Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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What? I'm like 300 years old or something.

I don't know you're like two feet tall and artificial. I still don't think this will work.

Well I have no idea what you are.

Nah. I don't think so.

He'd probably beat the crap out of me as a form of greeting, so no.


Oh, definitely. [/sarcasm]

Ugh, I don't date forests anymore. The last one had no communication skills.

NAH were from to different time lines, generations and I think worlds

Nope, I don't really have a thing for animals.

You seem like a nice girl... But you are a doll, and I don't think it would work...

Depends, would he attempt to make me into some weird mind slave?

If it was real Noodle, hell yes... otherwise not really...<.<

What? I'm like 300 years old or something.

Okay... let me rephrase that... when she LOOKS a little older.

Hmm... possibly... but only if she agreed to shift our "apparent" ages so that it doesn't seem creepy.

But don't you like creepy?

I guess, She's more of a person then anyone else I've been stuck with in this thread.

But don't you like creepy?

Well... so that I don't get arrested, thank you.


Ah, nope.

Yes... Desu...<.<

Omagod somebody said yes!

Does taking her home and dressing her up like a Barbie count as a date?

no i'm not into CD labels especially with vulgarity on them

Nope, I don't like greepy floating heads

A little too crazy...<.<

Hmm, she does look cute. I probably would.

sure... she has a good hat...<.<

Date with a ninja? Sounds eventful.

Only if I can be sure I won't be arrested, murdered, assaulted or otherwise inconvenienced by that kind of involvement with cyber-noodle.

...No promises on any of those.

Oh what the hell... its not as if I haven't experienced all of those before anyway... although not for the same reasons.

Bit too weird.

I don't even know what you are, but might as well say yes!

Who's your daddy...

Drunk kangaroo, I afraid they'll viciously beat me either way.

Well, I could always stand to get my sexy on too... so it's a maybe :P.

Peter from Heroes?

Cool... but I'm also a guy... and I'm not gay... so no.

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