if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Lock him up down there because he looks creepy.

Educate him in the ancient art of propane-fu.

I'd flood the basement and leave him tied down there.

Hit him with MAH SHIELD!

Take away his shield since he keeps throwing it at people.

Terrible terrible dirty things.

Let him out, he could probably be doing some good somewhere else :P

Take his eye patch.

I dunno, cook them dinner and be all shy and coy...<.<

Change the channel.

Leave him with a TV showing only one thing on loop...

Paint him blue.

Watch a movie with them or something... I'm not good at this kidnapping thing...<.<

Fix the reception on his TV

Eat his head for the eight billionth time.

Force him to run across the dragon of life while carrying propane tanks.
I don't remember what the hell that dragon was called.


Ransom him so I can torture someone else in my basement...

Seal him in the temple of time so he can't bother me for the rest of my life.

Leave him there until he evolves...

Looks like their doing the hard work of torturing each other for me...

What do demons eat, for a start? My dinner plans are rapidly going out the window...

YOU! Tell me if those mushrooms are edible or not!

Force feed you mushrooms, and more mushrooms.


Catch that Zapdos.

I would keep that mask offa you! Forever!

Together we shall retake Warcry forever!

Uhm... I'd dissassemble him and sell all the parts?

Eat his planet, most likely.

Exchange hats with hime!

Talk to him about the effects of gamma radiaton

Question his decision to merge one self with a taco and then ask how....

Comment on how well he's taking being kidnapped.

I will take your ears! *take ears* they suit me better anyway!

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