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Claudette pondered over what Gabriel had said and was surprised when she found herself agreeing with him. "That sounds like it would be a wonderful idea, Gabriel."

Joining a band would be fun. Most of the music she listened to was either classical, or from a musical or opera. Listening to Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor sing 'Good Morning' was, in her opinion, a million times better than listening to Ke$ha. And it always would be. Joining and being in a band would expose her to new music. It sounded thrilling.

"Well let me know if you need a Banjo player" said Lance with a smirk, knowing that what followed would be the routine surprise that he received whenever he told people about his choice of instrument, though he'd experienced it slightly less here in the US.

"Well its a shame that I only play a guitar and it sounds like you've got one of those already," Josh said, though his calculating eyes said that he still had some plans to involve himself somehow; he always had to be in the midst of something interesting, a blessing and a curse of his, "Tell you what, why don't I make some calls; get you a gig in the college bar, I'm sure they're looking for something fresh in there."

Gabriel blinked at Josh's suggestion. Having a contact who could get the group a place to perform would certainly be helpful, especially if it paid even a small amount. he briefly recalled a quote he had read somewhere, possibly from a film director: 'Pay 'em, even if it's a dollar...'

"That would... that would actually be pretty good, although I can safely say that you'd best hold off on that idea for now," he answered. "Tell you what, we'll swap numbers and I'll let you know when to make the call." As he spoke, he pulled out his phone, hit up the New Contact button sequence and slid it across the table to Josh.

"Of course, once we've gotten everyone together we'll need to have a lot of band-related discussion as I mentioned earlier, then a fair bit of practice if we're to perform at a halfway-decent level of quality. I have no intention of rushing headlong into this with no knowledge of what to do once the basics are covered. On that note, I don't want to rush into anything else for that matter," he added, quickly glancing at Tori to ensure she understood what specific subject he meant.

"Rushing into things is what I do best," Josh said, typing his number into Gabriel's phone, "Don't worry though I already have your number so don't worry about it," he laughed as he slid the guy's phone back to him, "Let me know when you're interested."

"You already have my number? I don't see how that could be, we've never met until today," Gabriel mused as he took his phone back and pocketed it, perplexed by Josh's statement. He didn't just give his number out willy-nilly. There was the possibility of multiple degrees of separation, in which a friend of his from high school knew someone who knew Josh and the number had been passed along, but Gabe made a point of having at least some degree of control over who had his number and who didn't.

"Considering you obtained my phone number without my permission, please tell me how you did so," he requested, giving Josh a look that showed he was serious. Which he was.

"Dude relax it was the first day of most people getting to the college, I just got a friend to go through the register's office to obtain student numbers to let them know about my party," he laughed to let Gabe know that he didn't mean to offend, "It was just more convenient than finding everyone's number the hard way."

"Understandable. But I tend to... well, keep a tight list of contacts, and me giving my number to someone I hardly know isn't my thing," Gabriel answered, sitting back in his chair and relaxing a bit. Josh's words had put him on edge. A little lost for other topics of discussion, he looked past the group into the café to check on the staff's progress; though, knowing the speed at which they worked, the action was unnecessary. For the moment, Gabe was content to sit back and let the others chat for a bit. He liked listening to people rather than talk too much.

"Oh Gabe, the way the world is now with the internet, its so easy to get people's information. I doubt it's anything to get worked up about." smiling, Tori hoped Gabe wouldn't make a big deal of the thing, it didn't seem like the kind of thing that was much of a problem. To her at least. "Oh here comes the food! Mmm I'm hungry."

A couple moments later the waitress was walking away and everyone had their lunches, Tori thanked Josh once more for the meal and took a bite of her wrap.

"I miss English tea" taking a sip of the warm brown beverage that American's passed off as tea, he didn't blame the cafe though, quite the contrary actually, for this tea was better than he was used to in the US, but when it came down to it, Lance guessed a good cuppa wasn't in the American way of life.

At least his mother still sent him boxes of Yorkshire tea on occasion.

"So, looking to the future, where would you guys like to see yourselves when we've finished here?" he asked, hoping to start up a conversation.

"That's one thing we agree on." Susan said to Lance as he sipped his tea. "I used to have tea at least once a day back home in England. Then we moved here and I haven't had much tea since. A shame, I say. And I hope to be a singer in the future." She took a bite of her sandwich and a little sip of her Sprite. She didn't want to talk while she ate, so she again simply listened to the others talk.

Taking a bite from the sandwich he had ordered, Gabriel thought over Lance's question as he began to eat. He liked the idea of starting up a band and eventually getting to the point where they were writing their own music, maybe even going on tour. But then, that was a long way off and a lot could - and would - happen in the time between then and now.

But Gabe felt that there could be more to his future than that one possibility. If the band idea fell through, he needed some kind of backup plan or something else with which to continue; a different path, perhaps, but hopefully a similar one to that which he was taking now. He disliked setting future events in stone; there was always the chance that things would go wrong or not even happen at all.

Eventually he concluded that one of the best answers to Lance's question was that he didn't know. There were too many variables in the time between the group's first day of college and their last. Gabriel, however, did not give this answer a voice, electing to wait until a couple of others had spoken their respective pieces.

"Well it seems like most of us have at least something in common, its amazing how music is so universally enjoyed by everyone..." placing her wrap on her plate, Tori took a sip of her lemonade. She nervously glanced at her pocket but opted to not to take out her phone, judging it to be rude, "What about partying? I'll be honest Gabe, you don't strike me as much of a party animal, what about you guys?"

"I could tell you a tale or two, I've had some crazy parties in my time" replied Lance, his face visibly lighting up as he remembered all the parties he'd been too, which had been alot, despite having only started partying at 16, which by Essex standards was late.

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