Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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*Considers*...Yeah, alrighty. You seem enthusiastic.

Well, statues seem so... Odd, to have as a date. I'll get weird looks, and I'd rather not.

No, HOW can I even date a surfboard-sword lunged into a computer?

For sure. He would keep people far away, and that would be wonderful.

She appreciates the wonderful piece of man that is Guts, and by proxy I appreciate her. Plus, dem glasses. :3

He plays dirty, I like that. ;3

I'm doubtful.

What the hell are you??? O.o

... Gandalf? Bilbo Baggins? All of them?
Would I be a part of some polyandry-thing[1] going on, or would I be considered as a player?

I'll pass, for now.

[1] One Ring to rule them all.

I am uncertain... She wanted to unthink my bonfire.... but dem glasses. :<

Guts is still fine. Bonfires in libraries are not accepted, how about using teleportation methods instead?

Sure, she's cute and glasses are sexy ;)

I don't think that would be very legal....

The eyes say no, but the gnashing teeth say yes...

Mmmmmmmm, wrinkly old man butt.... Imeanewno!

Only if he promises to stop smiling.

I am very certain that's very illegal!

Uh...OK, I suppose so. I mean, why not?


Ummmm no, I can't even see your face. Unless that is your face. Is it? What an odd face to have.

Well, she looks like she's sleuthing quite hard at the moment. Carry on! *Unfolds chair* I have a novel.

Not while you're chasing that dog, I'm not!

Sorry, I'm sleuthing so hard right now!

Your sleuthingness can not sway me.

I am fond of your pose. But for old time's sake the answer is no.

I don't care how bitchin' your neck-beard is! I seen what happened to your old sexual partners! <_<

I could say the same to you.

No, I mean, I literally could see it. In quite good detail.

Does the Pope shit in the Vatican?

(This is assuming the answer is yes).


Jibber jibber oink![1]

[1] That means no, unless it be a Tuesday.

Yes, if he doesn't bring Snowy.

Having previous experience on the matter, I do not date people that could potentially eat me.

Hey I bet you got cute eyes underneath those glasses of yours.

HELLS to the NOPE.

You are in dire need of a new helmet. That one's so... passé.

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