Truth or False?

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False, I'm in college... work it out.

The person below me has no idea who my avatar is.

true, where the hell is it from???

the person below likes pie more than cake


The person below me has had no trouble with the law, so far in their life.

The Clown:
true, where the hell is it from???


True. Unless atheism suddenly becomes a crime in this fucking country (which it could... if I'm gauging things correctly).

The person below me is a Halo fan.

True, love it.

The person below secretly loves ponies

False. I'm indifferent.

The person below me has no idea what a timelord is.

false, what brit doesn't???

the person below doesn't have a custom forum title.

True. Not even an avatar.

The person below can name the AI's mentioned in Marathon.

False, never played Marathon.

The Person below me adores the idea of entropy.


The person below me is paranoid. And yes, we know all about you and your secrets and will be arriving at your home momentarily.


The person below can guess my real name.

True, you didn't say how many tries I had to guess it, so I'm bound to get it eventually.

The person below me has under 1000 posts.


Vegeta is akira torimaya's least favorite character in DB.

(^^ he doesn't know how to play)

The person below isn't getting enough sleep

False. I'm actually getting too much.

The person below me prefers ninjas to pirates.

True, ninjas are awesome

The person below dislikes clowns

True. I despise clowns.

The person below dislikes Led Zeppelin.


The person below me would prefer to have teleportation over flying.

True, think of all the crimes i could commit.

The person below wishes they had an animated avatar.

False I already have one.

The person below has once watched all three Lord of the Rings films in a single sitting without once getting up of the sofa.

False.. I did get up after each one was finished because I had to changed the discs.

The person below me has amputated someone's leg.

False... just the foot.

The person below me has way too many cats, but doesn't want to admit it.

False, I don't like cats, or any other pets.

The person below me doesn't like noodles.

False, I love noodles.

The person below has trouble operating successfully in large groups.

False, I can do just fine, and in fact I like big groups.

The person below me has a 'No Pants' policy.

False, I have a 'Yes Pants' policy.

The person below has a 'No Shoes in the House' policy.

Slightly true. I choose not to wear shoes in the house, but it's not a policy.

The person below will be a girl

Tr... let me check real quick just to make sure...
no I'm sorry False...<.<

the person below me likes Cat girls...

You are correct, sir!!

The person below likes men.

It depends which ones...<.<

the person below me will have their post eaten...<.<

Only one way to find out.

The person below me is neither me nor sacman.

True... my name is Chris...<.<

The person below me had chicken for dinner...<.<


The person below me watches House.

False. Though I did have a cheeseburger, so there was a meat in the meal...

The person below me responds with answers that are technically correct, even if they also could be construed as wrong. AKA it's sacman


False. I did but I've not watched TV as of late.

The person below me ninja's peoples' posts.

False. Nope, unless i've ninja'd someone right now.

The person below doesn't know who I am.

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