If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For being a neural interface.

For having the best hat EVER and not sharing.

For being a ninja.

For pulling out a canned response.

For wanting my hat.

Because I'm in a really bad mood

Because getting punched will add to your mood.

For being streeted easily.

For posting, posting everywhere.

For having Morpheus, when I'm still 900 posts away.

Um..I can't punch Homer wearing a Muse Tee-shirt. I simply can't!

For thinking that National Sarcasm Society is funny.

I heard a rumor that someone, somewhere didn't directly fear me.

Honestly if all I did was hit him he got off light.

Because he's alien scum and I'm a jerk. Do I really need a reason to kill hit someone?

For being an overly cheery anime chick.

For not enjoying the overly cheery anime chick.

for having an avatar from a film i havn't seen!

Because I want to.

Because they has a gif...

Fallen-Angel Risen-Demon:
Because they has a gif...

same here. because they can get a gif and i can't.

Because I have a gif, and to make them look up to my greatness!

*smack* *smack* *smack*
Looks... wrong...
*smack* *smack* *smack*...

*Punch* I don't look wrong! I'm perfectly normal!

*nuke* yeah, cos all normal people have eyes in their hands! lol

*Drop kick* When you strike me down I come back even more powerful!

Survive that fool!

pwned >.<

I smack you due to the fact that I don't enjoy thou song.

For all the wrong reasons.

So Roxas will come back!

because he likes roxas.
but then i shake his hand for liking axel.

For laughing maniacally.

for waving hattishly

For not using real words.

for caring. it's just a forum lol

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