If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For accusing me of lying... and possibly being correct in said accusations...

for not knowing that i am definetly correct

Because he dissed Under Pressure

For claiming a position of superiority because he thinks he is definitely correct, and for continued stalking. I'm locking my windows tonight.

For being from the phantom menace

Edit: Ninja'd!

Um... for being gold plated

becuase he confused me for brandon237

For being insulted that He and I were confused. He should be honoured...

For trying to tear my nipples off.

edit:for being cuter than me

For editing his post, thus not allowing me to see what he has said, thus preventing me from making more than this weak retaliation...

:p For being a sore loser

for being a sore winner XD

Because he dissed Under Pressure

because he is accusing me of something i didn't do!

Ot: Because i hate people

For calling out my mistakes in public

For picking his nose... a lot... and flicking it at me! (ahhhh, aren't pointless accusations fun?)

For thinking pointless accusations are fun. Irony will not be tolerated on these forums!

For having a glowy eye.

For not realising that the glowy eye is the reason that death would soon follow after hitting Maul...

For being a badass yet pointless villain that died far too easily from a freaking Padawan...

For Sparta.

For using Sparta as a reason to get involved in the senseless violence of modern humanities vilest past time... Virtually injuring someone in hypothetical scenarios.

For using big words and stuff.

For being discombobulated by sesquipedalians.

For ninja-ing my idea of using big words to confuse Scde2.

For pony.

For claiming he has seen aliens.

For making me use my 1200th post on a forum game.

For thinking anyone cares about his 1200th post.

For disrespecting milestone posts!

For... Nope, he defended me... For being kind! I hate kindness, waah!

For being in one of the shitty Star Wars prequels.

For eyeballing me.

For balling my eye.

For being on my friends list when I don't know who the fuck he is.

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