if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*Smashes your mask and laughs as you cry*

*pets horse for being good*

*outs fire*


*hits the off switch*
*everything goes dark*
*lights come back on for no reason, basement is gone*

And we're in the Abyss. Otherwise affectionately known as Limbo.

I like to call it hell...

*Rides you round the universe and all the other places too*

*takes your money and runs*

*puts foot out and watches you trip*

Nobody steals from my buddy but me!

*snatches money runs*

*Lassos Kercentric*


*Takes money*

Now now, we must be gentle.

*ties Ker to railtrack* Better!

*takes butler pin* Now I can live in a nice mansion.

Who fuck is Ker?

*Ties the last three up and makes them watch static with images flashed at them at random.*

*Ties you up and makes you watch Care Bears*

*ties you up an forces you to watch Batman and Robin*

*releases the Kraken* :D

Oh come on, do you know how hard it is to get one of those?! There are maybe 2 left! And now they're humping... Oh dear lord.

Are you who I think you are? Hmmm...

*pulls out deathscythe*

*polishes pen* Ah yes, the Impersonator.

Tut tut, shame on you.

I think we both know that these bonds won't hold you.

I know they won't hold me. :3

Time to... cook...

*lights flamethrower*

*nails to seat*

Stay there I have a present for you...


*polishes vase* It's a nice basement.

Why is this basement filled with bodies?

*Blindfolds you*

At last! I am free from your trance.

I need someone to tell me how my wiggling is

And to tell me I'm sexy

Taco, you're sexy. And I think you know it >_>

OT: Kill it with all of my goddamn fire.

Call the Police because there is a stranger in my Basement.

Well I'll finally be able to study it from up close and find out what it really is.

You young child, have been charged with slaying the demons of the basement. Excluding me.

Get to it.

We meet again Mr. Butler. For the last time.

We meet again, well kept horse.

For the first time.


I look away for ONE SECOND and I find you messing with my valuables!

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