if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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How did I tie you up with all those skulls flying at me!?

It's your power to believe in your self!

Tell me a joke!

You can try to zap me but those ropes are made of special conducting shizz.
Mwuahaha now nobody can stop me from stealing such a valuable Pokémon.

I can! *throws skull at Nantucket* Now I can take that horse!

Take off your hat skull and place it slightly out of reach.

Captcha: I want control

Well this won't end well...

*Stomps over and retrieves hat. Pours water over White Lightning and then leaves. You can rust for all I care.*

*gives horse peanuts* There there. We all understand that you've seen terrible things under the rule of Nantucket. Let it all out. Herr Doctor Para is here to help. :D

Dr Para, why does my wee smell like asparagus?

Although I'm not a professional, it might have something to do with the fact your skull is outside your head. We call this 'Cubone syndrome'.

This is why I keep you tied up in my basement.
You speak the devil's words.

You can stay, I'm riding the horse into the sunset.

How do I contain a .GIF?!

We'll keep you as a hostage; the cops are coming as I speak!

Firstly: how did I overcome all of you?

Secondly: I'm hungry...

Dr Para, why does my wee smell like asparagus?

Well my child, you have to stop eating green food stuffs under the pretext of trying to become healthy. It's unnatural.

Takes awesome mask.

Now you will only cast spells for me!

I feel so dirty having you in my basement...

I can't blame you, I mean. It's all cobwebs here. >.>

Did you set fire to my basement again?

It needs cleaning up!

And you wouldn't let me use alcohol soooo. <.<

You abuse any alcohol you're given hence why you're tied up.

I can't help myself!

It burns so prettily. T^T

I agree. Here, have some blue kerosene that people conveniently have to set themselves on fire in Indian soap operas!

I need his clothes, his boots and his motorcycle.

If he doesn't have a motorcycle, his car will also work

I would hack him and make him work for me.


Edit: Opps, wrong thread.

I would make him put my dvd's in order, I'm too damn lazy to do it.

Turn them off and do science to find a way to defeat his kind

Do what he did to the Dalek to him!

... How old are you and why are you tied up in my basement?
You're framing me for pedophilia, aren't you.

Frame jobs are necessary for the world to work my child.

Make him put all my glued puzzles into frames, I'm too damn lazy to do it.

*stops you from exterminating*

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