If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not liking Roxas....

For not knowing who Zexion is.

For his avatar's portrayal of Red Nocturne abuse.

For looking at me funny.

So I could steal their hat.

to get their eye to open more than halfway

Just for the kicks.

For being darned creepy!

For being the pot calling the kettle black.

For not putting on an entire shirt.

To see pixelated blood.

To see his hurt cutesy face.

For the lulz.

To see the reaction.

To tell my friends, "Guys, I punched an animes!"

To make it blacker.

Because I'm a sadist.

To make him hit me back.

To show him how weak I am.

It's fun to hit people weaker than me.

So I can stand up to myself and fail.

Because he likes a good beating every now and then. His mouth says "no-no" but his eyes say "yes-yes".

For saying something that could have been interpreted as something...sexual.

Because he enjoyed me saying something that could be interpreted as sexual.

For making assumptions that could or could not be correct!

I want to see first-hand just how much blood is in the human body.

So they would play kingdom hearts

For science!

For having a moving, epilepsy inducing avatar... It's not like we're using computers here...

i don't like his shiny eye.

Because he is following me in these things!

because he thinks i'm following him.

Because he thinks that I'm thinking as opposed to knowing... that overly thoughtful stalker...

If this is a double post, I will hit all of you...
For thinking that I think that which I know... overly thoughtful stalker... *mutters to self*

That's it... *pulls out cane*
I'm hitting the internet for badly reloading everything...

I'm gonna get hit for double posting, aren't I?

for thinking that i didn't understand what he said and i did. also for lying.

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