went back to staying out of the conversation.

Richard chuckled lightly at the joke, quickly grasping the reference. He couldn't help but laugh at Marcus' response.

"Where in Darwin's beard are they?" Dr. Birras pondered aloud, tapping his watch which read 3:02 P.M. "When someone says 'Three o' clock', I damned well expect three o' clock!" As if on cue, the black limo pulled up in front of Horizon General hospital. Messenger bag in hand, the good doctor opened the door and climbed inside. "Hello there," he announced to the people inside.

A smirk grew across Anton's face

"Alright, alright buddy. Jeez I'm sorry, was only a joke," Garrus replied, not trying to offend anyone so early on.

"Good afternoon." Richard replied when he stopped laughing.

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